RSG222: Virtual Inspections for Vehicles

In this episode, I chat with Hamed Yazdi of Rideshare Mechanic, a mechanic service that conducts virtual vehicle inspections over video chat. We’ll chat about how Rideshare Mechanic works, the experience of using RSM, and which companies RSM has partnered with.

Intro to Hamed Yazdi

  • Co-founder and Head of Growth of Rideshare Mechanic
  • Conducts virtual vehicle inspections over live video chat
  • Focuses on expanding client base

Experience of Using Rideshare Mechanic

  • Other companies stopped providing inspections
  • Signing up is easy and quick
  • Convenient to use and cost effective

RSM Partnerships

  • B2B partners love this
  • Taxis
  • Rideshare for kids
  • NEMT

Biggest Issues with Inspections?

  • Inspection fraud is a thing!
  • RSM provides inspections to help drivers be proactive
  • Wrapping your car is okay to do!

Show Notes

RideShare Mechanic

Email RideShare Mechanic about Partnerships

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