Last year, we hosted a ‘beat Sergio at rideshare driving and win’ competition, and it turns out that many of you can beat the President of the Show Me The Money Club (SMTMC) himself! In this round two of ‘beat Sergio and win’, we’re challenging you with new numbers and a new time of year. Can you beat Sergio? 

    Upon popular demand, the Sergio piñata is back with round two. The last time I put up my numbers, I was soundly beaten in three out of the four categories. How will this time go? Will you, the drivers, end up beating me in all four categories, or will I win it all this time?

    Minimum Miles, Maximum Profits

    The truth is, I don’t drive much these days. The bulk of my driving is when Uber and Lyft show me the money. Show Me The Money Club (SMTMC) forever! 

    On the occasion below, Uber was my victim. I made certain that I only drove when all my Incentives overlapped and went to work. The goal was minimal miles, maximum profits. 

    I gave more rides than I could remember for a long time, but I accomplished my plan. I used Lyft Scheduled Rides and three for $15-18 streaks to get to the Hot Zone, then switched to Uber. 

    Uber definitely lost money on me that weekend. Here are some examples of rides – do you think they were profitable? ABSOLUTELY!

    Can You Beat Me?

    If you can beat me in the competitions below, you’ll win a $50 gift card. 

    The first three (3) drivers to comment on the article or RSG Facebook page and post verifiable screenshots are winners!

    My Results:

    Saturday, April 9, 2022

    $61.40 per Online Hour

    $65.50 per Active Hour

    Sunday, April 10, 2022

    $59.00 per Online Hour

    $63.50 per Active Hour

    Week of April 4-11, 2022

    $43.60 per Online Hour

    $$48.80 per Active Hour

    Beat Sergio Round II Contest Criteria for April 4–11, 2022

    1. $48.80 per active hour ($915/18.75 hour)

    2. Saturday, April 9, 2022 – $61.40 per Online Hour

    3. Sunday, April 10, 2022 – $59.00 per Online Hour

    4. $18.30 per trip average ($915/50 trips)

    Did you beat my Online Hour earnings for Saturday, April 9 and/or Sunday, April 10? 

    Or my Active Hour earnings of $48.80 for the week of April 4-11, 2022? 

    Or my per trip average for the week of April 4-11, 2022? Can you prove it with screenshots?

    Additional Contest Rules:

    1. You could only drive for Uber or Lyft (no deliveries, not that it would come close)

    2. The days and dates for the driving week have to match mine

    3. Only one (1) winner per category 

    4. I drive on the Uber X-Comfort platform, so no Uber Select, XL, Black, Black SUV, LUX, Lyft Preferred, Lyft XL, Lyft Lux, Lyft Lux Black, Lyft Black XL

    That is as simple as it gets! 

    Beat any of the four numbers above and get the gift card! You can win a $50 Amazon gift card for every category you beat me in.

    For example, you’re a winner if you earned $50 per Active Hour from April 4 through April 11. 

    If you are the first to post your verified screenshot beating Sergio’s numbers in any category, you’ll get a $50 Amazon gift card after you present a verifiable screenshot!


    -Sergio @ RSG

    Sergio Avedian

    Sergio Avedian

    Sergio has been driving Uber and Lyft for about five years. He has over 6000 rides on both platforms, mostly on Uber. Sergio has a degree in finance, and worked on Wall St. for over eighteen years. In his free time, he still trades stocks and derivatives for himself and a few friends. He is also a PGA certified golf instructor, teaching golf is his passion. Sergio is married with two wonderful kids who take the rest of his afternoons/weekends between their soccer practices and golf tournaments.