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    Today I’m excited to chat with today’s guest, Joseph Seal-Driver, about Havn, an all-electric chauffeur service based in London. Havn is really interesting in the companies it has partnered with, its location (London), employee dynamics, and more. 

    Intro to Joseph Seal-Driver

    • Director of Sales for Blacklane
    • Founder and Managing Director for Havn
    • Briefly worked for Uber in London!
    • Entrepreneur in Residence for InMotion Ventures

    Difference Between Chauffeurs and Drivers

    • Professional drivers
    • All chauffeurs are operated through professional companies and are fully employed
    • No individuals or mass market
    • Customer profile: corporate, business travel


    • Going after a different audience – higher end
    • London is a competitive place
    • There are some competitors in the space, but customers typically have their favorites
    • London has more competition than the US

    Future is Electric

    • Rideshare future is electric
    • The environment is a factor for customers
    • Not the only factor, but one!
    • Carbon neutral goal

    The Future for EV Fleets

    • Blacklane, chauffeur hailing on the East Coast of the US
    • Havn, looking to expand fleet and grow
    • Growing in London – only scratched the surface!
    • Dispatching and managing fleets


    • Thanks to Joseph for coming on the podcast!
    • Companies are starting to realize that in order to reach environmental goals, there is opportunity in the EV space
    • Rideshare naturally puts a lot of miles on cars! Huge opportunity here

    Show Notes

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