Five Rideshare Referral Programs That Can Make You More Money

There are a lot of drivers out there who see rideshare as a very simple operation. You pick someone up at point A and then drop him or her off at point B. But in reality, there is so much more to being a driver.

I have lots of helpful information for the drivers who are just doing this casually or to make a few extra bucks here and there. But my target audience has always been people who are looking to really make the most out of this opportunity.

There are new on demand/gig economy companies getting funded every day and they are all scaling very rapidly. And one of the tools that they have all been using to grow is a robust driver and passenger referral program. Today, I’m going to highlight five referral programs that I think every driver should be a part of since they’re going to put more money in your pocket.

1.  Sidecar – $100 For Every New Driver

Sidecar isn’t in every major city yet but I think their referral program holds the most potential for drivers. There is still a lot of opportunity to recruit new Lyft and Uber drivers but the reason why I like Sidecar is because it’s so easy to find existing Uber/Lyft drivers (who haven’t signed up with Sidecar yet).  Sidecar is also expanding their delivery service pretty rapidly and recently announced a huge partnership to deliver weed in San Francisco so there is no shortage of work for drivers!

If you’re looking for people to refer, there are literally hundreds of rideshare Facebook groups out there with thousands of members.  And while I don’t recommend you go spamming these groups, there are lots of more subtle ways you can go about recruiting drivers. Start developing relationships with some of these people and then slowly pitch them on the idea of signing up with Sidecar.  Alternatively, if you take Uber/Lyft as a passenger a lot (which you should be doing anyways), you can always pitch them there.

I actually signed up for Sidecar before it was even officially live in Orange County and started referring new drivers before I even gave my first ride. So just because a service isn’t live in your city yet, don’t let that stop you from trying to refer new drivers or passengers.

Sidecar’s current referral program will give you $100 and the person you refer $100 after they complete 10 rides.  If you’d like to sign up using my code (HARRY86), please click here.

2.  Postmates – $10 Delivery Credit For Every New Passenger

To put it bluntly, Postmates’ driver referral program sucks. But they are offering $10 in delivery credit for every new customer that you refer (the new customer also gets $10 in credit). There’s a lot of opportunity here because most customers have never heard of Postmates and if you’re an existing driver, you will have lots of opportunities to pitch Postmates to your riders.

It’s an easy pitch too since if you’re already taking a passenger on Uber/Lyft they are pretty much the target demographic for Postmates. Someone who’s already using an on demand rideshare service is going to be a lot more likely to sign up for an on demand food delivery service. $10 in free credit should just about cover almost all deliveries too.

Once you create a customer account with Postmates, you will earn $10 in delivery credit for each person you refer (they will also get $10 in credit).  If you’d like to sign up using my code (m6mng), please click here.

3.  YourMechanic – $20 Off New Customer’s First Service

You guys probably know by now that I’m a big fan of YourMechanic and they are one of my only advertising partners for a reason: they are an awesome company. For those who don’t know though, they are sort of like the Uber of mechanics and they will send licensed, highly trained mechanics to your home or business.

I know many of you have already signed up and tried them out, but what you may not know is that they also have a pretty neat referral program. Once you’ve signed up and done your first appointment, you’ll be given a special referral link that will allow you to refer new clients. For every person you refer, they’ll get $20 off their first service and you’ll get $20 in credit with YourMechanic.  This is actually the exact same deal that I have with them.

The thing I really like about this program is that since you’re getting credit instead of cash, that money is actually tax free.  So in reality, you’re earning more than $20 cash (here’s why).  And unlike rider credit with Uber or Lyft, we’re all going to need things like oil changes and maintenance on our cars at some point.

Right now, new customers can get $20 off their first service with the code ‘RSG15‘.  That means you can get an oil change at your home or business for only $20!

4.  Viewswagen – 5% of Driver’s Earnings Forever

A lot of you have been asking me about Viewswagen but for those who don’t know they are a new company that is helping drivers earn more money through rideshare ads. I’ll be doing a full review in the next few weeks but these aren’t your traditional taxi-cab ads.  They are a mix of news, information, and more with geo-based ads thrown in. Imagine being able to show a Budweiser ad to a group of party-goers right before you drop them off at a bar. That is worth a lot of money to advertisers and they are willing to pay big bucks for it which drivers in turn can capitalize from.

Viewswagen is one of the first companies to offer this service for drivers and they have a limited time referral program in place where you will get 5% of the monthly earnings for any new drivers you sign up in perpetuity (as long as you both remain active partners with Viewswagen)!

Most of these referral programs end once you refer the new driver but this one stands out because it could potentially go on forever.  You’ll want to sign up for this deal and start referring drivers ASAP though since this deal ends on May 31st.

If you’d like to use my code (RSG5) to sign up and start referring drivers yourself, please click here.

5.  Sherpashare – $20 For Every 5 Drivers You Refer

Sherpashare is a free analytics and income tracking tool that every driver should sign up for.  They just released a new iPhone app and completely re-vamped their online dashboard too.  If you’d like to learn more about the company, I actually interviewed their co-founder Ryder Pearce last year and did a full review of the service.

Their current referral program offers $20 for every 5 drivers you refer who sign up and integrate at least one service.  I like this referral program a lot because not only are you promoting a good service but it’s also free for drivers to sign up.  The sign-up process is pretty quick and easy too.

If you’d like to use my affiliate link to sign up and start referring your friends, please click here.

If you’d like a full list of all the available referral programs that I’m a part of, please check out my promo codes page.

Readers what do you think about these five referral programs?  Are you using any of them to earn additional income or are there ones that I left out?

-Harry @ RSG