RSG028: From Uber Driver to Co-Founder of a Rideshare Startup Called Vugo

By Podcast 16 Comments

Rideshare drivers are very entrepreneurial by nature and on today’s podcast, I interview a driver who decided to take things one step further.  You guys might have heard of Vugo but what you may…

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RSG025: What’s It Like To Be A Female Uber Driver With Tiffany Hudson-Stroup

By Driving Experience, Podcast 14 Comments

This is an episode I’ve been wanting to record for a long time and I’m so glad I found Tiffany to bring on the podcast.  On today’s episode, Tiffany shares…

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RSG019: Using Data to Show How Uber’s Surge Pricing Really Works

By Podcast, Uber 8 Comments

Drivers and passengers have very passionate opinions about Uber’s surge pricing but unfortunately we really don’t know all the facts.  Uber has never released much detail about how the algorithm works…

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