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Allstate’s rideshare coverage is unique – it provides coverage for your personal insurance, and during period 1. Allstate’s rideshare coverage also helps fill the gap that arises when a customer’s personal auto policy liability coverage limits are greater than what’s provided by Uber and Lyft during period 1, 2 and 3. The coverage also protects drivers against high deductibles that ridesharing companies have for their coverage.

Donnie Plunkett – 480-595-7434 – If you get a rideshare insurance quote and mention The Rideshare Guy,  we will send you a FREE universal car mount for your phone (No purchase required, AZ drivers only).

State Farm

State Farm’s rideshare endorsement extends your coverage limits during period 1, 2 and 3. This means that your personal deductible will be in effect any time you are behind the wheel, no matter which TNC you’re driving for, or which period you’re in. If you have other coverages such as medical, towing and rental car coverage, these too will be in effect while you’re driving for Uber, Lyft, or others.

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USAA is a well known financial services company that exclusively serves the military community and their families since 1922.  As part of their auto insurance products, USAA now offers a rideshare endorsement that covers Period 1 (app on, but no passenger) and you won’t be dropped for letting them know you are a rideshare driver.

USAA Rideshare Information and Quote

Farmers Insurance

Farmers offers a rideshare-friendly policy add-on which extends your coverage during period 1 (app on, but no passenger). You won’t be dropped for telling them you’re a rideshare driver; however, you will be reliant on Uber or Lyft’s insurance policies during periods 2 and 3.

Mercury Insurance

Mercury first opened their doors in 1962.  Dedicated managers and enthusiastic employees work hand-in-hand with their network of independent agents.

Mercury is one of the most recent additions to insurance companies offering rideshare friendly insurance.  In Arizona, Mercury offers full coverage during period 1 and also provides coverage in excess of TNC coverage.  Mercury Insurance was named by Forbes as one of ‘America’s Most Trustworthy Companies’, earning a place among “America’s 50 Most Trustworthy Financial Companies’ for 2015.  This is sixth time Mercury has been awarded this honor.


GEICO does offer rideshare insurance to drivers in Arizona, but you may need to ask for “commercial rideshare insurance”, as it is a separate division from regular insurance. Online, you can get a quote for rideshare insurance but when you follow up with a phone call/GEICO calls you, you may need to specify “commercial rideshare insurance” – although this shouldn’t change the price you’re quoted online.

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