RIP Sidecar: Company Will Cease Rideshare And Delivery Services

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    Harry here.  We’ve got breaking news on Sidecar and RSG contributor Christian Perea and I will be updating you on the story.  Click here to get the latest.

    Today at 10:47 AM, Sunil Paul announced on Medium that Sidecar would cease its delivery and passenger operations at 2PM Pacific Time on December 31st. Sidecar as we know it is now dead.

    Sidecar had always been the first in rideshare. It was the first to offer on-demand rides, way before John Zimmer and Logan Green had even seen a pink mustache or Travis had gone to Paris to think about how much taxi rides sucked. And as the battle for the market of drivers and passengers raged, Sidecar came up with all the cool technology Uber and Lyft are testing years later: destination filters, custom pricing, the ability to favorite a driver, back-to-back rides, and the ability for a passenger to select the driver they wanted from within the app. Now it has become the first major rideshare player to bow out of the game.


    They should have used motorcyclists with actual sidecars.

    Sidecar Is Going Out of Business

    Sidecar was actually the first TNC company I drove with. It was where I honed my skills. I remember waiting for rides and not getting any. I was nervous as I had my Jetta ready to go. Eventually, I got frustrated and lowered my prices to .5x in order to get some rides. I used those cheap rides as training for the first day. At this time, I had applications in with all three companies and Sidecar was the fastest to get me on the road with their innovative, rare, and vaunted…telephone number. I called it, emailed my docs and was on the road in less than an hour. Uber and Lyft STILL can’t match that today!

    As the funding battles ensued, Sidecar soon became a clear and very distant third player. Yet it continued to hang on and innovate features that are just now starting to appear within your Uber and Lyft app.

    We are the innovation leader in ridesharing despite a significant capital disadvantage, continually rolling out new products that set the bar for others to follow. – Sunil Paul

    This alludes to a topic we talked about earlier this year: Sidecar patents. At this time, nobody knows what will become of them or if they will engage other rideshare companies in a patent war. It will be interesting to see what happens to all of their technology, patents and people.

    This is the end of the road for the Sidecar ride and delivery service, but it’s by no means the end of the journey for the company.

    Sidecar may be dead. However it may not be the last time we hear from them…

    Sidecar’s E-mail To Its Drivers

    Here’s the e-mail Sidecar sent out to its drivers:

    The e-mail sidecar sent to its drivers about going out of business

    Sidecar Shutting Down

    This is a new and breaking story and we will post updates as they unfold.

    Drivers what do you think about Sidecar closing its doors?  Was it inevitable or could they have done more?

    -Christian @ RSG

    Christian Perea

    Christian Perea

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