If you’re tired of hauling people around, try food delivery instead.

Deliver Food with DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, Instacart, or Caviar.

Is food delivery right for you?

Read our most popular food delivery articles to find out:

The Best Food Delivery Companies To Work For [Updated for 2020]

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It’s never been a better time to drive for delivery companies right now. People are becoming more accustomed to ordering online, it’s pretty cheap for customers, and for drivers, it’s…

10 Things That Food Delivery Drivers Should Have In Their Car

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If You Drive For Uber Eats... Postmates, Doordash, Grubhub, Bite Squad, or any other food delivery service, it takes some experience to realize that you need some items to make…
RSG contributor Ezra Dubroff outlines a typical day of driving for multiple delivery apps, including his total payout.

Driving for Multiple Food Delivery Apps at the Same Time

| Caviar, Delivery, Doordash, Food delivery, Postmates, UberEATS | 20 Comments
Considering working for and driving for multiple delivery apps like Uber Eats, Postmates, Doordash, Grubhub, and Caviar at the same time? It can be a profitable way to make more…

5 Reasons Why Delivery Trumps Rideshare Driving

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Harry here.  Although Uber and Lyft are still growing at a furious pace, 2015 has seen the explosion of delivery services!  Companies like DoorDash are rumored to be valued at…


DoorDash is one of the best gig jobs to earn money on the side.

Thinking of driving for delivery service DoorDash? Check out these tips from Dash, a new writer who shares his secrets of maximizing DoorDash cash!

Doordash Tips n’ Tricks: How To Maximize Your DoorDash Cash [2020]

| Delivery, Doordash, Doordash Featured, Popular Articles | 32 Comments
Over the past four years, DoorDash extraordinaire and RSG contributor Dash Bridges has shared his strategies for signing up with, delivering for, and maximizing earnings with DoorDash. On this Throwback…

Is Driving For Doordash Worth It? My Experience Being a Dasher [2020]

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Is it still worth it to drive for DoorDash in 2020? Senior RSG contributor and Dasher pro Dash Bridges shares his DoorDash driver review of how DoorDashing has changed over…

What It’s Like to Deliver Doordash With a Friend or Family

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Have you ever wished you could deliver food with a friend? It sounds great: go out with your friend or spouse, pick up food, chat, maybe earn more than you…
After a year of driving for DoorDash, guest poster Dash has a wealth of information to share with us about best days to drive, hourly earnings, and more!

I Made $10,378 in 1 Year Working for DoorDash Part Time

| Delivery, Doordash, Doordash Featured | 23 Comments
Driving for delivery services like DoorDash can be surprisingly profitable.  Today, RSG contributor Dash Bridges returns to break down all the numbers from his first year of driving for DoorDash.…

My First Delivery With DoorDash

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As you guys know, I signed up for DoorDash a few weeks ago and after I went through orientation, I actually signed on and did my first delivery with DoorDash…

Uber Eats

Similar to DoorDash, it's the meal delivery gig job version of Uber.

How Delivery Insurance Works For Uber Eats & DoorDash Drivers

| Delivery, Rideshare Insurance, UberEats Featured | 5 Comments
Delivery app work is becoming increasingly popular with rideshare drivers and each app provides a different level of insurance coverage to its drivers. A rideshare insurance policy covers you while…

Uber Eats Driver Review: Top Tips to Know Before Joining

| Delivery, UberEATS, UberEats Featured | 11 Comments
Uber has been aggressively rolling out Uber Eats over the past few months and many drivers have e-mailed us with questions. Today, contributor Ezra Dubroff shines some light on what…
Are you considering becoming a delivery driver, for UberEATS, Instacart, DoorDash or any of the other numerous courier services? You may be concerned about hangry people yelling at you if you make a mistake - we all know it happens! Today, we have another guest post from Carla D. Laskey about one of her worst UberEATS delivery experiences, how she handled it, and tips for handling that and other difficult UberEATS delivery scenarios.

How to Handle a Difficult UberEATS Delivery Encounter

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Are you considering becoming a delivery driver, for UberEATS, Instacart, DoorDash or any of the other numerous courier services? You may be concerned about hangry people yelling at you if you…
One thing I’ve always liked about ridesharing, delivery, etc. is the freedom and flexibility it offers to let people make money on their own terms. Is ridesharing or delivery for everyone? No. Should everyone drive rideshare/delivery full-time? No. But is it a terrific option for people to do in their free time to earn some extra cash, pursue their interests and/or pay off bills? I think so. Today, we have a guest post from Carla D. Laskey about why she drives for UberEATS only and how PIE was a part of her decision.

Good Ole PIE Is The Reason Why I Prefer UberEATS Only!

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One thing I’ve always liked about ridesharing, delivery, etc. is the freedom and flexibility it offers to let people make money on their own terms. Is ridesharing or delivery for…


With Postmates, you might deliver spicy food, then a few hours later, deliver antacids to the same address.

Updated Postmates Referral Codes for Drivers

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Get your Postmates Driver Referral Code & Postmates Sign Up Bonus here: https://therideshareguy.com/Drive/Postmates Driving delivery is an integral component to many drivers’ strategies, as driving rideshare + delivery can maximize…

Postmates Driver Review & Pay: How Much Money Did I Make?

| Delivery, Driving Experience, Postmates, Postmates Featured | 254 Comments
Postmates and Doordash are the top two delivery companies right now. In today's article, I'll review my experience as a Postmates Driver. Sign Up With Postmates | Sign Up for DoorDash |…
What's it like really driving for Postmates? We sent Dash out to try delivering for Postmates - and it didn't go so well...

Dash Goes Postal: An Experiment Working for Postmates

| Delivery, Postmates, Postmates Featured | 12 Comments
Harry here.  When it comes to delivery, there are a lot of options to choose from.  Today, resident DoorDash expert Dash Bridges is back to describe his (brief) foray into…

Maximizing Your Income With Postmates

| Delivery, Income, Postmates, Postmates Featured | 34 Comments
It's been a while since my last Postmates article but I wanted to take some time and do some more thinking about ways that drivers can really maximize their income.…

Everything You Need To Know About Postmates On-boarding

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Just want to sign up for Postmates?  Click here to sign up if you'd like to use my affiliate link. In my last article, I gave a thorough introduction to Postmates and…

10 Things I Learned At My Postmates Orientation

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Just want to sign up for Postmates?  Click here to sign up using my affiliate link. New Postmates customers can also get $10 free when they sign up.  All you have…


A flexible work schedule and the ability to get paid instantly.

Become a Caviar Courier – How To Sign Up & Get Your Bonus

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Tired of driving for Uber and Lyft and want to try something that doesn't involve shuttling around people? You might be interested in Caviar, a food delivery service. Senior RSG…
What's Caviar and can you make more driving for delivery than Uber or Lyft? Christian gives us a behind the scenes look at his first few deliveries.

Caviar Driver – What’s It Like To Be a Courier for Caviar?

| Caviar, Caviar featured, Delivery, Review | 37 Comments
Harry here.  If all you've ever done is rideshare, you could be missing out on a whole different experience with delivery.  Today, senior RSG contributor Christian Perea talks about his…
Considering becoming a Caviar courier and wondering how much they make? We did the work for you - and you'll be surprised by how much you can make!

How Much Do Caviar Drivers Make? (Here’s My Earnings Report)

| Caviar, Caviar featured, Delivery | 3 Comments
Harry here.  There's no shortage of companies that you can work for in the on demand economy but Caviar is one that is expanding rapidly and hiring lots of new couriers.…