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    The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to think about how you want your life to go for the rest of the year. No pressure, right? But if you have been itching to make a change, maybe it’s time for you to choose a Plan B goal in 2020 for life after rideshare. Senior contributor Jay Cradeur shares some stories of people who left rideshare driving after setting goals for themselves in the article below.

    As it is the beginning of a new year and a new decade, it is a good time to set some goals and refocus our energies on achieving those things which are most important to us.  If you are a driver, then driving is Plan A.  Driving is what puts money in your pocket and pays the bills.


    Plan B is what you are working toward. In this article, I will share with you stories about a few drivers who turned their Plan B into a reality.  We will also go over some important distinctions which are essential to manifesting your Plan B.

    Fernando is Creating His Plan B

    About two months ago, I was picking up my drink at the local Starbucks, and this guy walks up to me and says “Are you, Jay?” It turns out, this man’s name was Fernando and he knew me from my YouTube videos for The Rideshare Guy.

    Fernando is from Brazil and he has driven for Lyft, Uber, Zum, HopSkipDrive and a few other companies. However, he also told me he has been working on his Plan B for the past five years. What is Fernando’s Plan B? A bed and breakfast on the northern coast of Brazil. He expects to have the first six units completed in July.

    Nathan the Notary-Driver

    I met Nathan in early 2019. He told me he was driving for Lyft but was also pursuing his dream of building a Mobile Notary Signing Agent company.

    That was one year ago, and you can read about how Nathan put his plan B into action here.   Now, Nathan no longer drivers for Uber or Lyft. Instead, he is a full-time Mobile Notary Signing Agent who only works Monday through Friday. He really impressed me when he told me he had one day in which he booked seven signings and earned over $1,000.  That is $1,000 in one day, not in one week.

    Not one to rest on his laurels, Nathan has now started his own Mobile Notary Signing business and works with a team of five agents (and growing) to cover all of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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    Jeremy Moved from Uber to His Plan B

    I met Jeremy at about the same time I met Nathan. Jeremy contacted me because he wanted to move from Florida to San Francisco to drive for Uber and Lyft.  During my first coaching call, I told Jeremy about Nathan. After that call, Jeremy moved to San Francisco and drove for Uber and Lyft, generating $2,500 per week,  while studying to become a Mobile Notary Signing Agent.

    Now Jeremy is a Mobile Signing Agent, and he also no longer drives for Uber or Lyft.  In between Notary appointments, Jeremy is working on building a coaching program.

    What Can We Learn From These Stories?

    Each of these drivers had a very specific plan.

    This seems to be a consistent feature of a successful Plan B. First, determine what you want. Do you want to stop driving for Uber and Lyft entirely? If so, how much money do you need to make to replace that income? How much do you need to live on?

    Then reverse engineer it so you have a series of action items that become your plan to achieve your goal. In the case of Nathan for example, in order to build a Notary Signing business, first he had to become an agent.  There are several steps that go into that, including an exam. Then once he became an agent, his next goal was to build up his volume of signings. Once he had more signings than he could handle, then he started his own company and brought on a few other agents to help with the overflow.

    Each of these drivers had a strong desire for their Plan B.

    There is a saying. If your dreams don’t scare you, you aren’t thinking big enough.  After having coached over 5,000 people, I began to notice that we are creatures of comfort.  Most people don’t make any real change in their life because they are comfortable with the way things are.  Even when things are not great, people will resist change because to change means to be uncomfortable.

    I can tell you that each of the three drivers above went through moments of tremendous challenge and periods of great discomfort. But it did not matter. Their desire to achieve their goals was too strong and they would not be denied.

    Here at the Rideshare Guy, we want to support you to create and achieve a Plan B.  We have a directory of opportunities called Life After Rideshare that you can look at and see if there is something that will excite you.

    Key Takeaways

    What a great time to make a change in your life – new years and new decades lend themselves to new beginnings.

    Maybe you want to start a business, move to another country, or have a more flexible lifestyle.  As I’m writing this article, I am sitting on my bed in a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, doing exactly what I most love to do – working and traveling.  After I complete this article, I am going to go and get a foot massage.

    What excites you? What would inspire you to get up each morning with enthusiasm and determination? For me, it is work and travel. For another, it is a Mobile Notary Signing business.  For another, it is a coaching business. And for another, it is a Bed and Breakfast in Brazil.

    We are all individuals with different dreams and visions. Therefore it is up to you to figure out your #1 Goal for 2020 and then go achieve it. I wish you good luck. Be safe out there.

    Do you have a Plan B for life after rideshare? If you weren’t rideshare driving right now, what would you like to be doing?

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    -Jay @ RSG

    Jay Cradeur

    Jay Cradeur

    Jay Cradeur, a graduate of the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, is a full-time driver with over 26,000 rides. Jay has a driver-focused podcast: Rideshare Dojo with Jay Cradeur. When Jay isn’t writing articles or making videos, he is traveling the world. You can see what Jay is up to at