In this episode, I talk with Cherida Smith, a driver and organizer for gig workers. Not only is she a driver (she started driving in 2014- the same year I did!), but she also worked on the Prop 22 campaign, served on Lyft’s Driver Advisory Council, and more. We’ll talk about the Lyft DAC, her work on Prop 22, and her advocacy for female gig workers below. 

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    Intro to Cherida Smith

    • Started driving for Lyft in 2014 – was a teacher and drove in the summer to earn extra money
    • Transitioned to Lyft’s DAC
    • Organizer, Women’s Outreach for the Yes on Prop 22 campaign
    • Founder of the Women’s Gig Network

    Work with Lyft’s Driver Advisory Council

    • Represented drivers in the Pacific region
    • Got together to discuss issues concerning drivers
    • No longer exists at the national level, but maybe some local groups
    • A lot of iterations with driver outreach

    How Can Companies Incorporate Driver Feedback?

    • Lyft struggled with this
    • Two different models: drivers that rely on this service as their bread and butter, and part-time drivers who use this to supplement their income
    • Lyft tried to meet everyone’s needs – but they are very different needs!
    • Difficult to meet everyone’s needs consistently

    Yes on Prop 22 Campaign

    • Talked to drivers about the Yes side of Prop 22
    • Drivers who had reached out to the coalition to learn more – not a hard sell
    • Got involved due to work on the Lyft DAC
    • Director of Women’s Outreach – full-time work

    What’s Next? Upcoming Projects

    • Director of Women’s Outreach in California for the campaign
    • This was a new perspective – got to talk to gig workers outside of Lyft, too
    • Women’s Gig Network – connecting women gig workers to a community for support
    • Want women working in gig companies to feel like they’re supported

    The Future of the Gig Economy + Challenges Facing the Industry

    • Gig work is here to stay
    • Instability of traditional work leads people to use gig work as a way to earn extra money
    • Gig work is flexible and independent
    • Use gig work, don’t let gig work use you


    • Thanks to Cherida for coming on the podcast! Not a spokesperson for Lyft – she’s a driver first
    • Make sure to check out the Women’s Gig Network (link below)
    • Easy to look at political campaigns and think ‘oh these are actors’ – it’s clear Cherida is not an actor! She’s passionate about gig workers and helping them
    • Appreciate her focus on connecting gig workers to support – this is important to me as well!

    Show Notes

    -Harry @ RSG

    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

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