If you don’t know Michal Naka, you will after this episode! Michal is an expert in mobility, and I actually consider him ‘The Scooter Guy’ in comparison to The Rideshare Guy. If you really want to learn more about mobility and scooters, you won’t want to miss this episode.

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    • Today I’m chatting with Michal Naka
    • Speciality is mobility and scooters
    • We’ll be talking about mobility, scooters, car-share, and more today
    • 2020 – the year of regulation? We’ll talk about it, and global mobility too!

    Intro to Michal Naka

    • Leads Partner Products at Ride Report
    • Works with mobility providers and cities around the world
    • Writes the newsletter Movements (sign up below) – focuses on mobility, infrastructure, software
    • Saw a market and interest from people in the mobility, scooter space

    What Will 2020 and Beyond Bring to Mobility?

    • Micromobility is going to be big in 2020 and beyond – electric bikes
    • Divestment of large automakers from sharing services
    • Significant spending in hardware, research and development in the micromobility space

    Global Mobility

    • Interesting auto manufacturers starting at the local end of the market and working up
    • Didi is working on purpose-built hardware
    • Electric cars – might not be the perfect rideshare vehicle, but it’s the beginning
    • Trends might have started in the US, but now moving globally

    Entrepreneurs + Micromobility

    • If you’re a company or entrepreneur interested in mobility, might want to focus on going global
    • India is another huge market – high population, huge interest
    • Bounce Share out of Bangalore – crossed 100k trips per day with mopeds!
    • Need more entrepreneurs – not more regulation

    2020: Year of Regulation?

    • Rideshare specifically, too much of a good thing can be bad
    • Regulation is important and need to empower cities
    • Can inhibit entrepreneurs and make it harder to get off the ground

    Food Delivery

    • Where does food delivery fit in with mobility
    • Different models – stand alone delivery companies like Postmates, DoorDash, etc.
    • Uber Eats – same thing but built into other mobility stacks
    • Cloud kitchens – they’re their own category but could aggregate with other food delivery services


    • Thanks to Michal for coming on this episode and sharing his thoughts about mobility in 2020
    • I think Michal was the perfect guest for this episode given his knowledge – he’s definitely going to have to come back on this podcast!

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    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

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