Recently, I attended one of my favorite conferences: CoMotion LA. The conference brings together the top names in the public and private sides of transportation, and it’s a great conference to attend if you have the chance. Today, I’m talking to another conference-goer about our conference takeaways.

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    • Today I’ll be chatting with Tom Mourmouras, a digital ventures consultant and previous RSG guest
    • Tom and I work together in consulting – helping people at all stages of company development, from the idea stage and beyond
    • Main product right now is our survey – learn more about it at our consulting page

    Intro to Tom Mourmouras

    • Has been involved in the mobility and ridesharing space for 7 years now
    • Part of the 3 person team at Lyft that introduced ridesharing to LA
    • In 2017, founded his consulting company, Naxos Mobility

    What is CoMotion LA?

    • Opportunity for industry people and regular folks to mingle, find out how they can help each other
    • Not an auto show!
    • This conference is a slam dunk for various reasons, including programming, sponsors, attendees – and weather!
    • Roughly 1200 people there at any one time – people arriving via scooters, Lyfts, Ubers, etc.

    Best Panels and Presentations at CoMotion LA

    • Seleta Reynolds, the Head of the LADOT – a panel on rideshare compliance
    • LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a new initiative, Urban Movement Labs – headliner at CoMotion LA!
    • Some interesting concepts discussed at the conference, too, including aerial mobility, data and privacy, etc.

    Predictions for 2020 CoMotion LA?

    • Cities getting smarter about regulation
    • How cities will adopt and regulate this technology
    • Micromobility – at this year’s conference, got to try out new scooters and technology
    • Unagi scooter – it’s like a hopped up Dodge Viper with a lot of power, not a lot of weight

    Interesting Companies from CoMotion LA

    • REEF – cloud kitchen company
    • Ultimate vision is to have several different brands operating out of one place – delivery takes place via ebike or scooter
    • Smacircle – foldable scooters
    • Only at the Model T of scooters right now – we can expect to see a lot of changes in form to future scooters


    • Thanks to Tom for coming on the podcast! Also, thanks to all the listeners of this podcast who approached me at CoMotion LA, I appreciate it!
    • Hope you got a lot out of this podcast – as you can tell, there is a lot going on
    • If you are interested in the mobility field, highly encourage you to check out the CoMotion LA conference

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