The Instacart shopper app has launched two awesome new features to help shoppers better monitor their earnings. This is particularly great for you  savvy shoppers who set daily, weekly and monthly earnings goals! And of course, who doesn’t love an instant cash out option? 

    Think you know all about Instacart shopping? Think again! Instacart has been innovating and adapting to the needs of gig workers. Plus, now is the busy holiday season for shopping. Now is when you’ll have plenty of lucrative Instacart gigs from which to choose.

    As an example, Rideshare Guy contributor Tyler Philbrook earned $143.86 in just one day earlier this year. And we had a YouTube commenter who said they earned $180 in one day. 

    All testimonies are a result of personal experience or were provided by each individual. There is no assurance that your earnings will match the figures presented, which are given as examples.

    With Instacart, you likely know you can deliver groceries. But you can also deliver gifts from retailers like Best Buy, Dollar Tree, and Sam’s Club! 

    Click here to see which stores partner with Instacart in your area.

    Scott on our team is in south Florida where Instacart will offer you well-paid gigs that range from Publix to Costco, CVS, and Petco. (Tip: Instacart pays you extra for heavy bulk orders!)

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    Track and Maximize Your Earnings

    With the new progress tracker that Instacart is rolling out, you’ll be able to track your daily earnings as well as see your progress with current promotions. 

    The updates will happen in real time so you always know how much you’ve earned each day without trying to keep track of it on your own. 

    This way, if you have a certain earnings goal you’re reaching for, you’ll know when you’ve hit it—or better yet, surpassed it! 

    The progress tracker will be available to you on the home screen of your app, so you can find it quickly and easily as you go about your day. 

    To see more information about your earnings, click on the earnings tab to expand and show your batch earnings, tips, total earnings, active hours and number of batches you’ve completed for the day. 

    This is a new feature, so there’s not much information out about it yet from shoppers! If you’ve seen this feature in your market, comment below or send Harry an email and let us know what you think of it. We’ll update this article as we get more feedback!

    Get Paid Instantly

    This feature is an extension of the Instant Cashout feature that launched in 2019. Instacart updated the app to allow you to have the ability to get paid instantly after completing a batch. This means you’ll have your money at your fingertips even faster than before.

    As soon as you deliver your batch, you can go into the app and request an instant cashout (for a 50 cent fee) of those earnings straight to your card or bank account on file. Keep in mind, this is separate from your direct deposit bank account or card that you set up when joining Instacart. 

    Instant Cashout has been around Instacart for a few years now, and drivers overwhelmingly appreciate this feature – as expected!

    As Instacart shoppers shared on Reddit, instant cashout is truly instant and reliable. With Instacart’s new update to this feature, shoppers will be able to cash out immediately after delivering a batch!


    For a variety of reasons (including these two new features!) Instacart is a great way to earn money during the holidays. 

    People’s grocery needs are increasing as we get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Accepting bigger batches may lead to bigger payouts for you – and don’t forget those potentially lucrative alcohol orders!

    Guest writer Robert shared with us that warehouse shopping and picking up alcohol batches are a great way to potentially earn more with Instacart. With holiday shopping leading people to buy in bulk, this is a great opportunity for you to utilize warehouse shopping in your market. Make sure to read his article to learn his tips and tricks for efficient shopping. 

    If you’re ready to sign up to be an Instacart Shopper, check out our video 10 Tips that make you more $$$ on Instacart! 

    As you get started with Instacart, we recommend you stick to a handful of stores nearby that you can learn like the back of your hand. This will help you become a more efficient shopper, helping you earn even more! 

    Which feature are you looking forward to the most?

    -Paula @ RSG

    Paula Gibbins

    Paula Gibbins

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