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    Fair Promo Code

    Fair Promo Code

    The best Fair promo code is RSG100. If you’re looking for an easy way to lease a car from an app, or you need a car to drive for Uber and Lyft, then look no further than Fair. There’s a lot of options for car rentals and leases, and today we cover one of the newer companies, Fair. We’ll take a look at how Fair works, how much it costs, and more!

    Fair Promo Code

    The Fair Car App

    There are a lot of options when it comes to rideshare rentals and leases, but one of the newest options is a company called Fair.  We’ve recently teamed up with Fair to take a look at the offering and highlight what they have for drivers. Right now, you can sign up and get your Fair promo code here and save $100. You can also enter code “RSG100” at checkout for the $100 off.

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    Fair app promo code

    Fair app promo code

    Get a Car Through Uber

    Fair recently acquired Uber’s Xchange Leasing portfolio and partnered with Uber to offer rideshare vehicles to Uber drivers, and now they’re one of the go-to options for those looking to get a car to drive for Uber.

    Fair is currently available in the following locations, with plans to expand by the end of the year:

    • Arizona
    • California
    • Colorado
    • Connecticut
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Illinois
    • Massachusetts
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • North Carolina
    • Ohio
    • Pennsylvania
    • Tennessee
    • Texas
    • Virginia
    • Washington
    • Washington, DC

    They’re official partners with Uber and, if it’s available in your area, you can actually use the Uber Driver app to start your application and use Fair promo code RSG100 for $100 off.

    Alternatively, you can also download their app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store and sign in with your Uber account to find a car.  They also have cars available for non-rideshare drivers, so make sure you sign in using the Uber option of the app.

    According to the company, “Fair is trying to revolutionize the way people get access to cars by offering a way to get a car with no long-term contract.”

    Get a car for Uber using the Fair App

    Get a car for Uber using the Fair App

    Fair charges a “starting fee” of $500, so it’s definitely geared toward those who intend to drive for Uber for more than a few months. Right now, you can also use our Fair promo code “RSG100” to shave $100 off the startup fee.

    But after that, the weekly fees are substantially lower than most other options, and we found cars for as low as $120 a week or $155 a week with insurance (that’s around $170 a week after tax).

    Fair’s App Gets You a Car Through Uber

    Everything with Fair is done through their app, which is a big improvement from Uber Xchange Leasing because it allows you to browse different vehicles and do your research at home without having to go through a long process of talking to salespeople, Uber support, etc. Fair’s app allows you to view all of the contracts, terms & conditions, vehicles available, payment, reservation, use your fair app promo code and sign the contract all within the app.

    The Fair App Has A Variety of Uber Car Rentals

    Fair partners with local dealerships to provide access to local inventory to drivers, so you can pick up and maintain a car close to where you live. There is a lot of inventory right now in the app from many different brands of cars at different price points.

    The lowest price I saw was for $110/week (before taxes and insurance) for a 2016 Hyundai Accent. There were also lot of cars available at varying price points, and most of them seemed to range between $130 and $200 per week before taxes and insurance.

    Car you can rent for Uber

    Car you can rent for Uber

    Hybrids go quickly on the Fair app, so if you want to get into a Hybrid for a good price, download the app now and make sure to check often since they come and go fast within the Fair app, be patient and check the Hybrid section daily if your heart is set on a hybrid.

    Fair Car App Features & Benefits

    Using the Fair promo code also provides some nice amenities that don’t come with a typical car purchase:

    • Unlimited mileage.
    • Basic maintenance: 8x oil and filter changes per year + tire rotations.
    • Fair keeps the car under a limited warranty while you use it. (You’re still responsible for other wear and tear items like brake pads and shocks).
    • Roadside assistance is included. This includes battery, flat tire, and lockout assistance.
    • The ability to return the car with only 5 days notice.
    • Ability to bundle vehicle insurance for around $35/week.
    • Ability to return car for a full refund within 3 days* or 100 miles (whichever is first).

    *Unfortunately, the 3-day window starts when you place your order and NOT when you pick up your car, so make sure that you pick up your car asap after you place your order.

    Is Fair’s Startup Fee Worth It?

    There is a $500 start fee (plus tax, which varies by zip code). Unlike other options, this isn’t a deposit and you will never get it back. Plus the Fair promo code RSG100 gets you $100 off. This makes the startup cost a little higher than other options, but it breaks even and becomes cheaper than other options at around 4-10 weeks into driving.

    Right now, you can use our fair app promo code RSG100 to shave $100 off the top of that startup fee.

    Fair Car App ROI

    Fair Car App ROI

    The graph above shows how many weeks it would take to start saving money when compared to other rental options. For example, it would only take 4.8 weeks for Fair to save you money compared to renting from Hertz after Fair’s $500 start fee.


    • Fair start fee of $500 + weekly fee of $170.50
    • Hertz weekly fee of $284.32
    • HyreCar weekly fee of $276
    • Express Drive weekly fee of $229
    • $284.32 (Hertz) – $170.50 (Fair) = $113.50 weekly difference
    • $543 Start fee / $113.50 difference = 4.78 weeks

    How To Sign Up For Fair And Get A Uber Car Rental

    If you’re interested in getting a car through Fair, or simply just want to look at the deals available in your area there are two ways to sign up:

    Download the Fair app and login with your Uber driver details (for existing Uber drivers)

    Download the Fair app and link your Uber driver account via Uber’s API, upload your driver’s license.

    Note: You must be an Uber driver to sign up for their rideshare rental, but you can still use your Fair car for any other rideshare service.

    Uber Car Rental - Fair App

    Uber Car Rental – Fair App

    2. Once in the app, you can browse the cars that are available. There were around 350 cars available for Uber for me when I browsed cars.

    1. Selection varies between Fuel Efficient, Sedan, Hybrid, or SUV.
    2. You can also filter by price, distance, and color of vehicles.
    3. Hybrids go quickly. So if there aren’t any available, check back a day later. Fair’s inventory gets updated every 24 hours.
    Rent a car to drive for Uber

    Rent a car to drive for Uber

    3. Once you pick the car you like in the app, hit “Next” and then add our Fair promo code “RSG100” to save $100 on the start fee. After that, tap on “Start Order” to get to the next screen. From here, you’ll have to provide a bank account or debit card to go to the next step. Fair won’t charge you until you sign for the vehicle in the app toward the end.

    Review screen after applying code RSG100


    4. You can sign up for Fair’s insurance since it’s relatively cheap for full coverage or you can also insure through an agent who specializes in rideshare insurance.

    5. Sign for the car in the app and go pick up your car!

    Insuring Your Fair Uber Car Rental

    Fair requires your vehicle to have full coverage insurance. You can get qualified, purchase and bundle this through the Fair app for about $35 a week. You can also cover the Fair vehicle using your preferred insurance provider as long as it meets their insurance standards.

    Here are the stats on Fair’s Insurance:

    • Coverage Type:                                            Limit/Deductible
    • Bodily Injury Liability:                                 $50,000 / person and $100,000 / accident.
    • Property Damage Liability:                         $50,000 / accident.
    • Comprehensive & Collision:                        Fair Vehicle value / $500 deductible.
    • Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist:         $50,000 / person / $100,000 / accident.
    • Medical Payments Coverage:                      $5,000

    You can also get your own insurance as long as it meets Fairs requirements:

    • Must be “full coverage” insurance.
    • Bodily injury liability insurance with at least the minimum limits required by law.
    • Property damage liability insurance of at least the minimum coverage as required by law.
    • Collision and Comprehensive for the Fair vehicle’s full value (max deductible of $1,000)
    • Any other type of coverage, such as uninsured motorist coverage as required by law.

    If you want to explore other options, you can checkout our rideshare insurance page for drivers. I think Fair’s insurance is very competitive at $35/week, especially when you use the Fair promo code RSG100. However, I would personally shop around before making the final decision.

    Is the Fair Car App a Lease or a Rental?

    It may not seem like a big deal at first, but classifying this as a rental or a lease makes a big difference come tax time. The IRS allows for a business owner to use the Standard Mileage Deduction of $0.545 per business mile for vehicles that are leased (in lieu of deducting the actual costs of the car). And for rideshare drivers, the Standard Mileage Deduction often beats out deducting actual expenses at tax time (by a very large margin).

    Read: Rideshare Deductions Explained

    It’s not immediately clear whether or not Fair’s promo code is a lease or rental, so I would personally assume for now that it will be classified as a rental to be conservative. We reached out to Fair for comment but they told us that “Each driver should consult their own tax advisors, as each state will have its own rules on what is a lease or rental.”

    It may very well be considered a lease in your state since you are required to put your name on the registration, initiate a start payment, pay for occasional, non-basic maintenance, and even obtain full coverage insurance on the vehicle. It’s worth checking and talking to a tax advisor to find out.

    Need a rideshare CPA? Fill out this form and we’ll have one of our recommended agents contact you!

    Most full-time drivers put more than 50,000 miles on their car per year, and that results in a $27,500 tax write off. So anytime you rent, you’ll probably end up paying more in taxes at the end of the year since you won’t be able to capitalize on that massive deduction.

    Fair is Currently the Cheapest Car Rental for Uber

    Most rental options come out to something between $217 and $300 a week or more before taxes, fees, and insurance. On top of that, options like Hertz and Express Drive often have a limited vehicle inventory that leads to drivers getting “stuck in” a car they don’t prefer.

    Fair seems to be having success with inventory because they figured out a way to get dealerships to sign up as partners. This is a big deal because it has created a larger market of vehicles from which to choose. This dealership partnership model also helps with getting the vehicle serviced or repaired under warranty.

    And even though Fair has partnered with Uber, it does look like you can still drive for other services.  The $500 upfront cost will be tough to swallow for some drivers, but if you know you’re going to be driving for at least a few months, the low weekly fee clearly makes up for it. Plus our Fair promo code RSG100 gets you $100 off the start fee. This isn’t a rental for part-time drivers though, so if you’re going to use Fair, make sure that you are ready to drive!

    Readers, have you heard of or tried Fair? If not, would this be something you would try?

    Click here to download the Fair App and get $100 off your Fair car rental (or enter Fair promo code “RSG100” at checkout).

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