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    Last week I told you guys how I was up in SF and Sidecar was everywhere.  Well this week, I decided to sign up and to be honest the process couldn’t have been simpler.  I signed up on a Tuesday and I was approved to drive on Wednesday, now that’s a quick turn around time!

    Here are the logistics of getting set up with Sidecar and what you’ll need to register.


    Sidecar Requirements

    Here’s everything that you’ll need to drive for Sidecar:

    • A registered vehicle that you are insured to drive
    • A 2 or 4-door car in great condition built in or after the year 2000
    • A California driver’s license, if driving within California
    • A valid driver’s license for more than one year
    • Be at least 21 years old

    As you can see, out of the big three, Sidecar definitely has the most lax requirements.  I think it works well with Sidecar’s business model though because passengers get to choose their car based on price and distance.  If a passenger is willing to take a beat up 2000 Toyota Corolla because it will save them $10 then you can do it with Sidecar.

    I applied on my phone and took a picture of my driver’s license, insurance and car and my application was complete.

    Phone Interview

    The next day I actually got a phone call from a Sidecar representative asking me if I had time do a phone interview.  I was a little nervous but the interview was a breeze.  In fact, there was really only one question: “Why do you think you would be a good Sidecar driver?”  I told them how I loved the business model, was already a Lyft driver and wanted to help people get around, blah, blah, blah.  I’m pretty sure they would have accepted any answer though because after that she just confirmed my address, asked me if I had any past accidents/convictions and I was approved!

    Compared to Lyft’s screening process, this was a walk in the park.  I didn’t even have to meet with someone in person or prove that my car really existed.  Either way, I was happy to get approved and excited to get my Sidecar on.

    Tune back in next week and I’ll let you know how my first Sidecar ride goes.  I turned on the app today on my way home from work but didn’t get any rides.  I think Sidecar is just starting to gain traction here in the OC so hopefully I’ll be able to get some decent rides and report back what my experiences are like.

    Drivers, have you thought about signing up for Sidecar or do you already drive for them (and if so, which city are you in)?  What’s your Sidecar experience been like so far?  

    If you’d like to sign up for Sidecar, please consider using my referral code (HARRY86) and let me know so that I can thank you via e-mail 🙂

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