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How To Personalize Your Uber Passenger Referral Code

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    Update (1/4/16): Looks like you’re no longer able to create a personalized code.

    I don’t make much money off this site but I do make enough to just barely cover my expenses.  So for those of you who have signed up to be a driver using one of my referral codes I thank you big time!  Please feel free to shoot me an e-mail and let me know if you use/have used one of my referral codes since I would also like to personally thank you and answer any questions you may have.

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    Lately though, I’ve turned to diversifying my rideshare income through passenger referrals.  I’ve actually got a great podcast in the works that will detail all of the strategies I’m currently trying out but for now here’s a preview:

    The money from driving has been great lately but I’m always looking for ways to earn more.  I think passenger referrals are a great way to diversify your income because for the most part, they have nothing to do with actually driving.  Right now, these referrals are easier than ever to market too since new Lyft passengers get $25 off their first ride and new Uber passengers get $30 off their first ride.

    That right there should basically sell itself yet I notice a lot of drivers have trouble capitalizing on this market.  During my research for the upcoming podcast, I found a great way to help with Uber passenger referrals that I’m going to share with you guys today.

     Lyft and Uber Passenger Referral Payouts

    Lyft pays drivers $10 cash for every passenger you refer but Uber gives you $30 in ride credits for every passenger you refer.  Since I take Lyft and Uber all the time, the latter is much more valuable to me.  I can get a free ride to the airport, take my wife out to a nice dinner or even get a ride up to LA from OC for half-off.

    Uber doesn’t offer referral cards like Lyft does, but you can get your own cards printed for very cheap with a site like Vista Print.  I also provide an editable pdf form of the Uber referral card that you may use as a template here: Uber Passenger Referral Card (Editable PDF)

    Personalize Your Uber Referral Code

    The code Uber gave me was vkz1 or something weird like that, there’s no way a passenger is ever going to remember that.  Luckily though my friend Rez from R3Z solutions told me about a way to personalize your Uber passenger referral code.  You need to have a passenger account with Uber though.  Which you all already should have since it’s imperative that you take rides from time to time as a passenger in order to gauge your own driving.

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    Log on to and then sign on to your RIDER ACCOUNT.  Next, find the button in the top left corner that says ‘Free Rides’.

    Update (9/3/14):  This still works people!  But you can’t do it from your driver dashboard, you need to login to your passenger account from  Uber doesn’t give out $10 credits like Lyft does, they give out $30 ride credits which IMO are more valuable 🙂

    Then select ‘Personalize’ and you can pick your code.

    Your code will have an ‘uber’ in front of it but you can still pick something memorable that will be easy for passengers to remember and later type in.  Obviously I picked ‘uberRideshareGuy’ but you could use your name ‘uberHarry’ or even ‘uberxHarry’.  The key is to pick something that will stick out in rider’s minds so that when they lose your card they will still remember your code.

    If you’d like to support the site and help me get a few rides here are my passenger referral codes.  Be sure to let me know if you use one too so I can personally thank you!



    Drivers, have you taken a ride with Uber yet and what do you think about personalizing your code?  If you’d like to be notified when my podcast on The Ultimate Passenger Referral Strategy is live, please subscribe to our e-mail list.  You’ll also be entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card by signing up.

    -The Rideshare Guy

    Update 12/29/2014: I created a video to help with the process.

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