Anyone in the OC/LA Area Want to Get Mentored By Me?

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    Since we’ve gained a lot of new subscribers over the past couple months, I wanted to remind you guys that I am available to mentor new Lyft drivers in the LA/OC area.  I became a Lyft mentor after only 29 rides due to my perfect 5 star rating and high reliability and I’ve actually had only two official mentees since.  My first mentee was just a random driver but my second one was a good friend of mine.  I met up with him one morning and he made the request at the same time I went in to driver mode and voila!

    I’ve had countless ‘unofficial’ mentees but I don’t get paid for any of those.  So if you’re already a driver, I’m also available to mentor you guys too.  Just reach out to me via e-mail or social media and we’ll get the ball rolling.  I can help you with things like finding new companies to drive for, understanding driving resources, rideshare taxes & insurance and everything else you could imagine.

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    In addition, if you’d like more great free advice I encourage you to follow me on Twitter where I tweet all of the latest rideshare news during the week.  Or you can head over to our Q&A Forum and ask a question there.  I’m usually able to respond to questions within 24-48 hours.

    Why Would You Want to Get Mentored By Me?

    One thing I’ve found is that some mentors probably shouldn’t be mentors.  It’s even partly true for myself since I was promoted to mentor status before I had even done 30 rides.  I’d barely taken my Lyft training wheels off and now I was supposed to mentor other drivers. 

    Luckily, I had already been doing a ton of preliminary research for this site so I had a pretty good grasp on driving and rideshare in general.  But there are lots of drivers out there who don’t have that same experience and knowledge.  I got an e-mail just last week from a driver who felt his mentor was very unimpressive.

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    Since starting this site, I’ve been able to collaborate with tons of drivers across the country, third party companies like Sherpa and even other rideshare bloggers.  The wealth of information I’m learning on a daily basis is simply astonishing.  And although I try to relate as much as possible in my articles and podcasts, there’s still a lot that gets through the cracks.

    One Final Tip for New Lyft Drivers

    I’ve seen a few reports lately of new drivers getting waitlisted in certain cities.  When Lyft gets too many driver applications, they tend to put newly accepted drivers on a waitlist until passenger demand warrants more drivers on the road.

    If your city is one of those where new drivers are getting wait-listed, it might be a good idea to apply with a city that has higher driver demand.  So for example, if you live in San Diego (I just got a reader e-mail about being waitlisted there), you could use an address in the OC or LA and drive up here to get mentored by me.  The best way to figure out if your city is being wait listed is to ask a friend already in that city’s FB lounge.

    Obviously you could wait it out but maybe you need to start making money ASAP.  You would be in the system as an OC or LA partner but that’s probably better than not being a partner at all.

    Any new drivers out there looking to get mentored by me or have any questions in general?  Feel free to ask them below and I’ll do my best to answer.  

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