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    As drivers, one of our biggest expenses is gas. But what if there was a way for you to save money on gas, quickly and easily? Today, senior RSG contributor Paula Gibbins shares how you can save more with GetUpside vs GasBuddy.


    GetUpside App

    As rideshare drivers, we fill our cars with gas… A LOT. If there are ways to save money when doing that, why wouldn’t we at least try it out? Today I’m going to compare GetUpside versus GasBuddy. What features do they have that overlap? How are they different?

    GetUpside is a cash back app that anyone can install and use to save up to 25¢ per gallon at the gas pump. GetUpside is currently offering an additional 15¢ per gallon sign up bonus which you can redeem using this GetUpside promo code. GetUpside is a US based company that partners with some of the biggest gas, grocery, and restaurant brands in the nation, making it easy to earn cash back.

    The app is free to use and available across the U.S. You can search for available locations in the app or on their website.

    GetUpside is currently in more than 10,000 locations nationwide. You can find a full list of all the states GetUpside is available in here.

    If you’d like to learn more about the GetUpside app, you can ready my GetUpside review article.

    In addition to saving money at the pump with GetUpside, you can also earn cash back by eating at certain participating restaurants. Again, the opportunities depend on your market – here in Minneapolis, the only restaurant I can earn cash back at is Burger King. However, in other cities like DC for example, you can earn cash back at restaurants like Qdoba and Papa John’s pizza.

    When you log into the app, you see a map of nearby gas stations as well as their current gas prices and how much of a discount you can earn when gassing up there:

    Getupside App Screenshot

    With GetUpside, when you’re ready to cash out your earnings, you can choose between gift card options. When I used it, my options looked a bit like this:

    GetUpside cashing out

    As you can see in the video below, you can also cash out to PayPal or wait for them to mail you a check.

    You can sign up for GetUpside using our exclusive referral link which earns you an extra 15¢ per gallon sign up bonus.


    GasBuddy helps you find the best gas prices in your area or nearby. It also boasts that you can save 5 cents per gallon on every fill-up nationwide.

    GasBuddy is free to join and is accepted at gas stations across the nation. Learn how to use it with this video posted on GasBuddy’s website:


    If you want to earn more savings, you can join GasBuddy Plus or GasBuddy Premium for a monthly fee.

    According to their website, Pay with GasBuddy offers major fuel savings on every gallon of gas you pump. When you join Pay with GasBuddy for free, you will save 5¢ per gallon on every fill-up. Keep an eye out for additional seasonal and station specific promotions throughout the year to save even more at the pump!

    It goes with saying that you can use your Pay with GasBuddy card at 95% of the fuel stations nationwide – however, some small, local, retailers may not accept the Pay with GasBuddy card. All major fuel retailers accept the Pay with GasBuddy card with the exception of the following brands: Exxon Mobil, BJs, Costco, Sam’s Club, H-E-B, Select Walmart stations, Select Arco Stations.

    They also feature something called GasBack, where you earn discounts on gas when you do your everyday shopping. Here’s a peek at how it works:

    GasBuddy’s website also says that you’ll use your Pay with GasBuddy card to purchase gas at the pump. In addition to redeeming your GasBack, the card saves you an extra 5¢ on every gallon. It’s completely free, requires no paperwork or credit check, and is the one gas card accepted at almost any station in the U.S.

    Check if GasBuddy is available near you! You can search by county and city to find the best prices near you or near your work. It even shows you reviews of your local gas stations, so if you want great service, you’ll know where to go.

    Users can update the gas prices, so you know it’s what you’ll be paying before you arrive. The website and app both show how long ago the price was updated. Here’s what I see when I look at my city:

    If you’re traveling and not familiar with the area, you can enter in nearby cities to find the best prices along your trip.

    GasBuddy features other gas tools to help you decide where to get your gas. One is a chart that shows the historical gas price data so you know if the gas prices tend to spike during a certain time of year so you can better plan your trips to the gas station. They also have a gas map that shows the average prices across the U.S.:

    Gas price heat map

    Main Differences Between GetUpside vs GasBuddy

    1. Cash Back vs Instant Savings

    GetUpside allows you to earn cash back with your gas purchases. After earning cash at the gas station, you can either cash out to your PayPal account or choose a gift card  from a list of options.

    GasBuddy provides instant savings. It’s less tangible than being able to see cash building up and coming back to you, but if you go for instant rewards, then this is perfect for your style.

    2. Which Gas Stations Can Be Used

    GetUpside is limited by location. Where I live in Minneapolis/St. Paul, I’m limited to BP gas stations. But other parts of the nation have other options available.

    GasBuddy boasts they work with 95% of the gas stations in the nation. They say that smaller, locally owned gas stations may not accept GasBuddy.

    3. Ease of Use

    GetUpside is a little on the complicated side compared to GasBuddy. To use GetUpside, you need to choose which gas station you’re going to, “claim” it in the app, fill up at the pump and then upload your receipt to the app in order to earn your cash back.

    GasBuddy is about as simple as it gets. You swipe the GasBuddy card at the pump and you instantly earn the discounted price. The card is linked to the bank account of your choice, so you don’t have to go through a credit check

    4. Other Perks

    GetUpside also offers cash back at certain restaurants that have partnered with the app.

    In Minneapolis/St. Paul, my only option is Burger King. But in other areas of the country, such as Washgington, DC, there are other options such as Qdoba and Papa John’s Pizza.

    GasBuddy boasts unlimited savings, so you don’t have to worry about there being a cap on how much you can earn. You earn what they call GasBack on everyday purchases at participating locations such as The Home Depot, Walmart, Advance Auto Parts, Petco and Old Navy. When using GasBuddy, find offers at popular retailers in their app. Then you earn up to 10% of your purchase or a lump sum to spend on gas the next time you fill up on top of the 5 cents off you’re already getting by using your GasBuddy card at the pump.

    Which One Do I Prefer?

    Both apps are great, but I lean toward GasBuddy just because it’s more flexible for my area. It’s available at almost all gas stations, and I like the idea of instant savings. It makes planning for my day or week a bit easier, and I don’t have to bother with cashing out anything.

    I think it’s definitely worth downloading both apps and trying them both to determine which one is a better fit for you. You can sign up for GetUpside using our referral link and get an extra 15¢ per gallon sign up bonus.

    I would like to give an honorable mention to Uber’s debit card which is called GoBank. I use it at the pump every day and get instant cash back. Between my husband and I filling up our tanks, we saved $25.08 this past month alone. That adds up to some pretty big savings and it’s not directly linked to our bank account. Instead, we let our earnings for Uber go directly to the card and it can be used at more than just gas stations. For a while, we used it for an added discount on our cell phone bill until that was recently discontinued.

    One thing that would have me leaning toward GetUpside instead is that I know I can use my GoBank card to continue getting my instant cash back from GoBank while also earning the cash back from GetUpside’s discount. But, with it only being available at BP stations for me, it’s not a great option for everyday use.

    Bonus: If you have both available in your area, it is possible to double up on savings. Since GetUpside only requires a receipt for proof, you can swipe your GasBuddy card to get instant savings a the pump, plus extra cents off when you submit the receipt to GetUpside. Keep in mind, you’d have to follow the rules for GetUpside, such as claiming the gas station deal for the day and time you’re going to be filling up before doing anything else. I can’t guarantee doubling up will work, but it’s always worth a shot to save just that much more!

    Do you use GetUpside or GasBuddy? If not, make sure you sign up for GetUpside here or GasBuddy here.

    -Paula @ RSG

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