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    The coronavirus/COVID-19 has had a major impact on the rideshare industry. How have companies been handling this crisis? On today’s podcast episode, we’ll be grading Uber and Lyft’s responses to the coronavirus. Agree or disagree with us? Let us know in the comments!

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    • Today I’m talking with Jay Cradeur, an RSG contributor and Rideshare Dojo podcast host
    • Discussion of what’s going on – how have things been going in the rideshare industry?
    • Demand has gone almost completely away
    • What could happen with Uber and Lyft in the future?

    Intro to Jay Cradeur

    • Interesting getting used to this new normal
    • Used to drive regularly, now staying home for the most part!
    • Still getting coffee 😉
    • Does not want to get used to this!

    Uber + Lyft’s Response to the Coronavirus

    • Uber + Lyft had a slow response
    • Mid-March this all seemed to pick up steam
    • Only recently has Uber started to send out PPE, for example
    • Should Uber and Lyft stop operating right now?

    How Are Drivers Pivoting?

    • Delivery, online work opportunities, or trying to find an outside job (essential worker)
    • Pizza and grocery stores are hiring like crazy
    • Wouldn’t be as much of a necessity if drivers were employees and had some level of security
    • Companies could still do a better job protecting drivers

    Diversification as a Driver

    • This is why we’ve always said ‘sign up for more than one company’ – beyond rideshare
    • Life after rideshare activities and other money-making activities
    • Delivery is very busy right now – easier to get in if you were already signed up
    • Always listen to RSG!

    Unemployment + Independent Contractors

    • Unemployment insurance is coming – it’s written into the CARES Act
    • But don’t count on anything until it’s in your bank account
    • What if takes 3 months? What are you going to do until then?
    • You can still apply for unemployment even if you’re working, if your hours have been reduced

    Uber + Lyft’s Role in this Response

    • This is a taxpayer bailout of Uber and Lyft
    • Uber + Lyft have a responsibility to bail out drivers – not necessarily the government (i.e. taxpayers)
    • Money is slow to come, either from Uber/Lyft or the government
    • The employee-question is going to become more relevant as this continues
    • Jay’s grade for Uber + Lyft? D+!
    • Harry’s grade for Uber + Lyft? C


    • Big thanks to Jay for coming on the show! What grade would you give to Uber and Lyft on their response to coronavirus? Should they have done more for drivers?
    • What are you doing in response to COVID-19? Do you have a Plan B?
    • Thanks to Jay for sharing his perspective and make sure to go check out his podcast, The Rideshare Dojo (links below)

    Show Notes

    If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.

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