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Sometimes I like to joke that one of the reasons why my site is so popular is because Uber and Lyft are so bad at customer service.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve e-mailed Uber with a question only to get a completely stock reply that often doesn’t even answer the original question.  I’ve gotten really good at asking only one question at a time and making sure that I keep it super simple for those guys.

I will give Uber some credit though, because even though the answer isn’t usually what you want to hear, or even what you asked about, at least they respond pretty promptly these days (within 1-2 hours IME).  My good buddies at Lyft on the other hand, sometimes take up to a week to get back to me.  And sometimes, driver’s e-mails get lost in a black hole somewhere up in San Francisco never to be seen again.

Clearly these guys haven’t mastered customer service yet and that is one of the reasons why I work so hard to answer all of your questions that come in.  I can’t respond to every Tweet or Facebook comment but I do respond to every question I get via e-mail.  Just make sure you do a little searching beforehand.  If you ask me a question that is easily Google-able or that I’ve already answered a million times you’re likely to get an Uber-like response out of me 🙂

With that being said, there are still a lot of questions that you’ll need to turn to Uber for and there are certain things that they’re very good at answering and dealing with.  I’ve compiled an epic list of all the places that you can go to get help from Uber (no matter what city you’re in).

Uber Now Has In-App Support

If you are having any issues with your account, a problem with a fare, or have questions that can’t be found on Uber’s support website (see below) then the best way to get support is by using Uber’s In-App Support. At the end of March, 2016 Uber unveiled it’s new In-App Support. I recently tried it out and was surprised to have my question answered in less than an hour.

Uber's In-App Support

In-app support tool

If you need non-emergency support try this one out for yourself. Uber seems to be putting a lot more energy into the new partner app.

If you need to learn about Uber policies or figure out how to work the app or dashboard better then you should visit Uber actually revamped their entire help section at some point and it’s actually pretty helpful now.  The only problem is that they didn’t really tell drivers about it, or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention.  Either way, there is a lot of good basic information when you go to now.  It has a lot of the same functionality as the in-app support section too.

The reason why I like going here for help is because the people who write this content all work at Uber’s corporate office and they carefully review everything that goes up on this page.  When you send a message to Uber, you’re going to be dealing with a CS rep who is probably making $10/hr so you can imagine that their insight and knowledge about driver issues will be somewhat limited.

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One really cool feature that I did find with this page is that when you login/select a city, the site actually becomes personalized and you can get help based off your specific account.  After you click sign in, the page should change to the following:

You can then select specific trips for review, or get custom tailored help for your situation/city. and Local Partner Websites

If you need information or help with issues that are unique to your region is a great place to start. This site has a ton of information specific to different cities. Here is some of the information you can find on Uber Movement:

  • What products Uber provides in your area: UberSELECT, UberPool, UberBlack, etc.
  • Driver perks specific to your city
  • Information about local airports and other region-specific requirements
  • Hotspots where you’re likely to find lots of rides

Not all cities have an UberMovement page so if you can’t find your city at, check and see if they have a local partner website. This is a much lesser known resource but since they’re maintained by individual Uber cities (or regions) there is some really valuable information on these sites.  Now you won’t find the same information on every site but there is a lot of good stuff.  Just some examples of what you can find on these sites:

  • Uber Support E-mail Address
  • Local in-person office hours
  • Accepted vehicles for UberPlus/Select, UberXL, etc

Here are some of the sites, for a full list, check out my spreadsheet here.

E-mailing Uber

If the in-app support tool doesn’t do the trick the next best way to get support is by e-mailing your local Uber office. I’ve created a spreadsheet below that has every Uber city and the associated partner e-mail.  Some of the smaller Uber cities may not have their own support e-mail and in that case you should e-mail the closest Uber city.  Or you can also try the general support e-mail for Uber:

New Lyft Driver - Earn 1500:week

Uber Support E-mail Addresses

New Lyft Driver - Earn 1500:week

In my experience, Uber has dramatically increased their response time these days and I often receive responses within 1-2 hours and sometimes even sooner.  Now, the responses aren’t always the best but here are some tips for dealing with Uber CS:

  • One question at a time: I honestly think they have a policy of not being allowed to answer more than 1 question per e-mail.  Sometimes I will ask two very distinct questions just to test them and they will only answer one.  Very strange..
  • Reply if you want the same person: Once you get a CS rep, as long as you reply to that e-mail chain, it will go back to the same CS rep.  But if that rep goes home for the day or the weekend, it may be a while before you hear back.
  • New e-mail if you want a new person: In forum speak, we like to call this HUCA or Hang Up, Call Again.  All this means is that some reps are better than others and often you will get a completely different response (or maybe even the one you want) if you simply just hang up and call again.  Or in this case, just by sending a new e-mail.
  • Don’t e-mail the same question over and over: Uber’s system has a built-in feature that will auto-recognize similar queries and put them straight to the back of the queue.  So don’t ask the same thing over and over, if anything ask a ‘new question’ but figure out a way to slip in your ‘real question’.

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Local Office Hours

I haven’t had the need to go into Uber’s office hours yet but I know many drivers who have and have been pleasantly surprised.  I don’t mind dealing with Uber over e-mail but I know there are many of you who would prefer face to face interaction.  It seems like almost every major city now has office hours. And that is a great thing because local office’s tend to be better able to handle the more complex issues.

You can find your city’s office hours by checking your local partner website or e-mailing Uber support.  This should be right up their alley 🙂  Here are just a couple examples of current office hours for LA and SF.

Social Media Can Be Hit Or Miss

I love using Twitter to contact companies since they usually put their best customer service reps on their social media teams.  But I’ve had mixed results contacting Uber support on social media.  You can try them on Twitter like I did but you may or may not get a response

You can find a list of every Uber City’s Twitter accounts here.

Facebook is yet another way you can contact Uber. Similar to Twitter, your comments can be public which tends to encourage companies to answer them promptly and completely.

Also, Uber now has Facebook Messenger support, if you’re feeling a bit shy. I’ve used this a couple times already and gotten pretty good support – seems like they’re putting a lot of resources into this right now.

Uber Critical Safety Response Line

This number is only for emergencies. Make sure all parties are safe, and that you call 911 first if you require immediate police or medical attention. If you get into an accident while driving, or experience a serious safety or security issue, this is the only time you should ever call this number.  I added it to my phone as ‘Uber Emergency’ so add it now before you forget!

800-353-8237 (UBER)

Finally, Phone Support?

Now don’t get too excited about this one because it’s only a pilot program. Uber began rolling this one out to drivers in the Bay Area in May, 2016. Uber does not provide a number for the drivers to use. Instead, these select drivers have a phone icon in the “Help” section within their partner app which connects them to Uber phone support.

Drivers have been calling for a way to reach Uber by phone for years now. I am excited to see this program being tested. It’s still entirely possible that Uber pulls the plug on this program. Remember, Uber had a live chat program which was later shut down.

So there you have it, those are all of the ways you can use to contact Uber.  Uber does have a lot of good information spread out across the web, they just do a horrible job of organizing it all.  I hope that they do a better job in the future but if not, I’ll do my best to keep providing all the pertinent information you need to thrive.

Help For Uber Passengers

If you had any problems with Uber as a passenger, the fastest way to get help is to use their in-app support tool.

Unhappy with Uber?  You can always try the friendlier alternative: Lyft 🙂  New passengers get free ride credit!

New Lyft Drivers Can Get Up To A $1,000 Sign-Up Bonus

LyftLyft is currently offering new drivers up to $1,000 depending on your market.  Sign up here and earn your bonus before it’s too late!

Drivers, what method of communication have you found to be the most effective when dealing with Uber?  Is there something I missed?  Leave a comment below or shoot me an e-mail.

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Uber is currently offering sign-up bonuses of up to $1,000 depending on the market.  Sign up here and start earning today!

-Harry @ RSG

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I'm Harry, the owner and founder of The Rideshare Guy Blog and Podcast. I used to be a full-time engineer but now I'm a rideshare blogger! I write about my experience driving for Uber, Lyft, and other services and my goal is to help drivers earn more money by working smarter, not harder.
  • justfinethanku

    I’ve found that emailing my local Uber team ( is the absolute fastest way to get answers. These guys over here are seriously fast and almost always answer my millions of questions in minutes. They definitely use scripted answers for the common questions, but are definitely reading the email to make sure they aren’t missing any unique problems and not answering them.

    • Good to know, what market are you in?

      • justfinethanku

        I am in the Philadelphia market, their email is

        The Philadelphia office is open Monday through Friday 2pm-6pm. The office address is 1225 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

      • Dave Darling

        Orlando. But there’s no national number either. Shocked that an outfit this big does not provide information via phone or in person about how it works to potential employees.

  • justfinethanku

    Also, Philadelphia Uber has a special number to call if you are being harassed by the Parking Authority, 215-995-3162 (only to be used in emergency, like if they tow your car)

  • I guess YMMV on office hours, because in Houston they are horrible. Large crowds with no organization, no sign in, no order of service. I’ve gone to them twice and had to leave. Further, they’re doing 15 things at once (helping with TNC permitting, auto loans, phone lending) and don’t make any distinction. I needed to pick up a one page list of physicians for the city permitting physical because my original disappeared from my car on New Year’s Eve. They wouldn’t just email it to me and insisted I go to office hours. Instead of one line dedicated to 15 second transactions, they had a row of 4 people with laptops that each dealt with about two people in the 15 minutes I was there. With 50 more waiting. So, office hours…nope. Email….nope. Twitter…nope. Customer service….0 stars.

    • Wow thanks for the feedback. They’re doing pretty good in LA but they’ve had OH’s for a while now. I wonder if they just launched in Houston and that’s why they haven’t quite figured it out yet…I hope at least haha.

      • Hopefully it is just growing pains. Great article. I especially appreciate the direct city Twitter accounts. I did not have the local one.

    • Mark

      I was in this office last week. I found that if you want info on getting TNC license and /or trade dress, those issues were handled in the back of the room and they had a rep that you could talk to back there. The assembled crowd (and yes there were many) were told numerous times to go to the back if you needed applications, trade dress, questions, etc.
      I was there to turn in my rented phone as I have started using my Galaxy Tab4 with the partner app installed that runs over my wi-fi hotspot. Best move I have made. I can see it clearly without having to put on my cheater reader glasses (yes I am old).

      When I reached the front and talked to one of the girls with the laptops, she handled my phone return, and she also handled approving the pending photos I had uploaded 4 days before and had been waiting so that my new license plates would show up on my app. It was all handled quickly and I probably sat at the desk for 5 minutes max.
      This was after waiting in the musical chairs line for maybe 15 minutes, that was your sign in.

      Uber is NOT a company that is very forthcoming with information, be it the local Houston office nor the corporate office. They tend to answer with canned responses and I have found that I learn and answer many of my questions as time goes on myself. Experience is a great instructor.

      As for the sign, they rent out a large room in a community center and I saw the direction signs as soon as I walked in the door. They were clearly displayed on the wall.

      Your list of physicians was at the rear of the room. No, there was no sign but one of the girls was constantly giving directives about TNC issues to the back of the room.

      Yes, licensing issues in Houston, and the bureaucratic nightmare are a hassle to be sure. As an Uber driver you can get the sense, every time you get near an airport, that the city is on the side of the taxi mafia, not the Uber driver. However, with the proper credentials, you can rest assured that you can legally operate in the city and at both airports.

      • Thx for the info, very helpful.

      • Sounds like they are stepping up their game somewhat since I gave up for a while in early January. Back then it was just a big disorganized mess, bad enough that they felt it necessary to have a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy present to keep their customers (the drivers) in line.

  • Thanks for the great input on contacting the local offices. I’ve been a full time driver for just a year and have learned to be patient with the email responses. It seems as emails with the context of an issue preventing a current driver from getting on the road get handled much more quickly then one re statement issues. I am currently dealing with cleaning up a few driver referrals for the 1/8 $500 rideshare promo and the task is daunting at best. While what you said was great (replying to the same rep once you get a thread going that seems to be working), Ive also found that sometimes POOF that rep disappears into a black hole only never to return.

    Now its even more challenging as a couple of my referrals that have not been paid on that are in other cities. I had asked my home office (Dallas) if I should email them for my bonus or the referring city (Austin in this case). Their response was “either office can help you”. What a cluster f**k it can be.

    No matter how frustrating tho, I ALWAYS kill em with kindness and applaud them for dealing w so many emails, most of which I am sure are not pleasant and show appreciate the job they are doing (getting more bees w honey??).

    Perfect topic as I run a WeChat group with local novice drivers that can let our veteran time with Uber get to our head and ego and think that sending the same email every 4 hours will work. Little to our surprise…..

    Thanks again for all you are doing on your site. You are making many of us understand the systems in place that much better only improving our revenue and most importantly attitude 🙂

    • That’s a great point, it always pays to be super nice to CS reps bc no matter how good/bad of a job they are doing they are going to be a lot more willing to help you out if you’re nice. Most people that call in are total dicks so it pays to stand out – great advice and need to keep that in mind 🙂

    • JBoneyBonesMcGee

      Hi. I’m in Austin and started driving with Uber 2 weeks ago. I’d love to hear more about the WeChat you run. Can you message me about it?

  • Dave Darling

    I find it ABSOLUTELY appalling that there ARE NO human beings to talk to regarding hiring. That they refuse to do anything in person or over the phone indicates to me what a shady operation this is. Can’t even get basic questions about taxes, insurance and how it works answered.

    • Try office hours?

      • Perry Spangler

        I put in all of my information weeks ago about becoming a Driver and have not heard a thing. Roanoke, VA. Do they need drivers? 🙂

  • Aaron P

    FYI. If you are going to the UberPartner location in SF, on Vermont St., under the 280 freeway (creepy), be advised that is actually run by an unaffiliated company. They are actually the same people that own the TNC/Gas station down the street.

    As an added bonus, they have a hiring (temporary) office, on site, if you want to be a private TNC driver for them!! Wahoo!

    Although they are professional, in terms of verifying (quickly) your vehicle for Uber, with an accompanying wait room/snack shack with Peet’s Coffee (yum, but no lids, huh?) and Danish rolls, they will not be able to answer any specific questions about Uber promotions, or grievances.

    Funnily, I arrived a few weeks after they allowed 2000+ year vehicles. The approver insisted that I had 2010! Well, I keep it clean, and maintained, but thank ya for the compliment! My joke about using night creams on her, for the wrinkles, seem to have been lost on him. However, after crossing out all of his mistakes, on his circa-6th-grade overcopied handout, I eventually made it through the process.

    Be advised, most of the documents can uploaded prior via the UberPartner portal. Although, they use their iPad thingys to snap any photos of your docs, they second approver seemed to like I was ready to jet. 🙂

  • F Douglas

    does anyone know the telephone number for uber in Dayton, ohio. I a getting no response to emails to

    • Uber doesn’t have a phone line. Have you tried them on Twitter?

  • Steve Farris

    How do I get a uber phone if I turned it down on start up?

    • They may have them at office hours or if you email your local office, they’ll send you a link to get one shipped to you

  • Naeem Ghafoor

    well, I work with uber in nyc and my taxi license was going to expire and i uploaded my license way ahead of time but the status kept saying pending, so i emailed and some cs looked at it and was active, the day my old license was going to expire they deactivated my account, i sent like hundreds of emails but no reply at all, it took me three days to activate my account. what an IT professionals they are, was sitting home, i work seven days straight, lol what a vaccation and end of the day all ten dollar an hour cs’s said a big sorry.

    • I’ve had this problem too when documents are expiring, since they can’t replace the old one with the new one until the old one expires. For future reference, you may want to upload a copy of your old/new license on the same page or e-mail in to them and have them do that for you.

      Side note, sign up for Lyft so that you at least have it as a back-up. I think they’re offering a $500 bonus after 100 rides in NYC right now:

      • Naeem Ghafoor


    • IIlI

      then go to school and learn a job skill and stop begging to work for a scamming company. simple, right?

  • Amanda M

    I am trying to contact Uber in Panama City Beach, FL. I see that they operate there on their website, but that email address is not listed on your spreadsheet. Do you have their email address (or a phone #)? Thanks in advance!

    • Uber doesn’t have a phone # you can call at all. And some of the smaller Uber cities like PCB don’t have their own office so they’ll be associated with the closest big Uber office. So I suggest e-mailing the closest city that has an e-mail listed 🙂

      • Amanda M

        Thank you!!

  • Robin Vanderhoeven

    I signed up to drive for Uber and Lyft, over two weeks ago, I still have not received any kind of response at all, nor further instruction, nothing! They are advertising all over the place for Las Vegas, NV. All the research I have done, tells me yes, Uber and Lyft are in Vegas, yet I am getting no where. I need the work, having perfect driving record, brand new 4 door vehichle, I am a full time college student online can work any hours, what more do they need???? What do I do next? I need to get driving. Please advise ASAP

    • They’re not live in LV yet but I think they will be within the next few months. They probably are signing up drivers though to try and ramp up for when they do launch…will be pretty lucrative at the start I suspect so work as much as you can 🙂

  • Nathlye

    Thanks so much for this! I have been trying to get ahold of someone- ANYONE- with uber. I submitted documents exactly one month ago and everything still says pending!! Your spreadsheet is helpful. I emailed the support in my area, so I hope to hear something soon! Thank you.

  • Andre LuvmyMonica Devine

    i’m driving in Jackson MS, there is nothing on the list for that. I am missing several trips and can’t get ANYONE to help me find out what happened to them. it seems the whole system stopped logging my trips (although it kept pinging me with them) on July 25th after about 9:45 PM. I made several trips and they do NOT show. I need my money! CAN SOMEONE HELP ???

  • Jamal Rice

    Hi. I just bought a new car and am considering driving for Uber to make some extra cash. Everything seemed great until I discovered that, in the state of Maryland, my insurance doesn’t cover me while I am driving as an Uber partner. The only comment Uber offers regarding insurance is that I have to have it and that my name needs to be on the insurance card. How does that help me if my insurance wont cover me? So my questions are: 1.)Does Uber offer any kind of secondary insurance? 2.)How can I contact Uber to sign up? (if, of course, the rates aren’t so high that they make driving not worth it) Any assistance would be greatly appreciated…

    • Uber offers primary insurance once you get a request and are en route to a passenger AND while the passenger is in the car ($1k collision deductible). The insurance gap occurs when you’re just waiting for a pax or driving around looking for pax.

      During that time, called period 1, Uber offers liability insurance but no collision coverage so you would have to make a claim with your personal insurer. Many insurers won’t cover that period so you could be SOL.

      Here’s more info:

      • Saint

        I am pissed off now Uber approved me to drive bought a new car yesterday and now i stop in the Minneapolis office. They said i had a issue on my background check. And should contact checkr . i did and CC to uber support that their was no issues that was on my DVM report. Uber come back and said a old Dwi more then 7 years ago was the issue. They never emailed me nor did they give me a way to fix this. I should really sue them for decimation as Law is that anything over 7 years can not be used … I really dont know what to do now $20,000 loan with no job to pay for it thanks uber! I hope you have ideas for me.?

        • Yikes, that is really shitty. I would definitely appeal to Uber and see what they have to say. Alternatively, you may want to apply for Lyft, Postmates, etc or whatever else is available in your city..

          • Saint

            yes sir lyft looking good so far got everything done to drive just background check is pending

        • melissa greene

          Have you tried contacting the corporate offices in San Francisco to try to resolve these issues? Couldn’t hurt. Their phone # is 415-986-2104. Hope it works out for you.

          • Saint

            thanks i will call them

  • Michael Garcia

    What do you do when you can’t get Uber email support and you haven’t received the new member text. When I input my account info. it takes me to a page that just says “invalid client”. Even local email support takes me to “invalid client’ page. Thanks.

  • Sean McCool

    I am trying to get in contact with uber support in Pittsburgh, pa. all my docs. are uploaded and my driver account is NOT active for some reason. for such a large company they make it difficult to get in contact with them.

    • Sean McCool

      this has been dragging on since April 2015

      • Kevin Faaborg

        Try emailing them at Their office hours are generally 4-7 PM, Monday through Friday. Their office is located at 120 Meyran Ave in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh. Good Luck!

        • Sean McCool

          thank you. I will post what happens.

          • Sean McCool

            so far it has been a lot email TAG. with no real results. it turns out there an issue with background check. the background check has Last years check. I have no problems with my background. I had child clearances done last year.
            HIRESE is the background check company. they told me that Uber needs to Manually clear my old background check and manually reenter the information.
            I can do anything from my end because I am already in HIREASE’s system

          • Yikes, if you continue having probs, I recommend going into office hours since you’ll get an Uber employee there as opposed to a third party cs rep when you e-mail.

    • That’s strange, do they have local office hours? Other than that, I’m not sure what the hold up could be. What did they tell you is wrong?

  • T. Alan Coston

    I signed up in a city that does not have Uber. My question is this; How can I get set up to drive in a city that does have Uber or any of the other rideshare programs?

    • You’ll have to re-apply if that city is outside of the state (there are some east coast states though that allow you to drive in multiple states) and you need driver license from that state and insurance.

  • Nick Czernek

    Is it normal that every time I cross into a different county that my app shuts off once the ride is completed and I am being asked to enter all of my personal information into the app again? This happened 3 times last night. I had to wait until I got into my “home” county and log back in again to complete the trip…all the while NOT online and NOT collecting new riders.

    • Hmm that is really weird, I’ve never heard of that. Sounds like a glitch with the app, I’d check with local drivers in your area, maybe it is a region specific thing but more likely, it’s a problem with your app or account.

      We have a list of local driver FB groups here that may be of use:

      • Michael Peters

        This happened to me also when driving in las vegas last year. Every time i entered the “downtown” las vegas area, my app would shut down and it wouldnt let me log back in until i was out of a certain area.

  • ivory

    I am a new member with uber and I’ve been driving around for hours. My uber screen shows a map of where I am and nothing else. I can not do any pick ups because the map is showing me nothing only thing I see is that I’m logged in. Can you please help me out because my area is showing a surge and I would to take part in it.

    • There have been some problems with the Uber app tonight but if you’re logged in, you should be available for requests. One easy, quick way to check that is to log in from the pax side of the app and see if your car is on the map.

  • Lisa Demchak

    I created a rider/passenger account back in June. Still waiting for Uber to fix my account issues. Every time they tell me to do one thing, it creates a problem. 5 weeks later, my account issue has not been resolved.

  • Tamika

    How do I let the driver know I have luggage a pond his/arrival

    • Just shoot him a text, it’s the same number that you would call. Just call the driver, hang up quickly and text the same #.

  • Cathy Melcheck

    I’m very interested in contracting with Uber, however, I would like to see their driver contract first. I can’t seem to get a response and I don’t see it on the website – does anyone know where I can find a sample copy of the contract?

    • It’s only available on the driver dashboard, I can also send it to you if you send me an e-mail harry [at] thx!

  • Diane Keeling Houseman

    I have a Class B CDL and saw that Uber was advertising for that type of driver in my area. How would that work if I don’t own a commercial vehicle?

    • It may have been a third party that already has a vehicle ready for you or Uber may be looking for drivers with CDL’s. You’d have to reply to that ad to know for sure.

      • Diane Keeling Houseman

        I started into the ad with Uber and it wanted my Drivers License and insurance info, but I didn’t understand that if they needed the insurance for my vehicle which is NOT a commercial vehicle or if they just needed to know I was insured, so I didn’t complete it and now getting texts from Uber to complete it. My question is: Do they hire drivers to drive privately owned commercial vehicles?

        • No Uber does not, but there are lots of fleet owners who do:

  • Scavenger Rick Loudley

    Well i left my wallet in a uber cab the driver drove off how can I get that driver back in my wallet

    • Reply by e-mail to the receipt you got and Uber should be able to contact you. Alternatively, you’re also able to call that driver still if he was the last Uber ride you took. You are connected via VOIP so if you have that number still (he texted/called you or vice versa prior to picking up) you can get in contact with him.

  • Chad Wray

    I am having trouble getting my car registration accepted. Can you plz tell me what exactly they want? I have sent them the receipt from my car license tag, my car title and a picture of my car tag.

    • It may be different for your state but I know in CA, once you pay your registration you get a license tag attached to a 6 x 4 piece of paper and that is your registration. That should be all you need to upload/e-mail in.

  • Doc Stephen Ferguson

    Ok I signed up for uber and all my stuff has been approved but when I log in I go straight to driver trip summary screen, I cannot select a car or go online, I have emailed them a number of times and they either tell me to reboot my phone or everything is good to go and it’s not

    • Strange, sounds like your car hasn’t been added properly. You need to select the vehicle before you log in. You can also try accessing your partner dashboard online:

      Or head into in person office hours.

  • hina joshi

    hii ,

    kindly advice is it possible to book a cab one day prior for someone as it will be needed at 5:am in the morning .

    • No you can’t call Uber a day in advance but if you’re in a metro area, there should be one available. Otherwise, try and find a driver who will do a cash ride for a premium 🙂

  • Angela Hood Miller

    Hi, I’d really like to be able to drive for Uber but, I am a woman and, I’m a small woman. Any suggestions on how to keep safe? Maybe only pick up female riders?

    • I don’t think you’ll be able to manage that but you could drive during the day for example. Here’s a post from a female driver that may give you some insight into what to expect:

      And check back next week since we’ll be releasing a new podcast interview with a female driver that will address all your concerns and more 🙂

      • Angela Hood Miller

        Thanks for your help and, quick response.

  • Williams Marceliana

    uber doesnt have any customer service and will n ot honor any referral payments

  • IIlI

    uber HIDES its contact info on its website. you should NEVER have to use a search engine to hop on a website to find contact info of ANY business. that screams of a SCAM.

  • Jdavis

    i have a friend who is starting with Uber. The guy who inspected his car said he would be willing to answer questions for him. Sounds like a good email to hang on to.

  • robert reed

    went to class on july 28th was supposed to received driver course certificate did receive certificate

  • mamun

    Dear xxxx,

    How long do I have patience for those payment, week, month. It is crystal clear that you or your team have not looked at attached my bank statements( old and new) which I sent and shows clearly 4 weeks payments missing in-a- row.

    where was your responsible team last 3 months, I sent email every week to support team and why did not response me and did not tell me that those went through

    I do not know why you and your team mentioned that all payments went through.

    I am very impressed to hear that after 4 months. Would you keep salary uber for 4 months ? I do not think so.

    Missing Payment Statement

    Bank Statement -Old

    Bank Statement-New

    void cheque or direct deposit form

    please both you and your team take a close look those documents and you will see that missing payment.

    you or your team should find each of missing which I marked and bold to clearly see.

    I have been waiting those payments since June2015 more than 3 months. total amount is $1226.02 from June 22, 2015 to July 13,2015

    I am strongly requesting you show me and mark on those payment on bank statement


    Mamun Bhuiyan (Account holder) on your file)

    (416)220-9988 (phone on your file )


    Scott Maduri (Uber)

    Sep 7, 14:36

    Hi Mamun,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I appreciate your patience and I am just trying to get to the bottom of this situation. Our payments team have checked with our bank and they are saying all payments went through. If you can send me the information for both accounts (void cheque or direct deposit form) I will send that to them for further investigation.


    Uber Operations Team

    Scott Maduri

  • mamun

    Toronto uber skipped 4 weeks in a row now after 3 months they are telling me that those payments are went to through.
    I sent them all my bank statements. please guys take a look those which attached with post. You all find missing payments.
    every time there are saying sorry and be patience
    Please help me to collect those hard- working money. I will not driving uber any more weather I got those money or not
    I do not want to be some one victim like. There is real email from Toronto uber management after 3 months. I sent email more than 100 times and I waste my time
    Hi Mamun,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I appreciate your patience and I am just trying to get to the bottom of this situation. Our payments team have checked with our bank and they are saying all payments went through. If you can send me the information for both accounts (void cheque or direct deposit form) I will send that to them for further investigation.


    Uber Operations Team

    Scott Maduri

    Dear Scott,

    How long do I have patience for those payment, week, month. It is crystal clear that you or your team have not looked at attached my bank statements( old and new) which I sent and shows clearly 4 weeks payments missing in-a- row.

    where was your responsible team last 3 months, I sent email every week to support team and why did not response me and did not tell me that those went through

    I do not know why you and your team mentioned that all payments went through.

    I am very impressed to hear that after 4 months. Would you keep salary uber for 4 months ? I do not think so.

    Missing Payment Statement

    Bank Statement -Old

    Bank Statement-New

    void cheque or direct deposit form

    please both you and your team take a close look those documents and you will see that missing payment.

    you or your team should find each of missing which I marked and bold to clearly see.

    I have been waiting those payments since June2015 more than 3 months. total amount is $1226.02 from June 22, 2015 to July 13,2015

    I am strongly requesting you show me and mark on those payment on bank statement


    Mamun Bhuiyan (Account holder) on your file)

    (416)220-9988 (phone on your file )


    Scott Maduri (Uber)

    Sep 7, 14:36

    Hi Mamun,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I appreciate your patience and I am just trying to get to the bottom of this situation. Our payments team have checked with our bank and they are saying all payments went through. If you can send me the information for both accounts (void cheque or direct deposit form) I will send that to them for further investigation.


    Uber Operations Team

    Scott Maduri

  • mamun

    Toronto Uber Management is professional liar. they are very lazy to write email me. they just use robotic email. Sometime they do not read what is about, they send Rendon sample email, I do not know how they will keep running uber in Toronto

    • do you have any in person office hours? This sounds like a tough one to get resolved over e-mail.

  • mamun

    After 4 months uber accounting department is asking for account info and asking for being passionate.that is called uber fabulous service.

    I sent more than 100 emails with acct info and contact info last 4 months

    Think that if uber hold your pay check for 4 months what will you do??

    Uber Toronto management is stealing money from driver
    They just have updated uber database not driver account

    Please I request all drivers in Toronto keep watching your own account

    Toronto uber management is trying to skip weekly payment

  • mamun

    We all learn from step by step. we all know uber does not have any customer service number. Toronto Uber Management kept my weeks payment , they said money transfer to my account actually they did not send those 4 weeks payments. Unfortunately I did not expect that from uber Toronto.
    I am NOT ubering anymore. I am requiring all ubering people ,please do not forget to check weekly earings and what gets commissions from you.
    Uber people are very professionals they can do what ever want they can change your in a second.
    they just help drivers till get money them, they do not ever say to you when they are not benefited from you

  • mamun

    they are some good or bad. today is my bad and tomorrow will yours. That is how our cycle is for uber next one will come then uber will be vanish
    We all learn from step by step. we all know uber does not have any customer service number. Toronto Uber Management kept my weeks payment , they said money transfer to my account actually they did not send those 4 weeks payments. Unfortunately I did not expect that from uber Toronto.
    I am NOT ubering anymore. I am requiring all ubering people ,please do not forget to check weekly earings and what gets commissions from you.
    Uber people are very professionals they can do what ever want they can change your in a second.

  • arubadick

    can i use my uber app in milan italy when i land at the airport

    • Not sure but you can always check from the app – just type in Milan, Italy and try and drop the pin at the airport..

  • Cheri Fox Musick

    I forgot my password, and have a new email address. How do I reset password with new email address?

  • Joe Lawson

    I’m ready to drive and when I go online on the app all I see is a Google Earth map with a blue dot on my town. How do I get fares? I’ve been online for hours and nothing other than alerts asking if I still want to stay online. Help please.

  • Jon Keefe

    My question, I have a misdemeanor possesion of drug paraphanelia its 4 years old, would that disqualify me for uber? I mean its a drug crime, but I didn’t even have drugs on me….

  • Chris Schillander

    How do I return the phone? It was sent to me and I don’t need it. I’m in Florida.


  • melissa greene

    The fare guarantees that Uber offers their drivers are a farce. By the time the 20% to 30% and $1 per ride safe rider fee are taken by Uber, gas, maintenance of your vehicle, and taxes are paid, drivers will make 1/4 -1/3 of the guaranteed fare.( Uber doesn’t pay taxes on drivers) I have customers ask if they can add a tip to the fare all the time because they don’t have any cash on them, but Uber doesn’t allow tipping and I end up getting paid $4 after Uber takes their share from a menial $6 fare. This is extremely disheartening because I take care of my riders. I offer them water, candy, and snacks so they have a good experience. The fares are very reasonable for the customer, but the driver ends up eating all the costs. There can be 1 rider or 4 riders, but it is a set fare so the price is the same regardless. I don’t understand why Uber won’t allow for their drivers to be given tips. What’s up with that? If a customer wants to tip, why shouldn’t they be able to?

  • Bakhodir Fayziev

    hi there, i was filled up all application for Uber, and today when i checked my Uber account it requesting ”
    i tried many times to write inspection date,either there is mm/d/year,but inspection has only month and year any advice please

    • If you’re not able to upload that document, you may want to e-mail it in..

  • Jef Terhorst

    Went into L.A. office. Having probs w/ g-maps. I left thinking the rep resolved my issue. Last night I drive 20 mls to my local. My I-5 says you are are not activated. Translates; 3 of my best
    nights shot. I’m screwed til Mon. Would rebooting or anything else work ? Thx,

    • That sucks – yea I’d try the standard troubleshooting (sign out/sign in, restart phone, un-install/reinstall app, etc). But this is also exactly why lyft is great back up plan bc these things do happen from time to time.

  • Dan Grimland

    I thought my first ride with Uber would be complimentary as they advertised when I downloaded the app. My credit card was charged $20.25. How do I recover this?

    • Did you enter a promo code when you first signed up? That would have given you $20 off your first ride. Either way, if you reply to the e-mail receipt and plead your case, Uber will eventually give in. Might take a few e-mails though 🙂

  • Susan

    How did Uber change my vehicle last week to a totally different color, make and model than what I actually have making my earnings as an Uber XL driver to a Uber X driver? And they won’t acknowledge the issue!
    Thank you

    • Not sure but weird things happen with the vehicles. Should be easy to re-upload docs though or get them to fix it via e-mail.

  • Manny

    What day is the payday of ubet

  • Farah

    I work with Uber in San Jose.
    How can I get $100 from Uber for 10 rids, what should I do?
    My app does not show me the address that my clients want to go there! After I pick them up the app show me their drop off address! It is not nice. I may not be ready for going to the out of town but I have to give them ride!
    Please let me know what I should do.

    • You need to have signed up with someone’s code in order to get the bonus. You could try retroactively adding someone by e-mailing Uber.

      As for the destination, you can’t see it until after the pax gets in and you start the trip. Otherwise drivers wouldn’t accept the short trips.

  • disqus_jxlkmZRXJ9

    Dear Uber, Last month A friend of mine had applied to work for you. She had just bought a new car, had to day’s left at her old job, and was looking for word to her start day with you. A few day’s went by that I didn’t see her, And when I did she told me why. I have to say that I am very angry about your decision, and the fact that you wont let her tell her side. It is wrong to judge some one because of some thing that is on a piece of paper. I did not know that a Misdemeanor witch is a traffic violation, was worse then a Felony witch is criminal . The fact is I know that there are four people that work for Uber, That are not only Felons but they are also drug attics to, And that is how they became Felons. And because of your bad decision, My friend not only is with out a job, She is also with out her new car, Or a place for her and her daughter to stay. But that part I will help her out with. You as a company do not have the wright to judge or discriminat any one. I’m quite certain that my friends in the news media would love to hear about this.

    • I don’t work for uber dude, you may want to e-mail this to them at Or have your friend apply for Lyft 🙂

      • rob

        Lol is funny how uber deny you to work for them for a minor case from 20 years ago.. And lyft dont. Is also funny how lyft do the same thing. Dont get me wrong i am not crazy. Jajajaa. I say this because i work for uber and i have a back ground criminal minor. But lyft wont hire me. Also my whice has a mimor case and she got approve for lyft bit not uber .. Jajjajaa yes is crazy how this companies make theyr desitions but is they rules and we have to respect that..

  • Kathryn Panos

    All I tried to do is get a cab. I have Uber calling me up and bothering me constantly for joining them and wanting me to fill out a background check for them! What a joke! I only wanted a can in which I didn’t get from you!

  • Mak

    Uber needs a human customer service person to handle emergencies with lost items … because when you lose your phone in an Uber car, you are not able to use your phone!!!

    • You can reply to the e-mail receipt to get in contact with uber asap.

      • Tough luck!

      • David S

        You can’t actually. You only get an “auto-response” and they close the issue as “Resolved” without helping you. Also, I cannot login to my account, because over the last month Uber hasn’t sent me the email to reset my password so I can login. I’ve tried numerous times.

  • jul

    Hello Harry, I am a rider and I just added another telephone number, and card to my account. The site will not update, it states uber Code already exists Claim. Pls. help. thanks

    • Hmm not sure about that one, but if you’re having trouble with your account, you could try e-mailing and have them manually add/change it. Also try from the app and/or online dashboard at

      • jul

        thanks Harry, I’ll give it a try

  • Michael Mark McFadden

    The best way to contact UBER is through their Chat support link on their webpage. I got two issues resolved in about 5 minutes using their chat. (They can go into your account and take care of just about anything that can be done at an in-person support office.) — (The two issues involved in my situation were: a ride I didn’t get paid for, and getting immediate approval of an insurance document I uploaded to them) — Their chat is available from 5AM to 12AM Pacific time. — You can ask them any question you want and they will answer it immediately.

    • That’s a good tip, thanks for sharing. We’ll add that to the article.

    • Darlene cook

      I disagree completely. I have tried their so-called live chat – got nothing accomplished but dead silence on the other end. The bozos in the office are pathetic – it takes 2-3 or more trips to get ANYTHING done right. Then they flag your account if you come in too often. I got a snotty comment from Kiara in the Houston office telling me I am coming in too often & I need to be more independent. Right now I have a situation where they didn’t properly set up MY new account as I am now working for myself. As it stands right now they are going to pay my previous employer my money for this past weeks work. Do you think I can get anybody to answer me or fix the problem? NO.

  • Michael Fisk

    Fantastic post, I used the chat feature you listed this evening and was very impressed. Quick, friendly, and intelligent response; my issue was resolved in under 5 minutes!

    • Thx, just added the chat feature to this post as an option last night so glad to see it’s working well for others!

    • Karen Corzine

      I tried that and was disconnected, the only reply I got was “sorry for your inconvenience”

  • Eric

    You should do a blog about how Uber cut their rates in half over a year ago, screwing their drivers out of income in a lame attempt to get Lyft out of business. Also how they don’t allow tipping on the app like Lyft, why is this not a major issue? Drivers should be striking about this.

    • We have covered this extensively:

  • Gaetano Gaetano


  • DudeSchweet

    I just tried to sign up with Uber and everything was going smoothly until I noticed in my profile they were calling me by my middle name, so I sent in a problem notice through the website and got a prompt reply asking me was my full name Gary Dale XXX, I said that it was but that I preferred Gary Kimble. I had also sent in a ticket about the application on my phone not logging in because of a “Location not found” error, the response was that I should have gotten an email saying they declined my application! Either my background, driver’s license, blah blah blah. I said I had receive no other email, but there was another issue with my middle name…when I look at my license I think I see the problem. The name reads XXX Gary Dale, so they have it switched…kind of incredible really.

  • Andrew Chambers

    I am waiting to see if I am selected to be a driver with uber. How can I talk to someone in
    the HR department?

  • Jennifer Gehret

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  • fefe

    HI! i got a car to drive uber and i was thinking my phone has a problem because the people at the office didn know what the problem is its been 7 days i got a new version off iPhone still not willing me to app-load? and i am in debt with the car uber provide me and the the iPhone that i got. Users communication systems very poor. no one is able to help me and i am frestared and my friends and family too. with my situation any help ? beside me being in Dept?

  • Space Treasurer

    I recently bought a Microsoft Lumia 640 phone just before i joined Uber partner. Uber has only Uber driver application for Apple and Android. Does anyone know if they intend to develop an app for Microsoft as they are really good value for money phones

  • Thad Johnson

    Your PennDOT Safety Inspection Sticker (Interior view) is missing. How and where do I go to get one?

  • Wayne Grazio

    Driving for Uber in San Diego after the New Year price cuts had basically made driving a less than minimum wage job if you drive during the day. I like many others are now leaving Uber as it’s not profitable to drive anymore. It’s a shame that greed or an over abundance of drivers in San Diego has give Uber Corporate the idea of cutting rates to increase profits as the expense of their “subcontractors”. I’ve a feeling their name will soon become synonomous with Greed in the coming months.

    • Ron

      Wayne… Am I missing something here? How does Uber cutting rates increase their profits? They make a percentage of the fare from around 20% to 25%. So by charging a lower rate they make less money. It seems that they are just trying to “drive” other rideshare companies out of the marketplace.

      • Wayne Grazio

        They lowered the fare to passengers and took that money from the drivers. Ubers profit in that regard stayed the same. The keep recruiting lower paid drivers, attract more customers. More money for them at the driver’s expense.

        • Ron

          Wayne, you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed are you. I do have an advanced degree in Math but that is definitely not needed here, just some basic understanding of how percentages work.

          * Can we first agree that Uber does not take a flat fee, but rather a percentage – right?

          – So let’s take the following very simple example. Let’s say that or a particular ride Uber charges the client $50 for a ride and splits that 80/20 with the driver.
          Driver gets $40 (80% of $50)
          Uber gets $10 (20% of $50)

          – Now let’s say that Uber decides to lower the fare for that exact same ride to $40 and splits that exactly the same 80/20 with the driver.
          Driver gets $32 (80% of $40)
          Uber gets $8 (20% of $40)

          So as you can see, yes, the driver made less, but because the split is a percentage and not a fixed amount both the driver AND Uber made less. So why would Uber do this? I can think of a number of reasons. One, to make Uber more competitive in the marketplace. This can drive companies like Lyft out this market which gives them more control in this marketspace. Next, drive out the Taxi companies. It is very common for companies to lose money short term to make higher gains in the long term. If they are successful then they can raise the rates back up and make more money. It’s a common business practice Wayne.

          So as you can see, they did not “TAKE” money from the drivers. You make it sound like when Uber lowers the fare that money goes directly to Uber. Truth is, when they lower the fare, the drivers make less, Uber makes less and that money goes to the consumer in the form of lower fares. So if anything, the consumer is Taking that money.

          Uber wants to charge the consumer as much as they can, it’s just basic business. If uber was a monopoly they could charge more, and make more. Problem is, if they were a monopoly, nothing would stop them from giving the drivers a lower percentage of the fare. So competition is good, don’t get me wrong. It’s how things work in a free marketplace.

          So if Uber starts giving drivers a lower percentage that would be something to be worried about.

          • Jenn

            In Waco, Tx they dropped rates and upped the Rider Fee. They get their percentage plus a rider fee. The rates were cut 40% and the rider fee is more that it was. They are getting more money and the pay to drive here is way less than minimum wage.

          • BG60093

            Ron, I am in South Florida and Uber’s cut has increased from 20% to 25%.

          • Ron, in their most recent service agreement (as of last Thursday) they lowered the cancellation from $10 to $5. Drivers that started working for them prior to August 2015 will now be splitting 72% to 28% and those after will be spliting 75/25%..

  • Tara Roberts

    Thanks for this. It is impossible to find UBER chat on their site. I just need to talk to a real human. Is that so hard? Thanks for this post, you are an UBER lifesaver.

  • Judi Callas

    I am trying to locate a phone number for Uber Corporate. They go from Uber X (lowsest fare) seating 4 people to Uber Select (higher fare) seating 7 people. What about those of us that seat 5 (6 seat belts)? Or that have a newer vehicle in pristine condition and can carry items? I have a 2013 truck (a $50,000 truck) and I’m considered Uber X. I picked up 4 people yesterday that saw the truck and said “awesome, can we bring our ice chest?” There is no true category for us, and I think there should be.

  • Dorenda Brzykcy

    I just tried the Uber Chat and the web page cannot be found. 🙂

  • Karnchot

    They fucken stupid mother fuckers that is why they just don’t care if a drive looses one or more days of work simply because the don’t care.
    But whoever is the fucken owner of uber is he needs to realise that a driver who has uber the only sorce of income, suspending there account is like if the government shuts your entire uber service over ther world for one day or more without given you any warning or answering your questions.

  • Sana Abbasi

    Having trouble finding Insurance as an Uber driver? Call me, I can insure anyone in California!! I will help you out and make sure you don’t get ripped off 🙂 Or if you have any insurance questions, call me!

  • Andrew Whiten

    In Tulsa, Ok I have found that emails do not work. they answer any question with a question like answer that repeats what was asked. I tried the chat this morning and was successful with getting my problems resolved. (although she did try to send me to email support) I had asked her to keep me on chat, as emails were not getting answered. I think that
    Darlene cook has it right and flag you with email too.

  • Madelyn Rodriguez

    Hello, I am thinking about join in. Just to make extra money. Will it help me. I live in NY

  • TP

    I have been driving for Uber for two years and I am sad to say the math does not work out anymore . Uber wants 5-star service for 1-star pay and it’s just frigging horrible how they are taking advantage of its drivers . Some people say ” Well you don’t have to drive for them.” and I tell them ” Yes and I don’t have to feed my family or pay the bills either .” Uber puts out commercials that it’s fun part time but on the other hand they have partnered with auto dealerships pumping out new leases to bad credit folks just like the housing crisis creative paperwork Uber is a Viper and the super low rates is bullshit and it caters to a certain demographic of poor uneducated partners struggling to survive not the commercial happy go lucky part time soccer mom Uber you are a bastard .I get 5.0 star reviews every week but you pay me garbage I’m gone ASAP !!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy Dorene Yancey

    I just spoke with my tax accountant yesterday to let her know I was driving for Uber and to get info on how to do taxes. She told me to 1) ask Uber if they supply a NTTC (non-taxable transaction Certificate, and 2) I would need a CRS ID #. I’m totally confused. Help! New Mexico

    • I don’t see why you’d need that. You just fill out a Schedule C like any other business:

    • Not sure why you’d need that info. You just fill out a regular Schedule C:

      • Nancy Dorene Yancey

        All I know is what she said. Here is what Uber said when they answered me back/copy/pasted: Janice Dela Cruz (Uber)

        Feb 13, 22:56

        Hi Nancy,

        Thanks for reaching out. I understand how important these are to you. I’m glad to help with as much information as possible.

        Uber doesn’t provides a Nontaxable Transaction Certificate (NTTC) and CRS ID number to partners. You may obtained the NTTC from the Taxation and Revenue Department (TRD). You may learn more through this page

        For additional tax-related questions, we recommend that you contact an independent tax professional. Please let me know if I can help with anything else and I’ll be happy to help

        Janice Dela Cruz

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  • yogi-one

    In my experience driving FT in Seattle for 2 years now, the best is the email support. Also when you look at your trip summaries, the “need help?” button gives you a fairly comprehensive list. You have to choose the best one, even if it is not your exact issue – but then you get to add details before submitting. I usually get an acknowledgement in 1-2 hours and a real human response email within 12-24 hrs.
    Going into the office hasn’t been very rewarding in my experience. The Seattle office gets crowded up pretty quickly and the reps seem overwhelmed and like they are just trying to get through the long line of drivers as fast as they can. Because of the lines, you can sit in the office for 20 minutes after you sign in. Hell, you could be making money. So use the app help feature, that way at least you can be taking fares while you are waiting for a response.

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  • Ann

    RideShareGuy, I have a question of utmost importance. I am aware of a driver that is a sexual predator. Who do I contact to inform them of this. I do not want my email to become lost amongst the thousands they must receive. Please give me a phone number or location I can go. I am in the Los Angeles area.

  • Richard Johnson

    I’m a reporter for the NY Post. How can I reach Uber spokeswoman Kristin Carvell?

  • Damariustyronebuckwheatdonte

    Tampa, FL and the whole of Hillsborough County has pull the rug from under Uber again. As of yesterday (3/14/16) are no longer allowed to pickup, drop off or otherwise transport passengers in Hillsborough county. The fine runs from $700 – $900 per incident.

  • Karen Corzine

    I have a serious issue with pay and my account, the account number for my direct deposit was changed, and not by me. Meaning my account was hacked from within UBER or outside. I’ve reported this and all I get is the “CANNED REPLY” telling me to wait until tomorrow for pay. They are missing the point, I verified my account number on line and it’s wrong, I’ve been paid on Thursday every week like clockwork until now, and when I checked, my account number has been changed and it was not by me. I can not get a response to this at all. Any ideas?

    • Yikes, does your area have in person office hours?

      (You can check by e-mailing uber support).

  • Jorge Félix Lale

    I think there is a billing mistake on my uber 99.99 were can i call is there a numnber

  • Tonya

    Hi–doesn’t look like that option is available anymore… Can you confirm?

  • Renee Lann Phillips

    Good everyone.
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  • Andrea

    I have been driving for uber since oct of 2015. I have an LGG4 verizon phone. For what ever reason my app to drive will no longer works on my phone. I have emailed uber for the past 2 days. They keep telling me my account is current or log in with my other email address. The other one I use is when I am the rider not the driver. I have un installed & re installed this app, did a factory reset my phone & nothing works. Any ideas? I am trying to find the number to the MD office but nothing.

  • Frank Brandon

    I do not have the uber navigation option on my phone. If i hit navigation it will send me to googlemaps which has been unreliable in a lot of instances(especially downtown Detroit). I have tried text/emailing uber to tell them that it only gives me google or waze(which i have not downloaded) but there is no uber navigation. The friend who referred me to be an uber driver has it on his phone. When i contacted uber they told me to download/upgrade their latest app which i have done. It is not there. They keep sending me back the same pat response. I am getting annoyed because it was giving bad directions which caused me to not pick up a couple of fares and uber would not pay their guarantee.

    Is it because I have an android phone?
    I just started 2 weeks ago but with this kind of support I might as well stop.

    • Yea I think on Android you can only get navigation on gmaps/waze.

  • David S

    I lost a very expensive pair of sunglasses in an Uber car over a month ago. I went through the “contact Uber for lost item”, which gives you two options: contact uber about lost item, and contact uber driver for lost item. If you contact Uber, you get an “auto-response” to keep trying to contact your driver directly, leavea voicemail, and keep trying. I contacted the driver directly, and gave her my home and work address to mail me the sunglasses directly, or to call me at my main number at any time of day, any day of the week. I made it extremely easy for her. I waited a week, but she never got ahold of me nor did she send me the glasses. I contacted Uber again, which contacted the driver again. She ignored me for two weeks and didn’t respond. So, every time I go to Uber to have them contact the driver directly, I always get the “loop” response, with no way to bypass that failed system to talk to a representative directly. Each time I do the “lost item” loop, I get the same auto-response for my messages that are not even read by a real person, and Uber immediately closes the issue with a “Resolved” status – even though it has not been resolved.

    Where does one go from here? I need to get in contact with some kind of representation so I can get a reimbursement for my $250 pair of sunglasses… or I will seek legal representation and go to the News about the lack of communication on Uber’s part and failure to assist in the return of a stolen item.

    Anyone else have this issue with a lost item?

    • Dang that is frustrating although I can probably guess why the driver isn’t responding to you. Drivers aren’t compensated for returning lost items and some people aren’t too appreciative either. I think your best bet is to keep following up with Uber. Start a new ticket by e-mailing or try FB messenger chat too 🙂