Friday Rideshare Roundup: Would California Really Shut Down Uber, Lyft and Sidecar? #Roundup #uber #Lyft #Ridesharing #rideshare

    Most weeks are pretty exciting in the rideshare world and this week was no different.  Apparently, California is trying to pass some laws that would actually shut down TNC’s completely.  I seriously doubt this would happen but it does show the power of the taxi industry.

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    Taxis have skated along with horrible customer service and poor pricing for years now.  But instead of trying to fix those things, they’re turning their vitriol and hatred to TNC’s like Uber and Lyft and paying lobbyists to pass absurd laws like this one.  I don’t blame them, but it’s a little too late in my book.  They had their chance and they blew it.  But apparently they’re not going to go down without a fight. Bring it on.

    California Threatens To Shut Down Uber, Lyft, Sidecar Over Airport Rides – Seeing as the big three TNC’s all started in California, this was probably the biggest story of the week.  I really don’t understand why regulators and lawmakers are so unwilling to work with the TNC’s though.  It should be clear by now that the people prefer TNC’s over taxi’s so make it a level playing field and let the people decide.

    How not to solve the ride-sharing industry’s insurance gap – This article is a great lead in to my Wednesday podcast that will be all about insurance and TNC’s.  I understand why insurers don’t want to insure us (since we’re out driving more than the average driver) under a personal policy so I think eventually everyone will reach a happy medium.

    Video: Rideshare Wars: Uber, Lyft & Sidecar | EBTN #2 – This is an awesome video by PBS and a reporter named Steve.  The video is kind of a parody but they do actually interview the CEO’s of Uber and Lyft.  The ending is pretty funny too.

    Miami cops impound Lyft cars in ride-sharing sting – In a bit of irony, after Uber made a big deal about adding Miami to its cities list, a bunch of Lyft drivers were actually cited in Miami.  I think this is a complete waste of taxpayer’s money.  Is it really necessary to use undercover cops to perform a sting operation on Lyft drivers?  Give me a break.

    New Ride-Sharing App Hitch Tries To Pair You With A Driver… And Other Passengers – I definitely like the idea behind Hitch since it combines multiple fares and the app calculates the route for drivers.  But the prices are already pretty low, I’m not sure how many people are going to be willing to share a ride for a few blocks just to save a couple bucks.

    Sidecar Introduces Back to Back Rides – Out of the big three, Sidecar appears to me as the most willing to adapt to driver and passenger needs.  Unfortunately, the service just isn’t nearly as popular as the other two.

    You can read more interesting articles here.

    Readers, what do you think about this week’s rideshare stories?  Are you worried about TNC’s getting shut down in California or your car getting impounded?


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