RSG205: EVs for Rideshare Drivers

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Did you know the average full-time rideshare driver puts 1000 miles a week on their vehicle? This kind of mileage (and gas costs!) makes an excellent argument for switching from gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles. In this episode, I’m chatting with Sunil Paul, founder of Sidecar and Spring Free EV, who’s looking to accelerate the mass adoption of EVs.

Intro to Sunil Paul

  • CEO of Spring Free EV
  • Startup that aims to electrify fleets across the US
  • Before Spring Free EV, founder of Sidecar
  • Founder of many successful IPOs

Why Electric Vehicles?

  • Saw the wildfires in CA
  • Knew that he had the experience and connections to tackle this
  • “Big climate impact”
  • Optimist at heart

Goals & Solutions

  • Rideshare drivers will need to switch to EVs
  • Spring Free EV can help fleets expand their EV options
  • Free EV – going to target rideshare & delivery

EV Financing

  • Supply-side of the marketplace
  • Hard to get cars these days!
  • 3 partnerships to get vehicles
  • FinTech playbook

What’s Next?

  • EV adoption driven by gas prices and lower maintenance costs
  • Desire to be environmentally sustainable
  • Special offer only for listeners!

Show Notes

Free EV 2022 – Use Code RSG

Connect with Sunil Paul on LinkedIn

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