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My First Delivery With DoorDash

By December 21, 2015March 26th, 202042 Comments


7 min read

    7 min read

    As you guys know, I signed up for DoorDash a few weeks ago and after I went through orientation, I actually signed on and did my first delivery with DoorDash right then and there!

    I know a lot of you rideshare drivers are probably wondering what it’s like to deliver food, so in today’s post I wanted to walk through exactly what a delivery entails with a company like DoorDash.

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    My First Delivery With DoorDash

    In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be heading out and doing some shifts as a Dasher, so stay tuned to see what my earnings look like after I get the hang of things.

    Want to sign up as a Dasher?  Please click here to sign up using my link.

    Scheduling My First DoorDash Delivery

    DoorDash Schedule

    DoorDash Schedule

    DoorDash uses a scheduling system and you can actually only work if you have scheduled yourself.

    Unlike Uber or even Postmates, where you can hop on and off whenever you want, with DoorDash you can only log on if there is a shift available.

    Especially when it’s your first DoorDash delivery, you have to start in the area that DoorDash designates, but you can start a shift early by modifying the start time once you select your desired shift.

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    Upcoming Dashes for My First DoorDash Delivery

    DoorDash Schedule

    Upcoming Dashes

    After DoorDash orientation was over, the DoorDash GM asked us if anyone wanted to go do some deliveries and I said, “Sure!” Iw as definitely ready for my first DoorDash delivery. I wanted to see: is DoorDash worth it?

    I was only planning on doing one delivery since I had somewhere to be, but one of the nice things I’m already finding with DoorDash is that there’s no need to worry about getting a call that will take you 60 miles away to another city.

    Sometimes I want to do a couple of hours of Uber driving, but I know that if I get pulled into LA (from Long Beach) for example, I won’t make it back in time.

    Pre-Login Checklist for Your First DoorDash Delivery

    For your first DoorDash delivery, you’re typically given a pre-login checklist. This makes it really helpful and helps you maximize your DoorDash driver pay by providing you a step by step process for delivering efficiently.

    Waiting For An Order

    The DoorDash GM said as long as your location is updating, you are active/ready to receive orders, but there is a weird glitch that doesn’t allow you to make phone calls and receive orders at the same time.  So no phone calls while waiting for an order.

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    My First DoorDash Delivery + A Boost

    We finished up DoorDash orientation right before noon so it was only a few minutes before I got my first request!  One thing about Boost Pay is that it only comes into play for the distance from the restaurant to the drop-off point.

    So you can get paid extra if that distance is longer than normal, but you won’t get paid extra if your current location to the restaurant is a far distance.

    Directions To The Restaurant: Raising Cane’s

    Directions To Raising Cane's Chicken

    Directions To Raising Cane’s Chicken

    This is pretty straightforward and probably something we’re all familiar with 🙂

    Delivery Instructions

    I found the delivery instructions screen confusing, but probably only because it was my first DoorDash delivery. Take a look at the video below to see what the DoorDash driver side of the app looks like.


    Once you accept the task, you can see more details about the actual job.  I had never been to this restaurant (and it turned out to be only 2 weeks old) but I was also confused whether the order had been called in or if I would have to place it myself.

    Raising Cane’s Chicken

    Parking Lot At Raising Cane's Chicken

    Parking Lot At Raising Cane’s Chicken

    This was the scene upon pulling into the parking lot and I thought to myself, “Well, now I know why they ordered from this place through DoorDash”.  They didn’t want to wait in a long line, but fortunately I was able to park within a few minutes and only had to wait a few more minutes in line to place the order and then about seven minutes before I got my food.  But the place was packed inside!

    Inside Seating At Raising Cane's Chicken

    Inside Seating At Raising Cane’s Chicken

    And I may or may not have placed an order for myself 🙂

    The Ordering

    Once I figured out that I had to place the order it was pretty simple, although I almost screwed up the order since it turned out that extra sauce counted as one side, so if you get no coleslaw, you can get extra sauce but it has to replace one of your sides.

    Kind of confusing but it’s also why I’ve found after extensive testing, that any time you make substitutions, changes, additions, etc, it’s very likely that your order will get screwed up.

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    Keeping The Customer Updated

    One thing I don’t like about DoorDash is that customers enter the tip amount when they place their order.  That’s like tipping a waiter before you even get your food, it doesn’t make much sense to me.

    In a situation like this, where I had to spend a bunch of time parking, ordering and waiting for the food, I wanted to make it known to my customer that I was doing extra work for them.

    So I texted them and let them know (another of our DoorDash tips and tricks!) but when I got there, they just said “thanks” and disappeared.  The bad part for Dashers is that customers pay similar fees regardless of which restaurants they go to.

    A restaurant like Raising Cane’s probably takes an extra 20 minutes compared to other fast food joints so that customer should be charged more and the driver should be paid more.  But that’s not how it works, unfortunately.

    I don’t think it should be the customer’s responsibility to tip more but instead DoorDash should account for this type of restaurant in their pay structure.

    Since this was my first DoorDash delivery, I learned my lesson: only accept courier orders that will be profitable and ensure that the question ‘is DoorDash worth it‘ is YES!

    Directions To Drop Off Point

    Directions To Drop Off Point

    The Payout

    I ended up making $8.85 cents for this job and it took about 45 minutes.

    I think if I would have been a little more familiar with the restaurant and the drop-off area, I could have shaved 5-10 minutes off the job – but it was my first DoorDash delivery!

    I still think my DoorDash driver pay estimate of $10-$15/hr holds true, though, since there’s just a lot that can ‘not go smoothly’ during each and every order.  I think in a best-case scenario you could do two jobs per hour and a worst-case scenario you would only complete one job in an hour.

    DoorDash income also really depends on tips, so I’ll be curious to see how many customers actually tip.

    One thing I like about the DoorDash app is that on the customer side, it actually defaults to a 10% tip amount unlike Postmates where you have to physically select it.  Anyone who knows anything about nudging will tell you that the former is a lot better for drivers 🙂

    The Real Payoff

    I only made $9 on this order, but it was enough to cover my lunch.  So basically I got a free lunch and the chicken turned out to be pretty awesome!  I love trying new foods so one of my favorite parts about delivering food is that I’m always discovering new restaurants.  I’ll definitely be hoping for more calls from this place in the future.

    Raising Cane's Chicken

    Raising Cane’s Chicken

    Wanna sign up as a Dasher?  Please click here to sign up using my link.

    So what do you think about my first delivery with DoorDash?  What are the best and worst parts about delivering food?

    -Harry @ RSG

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