DoorDash has launched an online market called DashMart that will have snacks and groceries on hand, competing with Instacart and other grocery-delivery systems.

    DashMart is a virtual convenience store and is currently only available in:

    • Chicago, Illinois;
    • Columbus, Ohio;
    • Cincinnati, Ohio;
    • Dallas, Texas;
    • Minneapolis, Minnesota;
    • the greater Phoenix, Arizona area;
    • Salt Lake City, Utah;
    • Redwood City, California.

    The plan, of course, is to expand to more markets in the near future.

    What is DashMart?

    In my experience living in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, I found that I need to be closer to the city center in order for this option to be available to me. I tried with my home address and it did not show up within the DoorDash app. However, when I changed my address to one in downtown Minneapolis, DashMart showed up as an option on where I can place orders.

    According to a blog post on the site for DoorDash, “DashMart is a new type of convenience store, offering both household essentials and local restaurant favorites to our customers’ doorsteps. On DashMart, you’ll find thousands of convenience, grocery, and restaurant items, from ice cream and chips, to cough medicine and dog food, to spice rubs and packaged desserts from the local restaurants you love on DoorDash. DashMart stores are owned, operated, and curated by DoorDash.”

    The DoorDash app shows the categories that DashMart offers, including but not limited to, Household, Personal Care, Medicine, Baby, Pet Care, and more. It also boasts that you’ll receive your order in 30 minutes or less, which is faster than most grocery delivery apps will promise you.

    The DoorDash app, under DashMart, showed a few promotions such as:

    “Get 20% off (up to $5) on your first order of $15 or more from this store.”


    “Get $0 delivery fees on your order (of $15 or more) from this store.”

    They are there, I’m sure, to help encourage people to give DashMart a try. Who doesn’t love zero delivery fees? I’d give it a shot for that.

    It is not made clear where their warehouses would be that would house the approximately 2,000 different items or how Dashers would know what to do if this pops up in their orders. I would assume the app would navigate them to the area, and I would hope that at least for a while there would be at least one person stationed there to help the Dasher with what to do.

    DoorDash also said that local businesses can partner with them to sell signature items through DashMart to help get the word out about local offerings and allow growth of those local businesses.

    Are you a Dasher in one of the pilot locations? If so, have you done any DashMart pickups? How did it go?

    -Paula @ RSG

    Paula Lemar

    Paula Lemar

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