Buyk Review

    Getting your groceries delivered to you is now a commonplace thing for many people. What isn’t common though is finding a place that will deliver in a timely way—less than a few hours—and at a reasonable price.

    Fortunately, companies are striving to be able to deliver (pun intended) on this need.


    One such company is Buyk.

    What is Buyk?

    Per their website: “BUYK — a convenient and fast grocery delivery service. We have a wide variety of products and our couriers will deliver in the shortest time possible. It takes about 15 minutes for the delivery. Prices are set to be competitive with local stores and delivery is free.”

    Like other delivery services, Buyk promises fast delivery. Unlike other traditional delivery companies (like DoorDash), Buyk promises to get customers their orders in 15 minutes.

    A few things that make them different, though, is that for starters, they are run entirely by bike couriers, not vehicle deliveries. This means the orders have to be under a certain weight for them to be delivered.

    Also, as they are just starting and delivering on bikes, their delivery area is very small. Right now, the Buyk market is just on the upper east side of Manhattan.

    Buyk runs like a regular grocery store rather than having you get groceries delivered from a different grocery store. They have several “stores”, or hubs, which is comprised of a compact efficient storeroom where everything is stored. Workers there receive the order, put it together and give it to the courier for delivery.

    Buyk is able to keep prices down, or at least close to other grocery stores’ prices, by not having baggers, sales clerks, and other typical grocery store employees. Instead, Buyk has a manager, a shopper, and a courier, which also allows Buyk to do this without delivery fees.

    By keeping the delivery area small and having enough employees to manage the deliveries, Buyk couriers can get you your needed items within 15 minutes of ordering.


    Buyk has several investors, including companies such as CM Ventures, Fort Ross Ventures, Citius, LVL 1 Group. These companies have so far funded Buyk to the tune of $46 million.

    Buyk was founded by Russian entrepreneurs and co-founders Vyacheslav Bocharov and Rodion Shishkov, and is the US version of Russian start-up Samokat. In addition to the entrepreneurs, Buyk was also founded by Sergey Sulgin, the general manager of Arrival, an electric vehicle maker. Buyk leverages the technology developed by Samokat in Russia.


    As of 2021, Buyk operates 20 hubs in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, with plans to open 100 more hubs by the end of the year. So, if you’re in New York City, download the app and see if you can get delivery.

    The idea of having groceries delivered in 15 minutes for me in Clearwater, Florida seems pretty impossible. However, if Buyk was able to expand efficiently into more areas, I would definitely want to see them here!

    Become a Buyk Delivery Rider

    Ready to start working and add another side hustle?

    Unfortunately, Buyk is not hiring gig workers, but they are hiring. Buyk needs inventory specialists, store managers, couriers, and so many other things, some of which are remote positions.

    If you are looking for a new remote job, or live in New York City, this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

    For the courier position, it’s a regular non-exempt job, meaning you’ll be issued a schedule and be an employee of the company. You’d also be offered benefits options.

    According to a Buyk courier job listing, you will:

    • Deliver customer orders in neighborhoods within a short 15-minute ride from one of our strategically located neighborhood locations;
    • Work to ensure that items are delivered within our guarantee of 15 minutes;
    • Assist our Inventory Specialists with sorting store products and ensure that they are properly accounted for;
    • Act as a brand ambassador always welcoming questions from those who see one of our Buykers riding around.

    Buyk vs Instacart

    I absolutely love Instacart, the ability to order from my favorite grocery store and have food delivered within a few hours is absolutely amazing.

    Buyk offers to have food delivered, at regular grocery store prices, and in a much faster time frame than Instacart.

    Though that has its own benefits, it does have a drawback. With Instacart, it would be no problem to do your entire weekly grocery shopping at one time. With Buyk though, they are limited to 26 pounds, so it’s more a “oh I forgot…” than a replacement for doing your grocery shopping.

    Buyk vs Jokr

    Buyk is not the only new service to start this 15-minute delivery service. Jokr is another.

    One big difference is that though Buyk is currently only available in part of New York City, Jokr is available not just in New York City but around the globe.

    Check out Chonce’s write up on Jokr: Jokr Delivery Review – Everything You Need To Know

    Buyk vs Gorillas

    Gorillas, similar to Jokr, is available in New York City and around the globe.

    Gorillas claims they can do deliveries in just 10 minutes instead of 15, and similar to Buyk, Gorillas completes deliveries via bikes instead of cars.

    Read more about Gorillas: Gorillas Grocery Delivery Review — How It Works & Available Jobs

    Buyk Summary

    Buyk is an amazing startup delivery service in New York City. They have employees in their “stores” that quickly get your order ready to be handed off to their couriers who deliver to customers in 15 minutes or less.

    With Buyk, there are no minimums, no delivery fees, and prices are comparable to the local grocery stores.

    Like many of these ultra fast delivery companies, there are still many more questions than success stories – for now. How will companies like Buyk scale when they’re outside of dense urban centers like NYC? Is it possible for couriers to safely get groceries to people in 15 minutes or less?

    If you are able to sign up and deliver with Buyk, let us know how it goes!

    Do you have any experience with Buyk? Tell us about it in the comments!

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