RSG255: Building A Lean, Green Delivery Machine with Uber Eats

Join Harry as he discusses this year’s Curbivore event and all the exciting things that took place. There were some big announcements, and Harry even got to experience one of the newest developments himself. 

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Quick Takeaways

  • Curbivore 2024 just wrapped up on March 29. Hundreds of people were on site; there was lots of really good food, and, of course, some interesting workshops and panels.
  • This annual event in downtown LA had a new revision this year with a big warehouse with an indoor lot for a stage and an exhibition area in the open-air parking lot.
  • There were huge product announcements, including new partnerships between Starship Technology and Nickelytics, an advertising platform, BID Technologies and CyroX, an energy-saving thermal technology company, and the largest one was Uber and Deliver Zero, partnering to create reusable packaging, which is now live on Uber Eats in the West Coast.
  • The panel included Julia Wench, Global Public Policy, Lauren Sweeney, DeliverZero, and Richard Ria, Butcher’s Daughter, among others. 
  • Harry was able to try out the Uber and DeliverZero partnership shortly after the conference when he placed an Uber Eats Order and saw a DeliverZero option. He was able to get food his family’s food in sustainable packaging and had the option for them to come pick up the packaging or he could drop it off.