Is it possible to lead a healthy lifestyle as a rideshare driver? We’re in our cars, sometimes for hours at a time, with few breaks and chances to stretch – let alone exercise! RSG contributor Tyler Philbrook shares how he stays healthy while on the road, plus suggestions from other drivers on how they stay healthy.

    As someone with a bunch of side hustles, I often forget to take care of my own health. I make sure my car stays in good condition, my computers keep updated with security on them, and I’m up to date on what’s going on in the news for all the different things I do.


    Unfortunately, I’m not quite as diligent when it comes to my health. While I could blame genetics, the fact is I’m not as healthy as I could be.

    Frankly, if you don’t have your health, eventually you’ll burn out and not be able to do any of it – rideshare driving, gig work, etc.

    So, how do you take care of yourself, while not slowing down? I’ll share how you can stay healthy before, during and after driving, plus share other drivers’ tips and suggestions below.

    Before You Drive

    A lot of times, we don’t think about our health until something goes wrong.

    Our back hurts from sitting for 8 hours, and we want to find a way we can sit that will help.

    If your back hurts, there are several things you can do and should look out for, according to this driver, including making sure your wallet isn’t affecting your posture, searching out better lumbar support, and stretching:

    Taking care of your back is crucial when you’re a driver – back pain is no joke and can affect you far after you’ve exited the car.

    Another thing to prepare for before you hit the road? Snacks!

    When I’m working, I forget about eating, until I’m hungry… like really hungry. At that point, I just eat whatever is fast, typically a drive through or gas station. Zero health benefits.

    To combat that, my wife and I will pack ourselves snacks before we start work for the day. Depending on how long we’ll be out, we may even have whole meals ready in the cooler.

    Once you have the food situation taken care of, make sure you have the right equipment that makes you as comfortable as possible.

    Are you “making due” with what you have? Instead, spend the money and get a more comfortable seat. Get a phone holder that’s closer to you so you don’t have to lean so much. Make sure you have a refillable water bottle,

    I prefer my Yeti, so you aren’t stopping to buy water, which will also be a temptation to get unhealthy options.

    I fill my Yeti with ice before I start work for the day, and bring several bottles of water to refill it with. Not only does this save me money, since I’m not stopping to buy drinks, but it ensures that I’m drinking only water while I’m working.

    Health While Driving

    Now that you’ve set yourself up for success while driving, you have all new things that can get in the way and affect your health.

    Making sure you have a seat that is as comfortable as possible, and has the support needed to make sure your back doesn’t hurt or cause permanent harm. Also, buying all the right things will mean nothing if you don’t use it properly. Make sure you sit correctly; don’t lean back or forward too much.

    Another thing to do is resist that sugary drink.

    Especially when doing delivery, you may want all the food and drinks that come from the restaurants that we are picking up from. The worst thing you can do is get a soda, or “just a little thing” from these places to keep you going. Stick to what you brought with you, and most important water to drink.

    A reader shared one tip I had never heard and think it’s amazing. Open the door for your passengers! This does 2 things: first, it allows you to have a chance to get out of the car and walk a little.

    Second, it makes you seem like more of a professional and could have the passenger provide more of a tip, or at the very least a 5 star rating.

    Finally, while you are out driving, take breaks. It can be hard when the requests are coming in one after another (especially when you’ve followed our advice and signed up for multiple food delivery services!), but no amount of money is worth your health.

    Every so often, just turn your apps off for 15 to 30 minutes. Go for a walk, even if it’s just around your car like a fish in a fish bowl. I personally like to stop when I’m close to a Best Buy or GameStop and see what they have.

    I build computers as a hobby, and do some gaming, so looking for deals on anything having to do with that brings me a lot of joy, as well as an excuse for a 15 minute break where I walk around.

    Take Care Of Yourself After Driving

    After sitting in the car for hours, we may want to go home and sit on our couch. Though that can be tempting, the worse thing we can do after we have been sitting all day is sit some more.

    One of our readers made a comment on Facebook about what they recommend to do. Having a foam roller is one of the best things I ever bought, and one of the things I hate the most. If you have one, you understand.

    For my wife and I, we try to do some sort of exercise as often as possible. However, like most people, we don’t actually like exercise, so we bought an exercise game for our Nintendo Switch called Ring Fit.

    The Ring Fit sounds like it would be just a game and not give too much of a workout, but trust me you can get a good workout in a very short time using this game. Sometimes I only do one level, which takes less than 10 minutes. As long as I do some sort of exercise, it helps after sitting for so long.

    What you eat is always important whether it’s while you’re working or any other time. So make sure that the food you put in while not working is also healthy.

    I’m not saying don’t ever eat pizza, or anything else you love. I’m just saying plan for it, make sure 80% of the time you eat healthy, and then you can enjoy the 20% even more.

    Finally, just like you need a short break everyday while you work, you also need a long break from everything. So, plan a vacation, take a week or two off.

    You don’t have to go anywhere, you just need to not work. Sleep in, read a book, watch that movie you haven’t had time to. Completely forget about work, focus on friends and family, and give yourself time to recover from everything.

    Final Thoughts

    Gig work can be sedentary and lonely, but it doesn’t have to be! While rideshare driving in particular can be tough on your health, there are three key ways you can improve your health as a driver, including:

    1. Planning ahead to take care of your back with lumbar support, and making sure you have plenty of water
    2. Open doors for your passengers! Not only might it help you get more tips, but it will get you out and stretching your legs
    3. Get a little exercise in when you get home! Even 10 minutes of stretching will be better for you than nothing at all – invest in a foam roller!

    How do you stay healthy as a rideshare driver?

    -Tyler @ RSG

    Tyler Philbrook

    Tyler Philbrook

    Tyler Philbrook is a part-time Rideshare driver and freelance writer focused on finding the best ways to make money while enjoying life. Published on Disease Called Debt, Saving Advice, featured on The Penny Hoarder, and a mention in Pat Flynn's Superfans book. My favorite app for rideshare driving is Waze and Gridwise.