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    GetUpside Promo Code WQ8JR

    GetUpside Promo Code “WQ8JR” gets you the biggest bonus

    Click here to download GetUpside app and unlock your signup bonus. Or download GetUpside in the app store and enter promo code WQ8JR.

    GetUpside Promo

    If you want to save money on gas, you can use GetUpside Promo Code WQ8JR to save up to 45¢/gal off at major stations all around the U.S. Plus you can use this app to save 15% on your groceries, up to 35% at restaurants. Get your signup bonus when you download the GetUpside app from the app store and enter promo code WQ8JR, or by clicking this link.

    How to enter your code in the GetUpside app

    1. When you open GetUpside for the first time, the app will ask you for a promo code
    2. Enter the code WQ8JR and click submit
    3. If the app doesn’t ask you for a promo code, proceed to the next step
    4. To add a promo code in the app, click profile in the Main Menu
    5. Then click “edit” next to where it says promo code
    6. Enter the promo code WQ8JR and click submit and you’ll get up to 45¢/gal cash back

    Download GetUpside

    What is GetUpside?

    Gas prices are the highest they’ve ever been in history. That’s why cash back apps like GetUpside, to help you find the best gas deals near you. GetUpside is the best gas cashback app that I’ve been able to find. It’s completely free to use and this app can help you save money on every gallon of gas you buy.

    When you open the GetUpside app, on the home screen you’ll see a map that shows you all of the local businesses in your area that are offering great deals. The app works because businesses get more customers in the door, and you (the customer) get cash back on all the gas and food you buy.  So it’s a win-win for everyone.

    Here’s the benefits of GetUpside:

    • GetUpside gives you cash back on up to 50 gallons of gas per day at participating gas stations
    • You can save up to 45¢/gal by using this app
    • GetUpside app tells you where to go for the cheapest gas near you and gives you driving directions right in the app
    • GetUpside also has deals at restaurants, grocery stores, mechanics, car washes and more

    I like using the GetUpside app cause it gives me great deals on gas, groceries, and restaurants in my area. You can read my full review of the GetUpside app here. If you try GetUpside and end up liking it, I think you’ll also like the Ibotta promo code too, because it’s another really popular cashback app that you can use to get cash back at 300+ major stores nationwide like Walmart and Target.

    After you enter your promo code on GetUpside, you’ll earn cash back when you fill up your tank with regular, mid-grade, premium, or diesel fuel. The app actually tells you where to go for the deals. All you gotta do it open the app and use the map to find deals.

    After finding a deal at a gas station near you, just click on the offer and then click redeem. Then you have to go pump gas. So after you visit the gas station and fill up your tank, make sure to print your receipt and submit a picture of the receipt in the app.

    After you submit your receipt, voila, you’ll get cash added to your account straight away! After your receipt is checked and approved, of course. Then just cash out the dollars you earned either to a gift card or straight to your paypal account and that’s it. Signing up is extremely quick, and the app is so easy to use, there’s nothing to lose.

    How much cashback can you get with the promo code?

    The GetUpside app is partnered with all the major brands of gas stations, groceries, and restaurants nationwide. The exclusive partnerships allows GetUpside to give exclusive discounts and deals to users of the app. Here’s the type of savings you can earn from the app after entering a GetUpside promo code like WQ8JR:

      • You’ll get up to 45¢/gal cash back at more than 5,000+ gas stations in 49 states including gas from all the big brands like Shell, BP, Exxon, Marathon, Valero, Mobil, Circle K, and Sunoco, just to name a few
      • You’ll get up to 15% cash back at grocery stores nationwide including convenience stores like 7-11. If that’s something you enjoy, then you’ll also enjoy the Fetch Rewards referral code
      • You’ll also get up to 35% cash back at restaurants from places like Popeye’s, Papa John’s, Wendy’s and Burger King
    GetUpside App Promo Code

    GetUpside App Promo Code

    So how’s the Getupside app work anyways?

    To use GetUpside, all you need is your phone and a car that needs gas. Like we discussed in our previous articles like the Dosh referral code article, there’s really no limit on how much you can earn when you use an app like this. Plus, you can also use the Get Upside promo code with all the other coupons, discounts, and loyalty programs you’re already a part of which allows you to stack savings! I know that excited all you couponers out there.

    Here’s the steps to using GetUpside:

    1. First download the GetUpside app from the app store
    2. Next, enter your GetUpside promo code in the app (code: WQ8JR)
    3. Then look through the app to find and claim an offer for the best gas price in your area
    4. When you get to the gas station, pay for the gas at the pump using any credit or debit card
    5. Once you’re done pumping gas, take a photo of your receipt and upload it into the app
    6. The receipt will be reviewed and approved, then cash will be added to your account, then you can cash out whenever you want to your paypal or one of the dozens of available gift cards

    By using GetUpside your basically going to make money by doing something you already do on a regular basis anyways (buying gas), so there’s really nothing to lose. Not every city has incredible deals so at worst you’ll download the app, see there aren’t any great deals in your area, then you’ll delete the app and never think about it again.

    Download GetUpside

    Sign up bonus included.

    How much does using GetUpside allow you to earn?

    It’s easy to calculate your potential savings from using the GetUpside app.

    First, figure out how many times you fill-up your car’s tank per month.

    • For example, I fill up my car 4 times per month

    Next, multiply your number of fill ups by the amount of gallons you usually buy when your filling up your car.

    • For example, I usually buy 15 gallons of gas every time I fill-up

    So if I buy 15 gallons per fill up and I multiple that by 4 fill ups per month then that equals to 60 gallons, so on average I usually buy about 60 gallons of gas per month.

    Now I’m going to multiply that number by the average dollar amount that GetUpside users usually save, which is up to 45¢/gal.

    • So if I buy 60 gallons of gas per month and I multiply that by 45¢/gal, then that equals $27 per month

    So $27/month is how much I’ll potentially be earning every month.

    I can also multiply that number times 12 months per year to get my yearly savings.

    • $27 savings/earnings per month multiplied by 12 months per year is equal to $324 in potential savings per year

    And that doesn’t even include the sign up bonus I got by signing up. So you can see why I’m using the GetUpside app, it’s because I’m going to save about $324 per year.

    GetUpside User Testimonials

    GetUpside is one of the most popular cash back apps on the market today. It consistently ranks at the top of the app store and has been downloaded by tens of millions of people already. The GetUpside app has more than 50,000 ratings and an average of 4.7 stars in the Apple and Google app stores, which means that people really love using this app.

    And just like we mentioned about the Freebird app, you can also use a promo code in the Getupside app to make even more money from this app. When you use GetUpside, you’re basically making money for doing nothing. You can use GetUpside to take advantage of all the cash back for purchases you make at major gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores nationwide.

    GetUpside is partnered with thousands of businesses and the app is available at more than 10,000 locations nationwide, making it one of if not thee largest cash back app currently available. And if you still have any doubts about the app, let me clear them up for you.>

    You might be wondering how this app makes money. Well, businesses pay GetUpside to be listed in the app as a partner, and these businesses get more customers to purchase gas, and the customer gets a better deal on gas.

    So the business makes money, the user/customer makes money, and GetUpside makes money. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved because the businesses get more customers in the door and the customers get to save money on essential purchases like gas and food.

    I encourage you to go read reviews about the app on the app store to see what I’m talking about. Here’s an actual testimonial that I pulled from the app store:

    “Honestly, this app funds my video games and beer. The app is super easy to use and my wife and I are able to use the money for eating out and other hobbies. Overall I recommend everyone download and use this app to make money doing what they’re already doing!”

    And here’s another testimonial that one of our fans recently emailed me

    “I’m an Uber Diamond driver in the Washington DC and in over 9 months I have acculated over 2,300 rides with Uber and 480 with Lyft. I enjoy your blog. I’ve also gotten close to $50 from getupside app and I used you referral code 🙂 Thanks, -Kenn”

    Getting started with GetUpside’s promo code

    Signing up for GetUpside is as easy as pie. To get started, click here to download the app on either the Apple App store or Google App store. After you download it, open the app and create an account with either your Gmail account, Facebook account, or by creating a new account with an email address and password.

    Then after you log in, the app will ask you to enable your location, then it’ll ask you to enter your GetUpside promo code (WQ8JR), and then after that you’re ready to start looking for deals.

    On the homescreen of the app you’ll see a map of all the partnering locations in your area including gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores in your area. Whether you’re looking for food or gas, just click on whichever business you want to visit and you’ll see the different deals being offered by that establishment and the amount of cash back that they are offering. After you find a deal that you like, just claim the offer by clicking the Claim button and you’re ready to go make your purchase and get your cash back.

    How to claim offers in the Getupside app

    There’s a few more steps involved if you want to claim an offer and get your cash back. Not only do you need to enter a GetUpside promo code like “WQ8JR” to get the best deals in the app, but in order for your transaction to be approved you’ll also need to submit a picture of your receipt in the app to complete the process.

    After you claim an offer in the app, you’ll have 4 hours to go make your purchase and submit your receipt. If you buy gas and want to get cash back, then you will need to have the following information visible on the receipt:

    1. Date and time of the purchase
    2. Address of the gas station
    3. The number of gallons of gas that were purchased
    4. The last four digits of your credit or debit card should also be visible on the app

    To make sure your transaction gets approved as fast as possible, take a high quality picture of the receipt in a brightly lit room against a dark background and make sure your receipt is not crinkled, crumpled, or folded.

    To make the GetUpside support team’s job easier, make sure all the information on your receipt is clearly visible so that your submission doesn’t get rejected. GetUpside deals with a lot of scammers and fraudsters so if they reject your transaction then don’t take it personally because they’re just doing their job. Oh hey, and I have good news! GetUpside is starting to roll out a new feature where you don’t even have to upload a receipt. If you see a blue check in badge next to a gas station on the GetUpside app, then that means that you are not required to upload a picture of your receipt. To take advantage of this, first link your credit or debit card inside the GetUpside app, in the “My Wallet” tab in the main menu. After linking your card, go to the homescreen and look for gas stations that have the blue badge, then just claim your offer and check in when you get to the gas station. Then once you’re finished making your purchase your transaction will be automatically approved and cash back will be added to your account, no receipt upload necessary! But just keep in mind that this is a very new feature that’s not available everywhere yet, so most of you will still need to upload a receipt.

    Cashing out your earnings

    The great thing about GetUpside is that you can cash out your cash back whenever you want, there’s no limits or minimums. Whether you have $3 or $100 in the app does not matter. If you’re ready to cash out, just click the dollar amount in the top right corner of the app and then choose the gift card that you want, or you can choose PayPal or Check as your cash out option.

    One of the best parts of this app is that cashing out is free as long as you’ve hit the minimum earnings, OR when someone you’ve referred starts using the app. It’s all free without fees, so if you haven’t already, download the GetUpside app and starting earning cash back today.

    GetUpside’s referral program

    Once you’re comfortable with using the app, and if you enjoy using the app, then I recommend referring your friends and family because you get paid when you get other people to join the app.

    By sharing your referral link, you’ll get rewarded for bringing other users to the app. All you have to do is visit the “Free Gas” tab in the app and click the share button. You can share you link via text, email, etc. Then when someone uses your referral link, you’ll get paid 1¢ for every gallon of gas that they buy, and you’ll get an extra 15¢/gal bonus after they use the app for the first time.

    Is GetUpside legit?

    Yes, GetUpside is legit. We did a deep investigation of this app that you can read here: Getupside app review.

    After we did our investigation, we found everything to be legit. We were able to successfully use the app to get some great deals on gas in our area. We were also able to cash out our earnings as soon as we wanted. GetUpside might sound too good to be true, but it actually works. The “cash back app” business model is not new, there’s plenty of cash back apps out there. So GetUpside is not pioneering anything crazy, they’re just taking an established business model and using it for gas and food. If you’re still not convinced, you might feel better knowing that GetUpside is a U.S. based company with offices in Washington DC, Chicago, and Austin TX. So this isn’t some fly-by-night company that’s going to scam you. They’re a legit company that values their users.

    Is GetUpside free?

    Yes, GetUpside is a completely free app that you can download from the app store. You will incur no additional charges from using GetUpside.

    Can GetUpside be combined with other deals?

    Yes, you can continue to use your gas station card in combination with the GetUpside app. But you won’t get the full cash back amount that’s advertised in the app, the amount yo get will be reduced to account for the other card or promotion that you’re claiming.

    Apps like GetUpside

    Just like GetUpside, there’s another app called GasBuddy that has a cash back program too. They’re pretty similar, so we’ve taken the liberty of publishing a gasbuddy vs getupside article that compares the two for your conveience. Both of these apps offer cash back on, so which one is better? You’ll have to read the article to find out.

    Download GetUpside

    Additional sign up bonus included.

    Want even more cash back? Here’s a list of the best cash back apps:

    • Freebird app – cash back on all of your Uber and Lyft rides.
    • Ibotta app – cash back at 300+ major stores like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.
    • Fetch Rewards app – cash back at grocery stores and convenience stores.
    • Rakuten app – get cash back shopping online or in-store at thousands of stores, including Amazon, Target and Kohl’s.

    We recommend trying out these other cash back apps because they’re all different and you might prefer one app over another, and apps will differ by location too.

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