RSG184: Micromobility America Recap

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Micromobility America conference in San Francisco. In this episode, I’m doing a recap of the event with my friend Jonah Bliss, who also helped organize the conference. We’ll cover some conference highlights, the conference’s COVID protocols, new, interesting start-up companies, and more. 

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Intro to Jonah Bliss

  • Early employee of mobility companies
  • Curbivore co-founder
  • Mobility consultant
  • Friend of the pod!

Conferences Post 2019

Hot Topics at Micromobility

  • Scooters!
  • Good, healthy number of new companies on the start-up side
  • Intersection of cities +  micromobility
  • Encouraging people to use scooters to take more short trips

Conference in the Future

  • 1-2 panels on disagreements – bring in people who disagree about certain topics
  • Choose topics that do have multiple viewpoints
  • Not set up to be combative, but to provide differing perspectives

Best Parts of the Conference

  • Seeing people again!
  • Camaraderie about a topic everyone felt excited about
  • The ferry ride!
  • Inspiration for the upcoming Curbivore conference!


  • Big thanks to Jonah for coming on the podcast with me!
  • Big thanks to the Micromobility team as well
  • Well-organized and curated event

Show Notes