7 Best Car Emergency Kits According To Uber Drivers

Unexpected troubles can happen on the road at any time. Adding one of the best car emergency kits on the market to your trunk means that you’ll be prepared for those uncertain and unpleasant emergencies that can happen on the road.

A complete emergency kit is one that keeps you at peace of mind with a variety of handy automotive items that could help resolve challenging situations on the road; whether it is changing a tire at midnight or giving first aid to treat minor injuries or pains or removing snow in harsh winters.

These emergency kits are compact and security organized in a carrying case so can be easily tucked in your car trunk or can be secured under the seats.

Best emergency kits for your vehicle

While it’s not difficult to purchase one, it is a little complicated to choose one given the wide variety of products available online.

Below we review some of the best kits available to help you make a buying decision.

1.) First Secure 90-Piece Kit

A comprehensive roadside car emergency kit that gives drivers a complete peace of mind and premium protection with all the safety and emergency essentials equipped. This 90-piece kit includes a complete 7-piece tire repair kit with a 250 PSI air compressor, so flat tire is no more a problem.

It also has a 48-piece first aid kit that gives you enough to deal with minor injuries and medical emergencies by yourself while on the road. Apart from that, 8 gauge 10 feet 300 AMP jumper cables, 10,000 LB tow straps, flashlight headlamp, glass breaker, seatbelt cutter and other essentials make it a heavy-duty all-weather protection kit for any automobile. Buy it here.

2.) Always Prepared 125-Piece Kit

A best car emergency kit prepared with ultimate safety and protection in mind for all the roadside emergency situations. This 125-piece premium tool kit that fits in a compact bag is geared with all the useful essentials that a driver on the road may need. This emergency-proof kit can be easily secured in your car trunk or under the backseat.

It is certainly a well-organized kit from Always Prepared with robust battery jumper cables that could deal with breakdown of a car, truck or RV and can bring it back on the road. All the pieces of this kit are truly useful including the battery booster cables, self-powered flashlight, rain poncho, mylar blanket, whistle, 3-ton tow rope, window breaker, seatbelt cutter and others that keep you prepared for a long drive. Buy it here.

3.) Lifeline 4330 AAA 42-Piece Kit

A premium kit for roadside assistance that is the best you can have if any roadside problem occurs. It is compact and can be easily stored in your car with all components packed in one bag. AAA is the name well-known for roadside assistance and this 42-piece emergency kit proves it well to offer a safe and protected travel to all the travelers.

The highlights of this kit are 8-foot 8-gauge jumper cables, flashlight with batteries, cable ties, duct tape, 2-in-1 screwdriver, emergency poncho and a basic First-Aid kit. This kit although has all the basics for a car-based emergency, however, some supplementing tools may be needed for medical emergencies and accidents. Buy it here.

4.) Top Gear Premium 66-piece Kit

A pretty decent kit that stands out with its premium essential gears that any vehicle may need for roadside assistance. This kit features a hand charged LED flashlight, thus no need of worrying about discharged batteries. The highlights apart from all the basic tools are reflective safety vest along with a warning triangle that gives you high visibility on the road.

A 34-piece First Aid Kit is also included for treatment of minor injuries and pains. Its high-quality Battery Booster Cables are capable of bringing your car back on its track. Along with that, it features electrical tape, working gloves, rain poncho, tire pressure gauge, blanket and other items of common use. Buy it here.

5.) Aootek Upgraded 268-Piece Survival Kit

A handy water-proof kit with 268 incredibly amazing tools all packed and organized well and serve all the useful functions, keeping you prepared for anything. It features a powerful combination of pliers, wire cutters, saw blade, bottle and can opener, Phillips screwdriver and much more. This kit keeps you prepared not only for breakdowns but for major emergencies including medical injuries, natural weather disaster situations and more with all the supplies available at your end.

The kit even includes upgraded items such as stronger metal scissors, knife, compass, whistle, fire starter and flash light pliers. The size is small and can be easily carried and stored anywhere in your car. All this makes it one of the best car emergency kits and a must-have for camping, hiking and adventures for survival in emergencies. Buy it here.

6.) Roadside Assistance Car Emergency Kit

This Roadside Assistance kit can be truly termed as a perfect gift for car-owners. Well-packed in a small bag that could fit well in your truck or backseat, this lightweight kit includes everything that you may possibly need for roadside assistance. Even if your car breaks down in the middle of the road, you know that you are safe and well-prepared with this kit.

The kit includes a powerful tow rope, tire pressure gauge, screw driver, adhesive tape and jumper cables. To ensure safety, it also is equipped with a reflective warning triangle, safety hammer, seat belt cutter, LED flash light, rain coat and blanket. Buy it here.

7.) The Performance Tool W1555 Deluxe

A small compact size kit that can be easily stored in your car but includes all the basics that enables you to deal with any kind of emergencies on the road. It includes towing rope and jumper cable to jump your car and ice scraper to help you snow out your car when it is snowy weather.

This basic kit has everything well-packed with a basic flashlight to keep you going in the dark. Along with that it has pliers, electrical tape and a limited/basic first aid kit. Buy it here.

Final words

Many people skip out from buying a kit, or they sacrifice quality by not buying the best car emergency kit, because they think that they will never need it. While that may be true, mechanical failures, accidents and other emergency situations can happen all the time. You just never know.

Flat tires, dead batteries, and other situations are experienced by drivers on the road daily. You can never predict how, when and where you are going to need an emergency kit while on the road; so be safe, be prepared and be protected by keeping one of these essential items in the trunk of your car.