Who says rideshare driving can’t be fun? At The Rideshare Guy, we believe in the driver making the most amount of money in the shortest possible time. We also believe in healthy competition between drivers to earn some extra RSG cash, in the form of gift cards.

    Rideshare driving sometimes can be downright boring unless you are out there during drunk hours. Personally, driving is about one thing only: CASH!

    Every time I am out there, I will use all the tools available to me to maximize my earnings. I was idle for almost two years but started driving again on a very part-time basis (10-12 hours weekends only) because the going is really good these days. Here’s my motto: SHOW ME THE MONEY and I will drive for you, Uber and Lyft.

    With extra cash in mind for drivers, I came up with this contest idea.

    BEAT SERGIO and get a $50 gift card. Rules are explained below!

    The first 3 drivers to comment on the article or RSG social media and post verifiable screenshots are winners!

    Beat Sergio Contest Criteria for Nov 8 – Nov 15

    1. $54.05 per online hour ($594.55/11)

    2. $55.55 per active hour ($594.55/10.7)

    3. $24.77 per trip average ($594.55/24 trips)

    4. 3.22% in tips ($19.2/$594.55)

    Did you beat my online hour earnings, or my active hour earnings, or my per trip average, OR my tip percentage during November 8 – 15, 2021? Can you prove it with screenshots?

    Additional Contest Rules:

    1. You could only drive for Uber or Lyft only or a combination of both (no delivery driving)

    2. The dates for the driving week has to match mine

    3. Only 1 Winner per category

    4. I drive on the Uber X-Comfort and standard Lyft platforms, so no Select, XL, Black, Black SUV, LUX, Lyft Preferred, Lyft XL, Lyft Lux, Lyft Lux Black, Lyft Black XL

    That is as simple as it gets! Beat any of the 4 numbers above and get the gift card! For every category you beat, you can win a $50 Amazon gift card.

    For example, let’s say you earned $60 per online hour from November 8 through November 15. Share your screenshot in the comments below and you will have BEATEN SERGIO! If you are the first to beat Sergio in this category, you win a $50 Amazon gift card!

    Depending on what kind of response we get, we may continue this contest.

    Responses must be posted by November 25, 2021.

    My online and active hours were pretty strong, but the trip average could easily be beaten, and tip percentage is definitely for the taking (cheap pax this week).


    -Sergio @ RSG

    Sergio Avedian

    Sergio Avedian

    Sergio has been driving Uber and Lyft for about five years. He has over 6000 rides on both platforms, mostly on Uber. Sergio has a degree in finance, and worked on Wall St. for over eighteen years. In his free time, he still trades stocks and derivatives for himself and a few friends. He is also a PGA certified golf instructor, teaching golf is his passion. Sergio is married with two wonderful kids who take the rest of his afternoons/weekends between their soccer practices and golf tournaments.