On Wednesday, I was invited to the premiere of a new movie coming out called Stuber. Turns out, it’s about an Uber driver, so obviously I had to go check it out and report back to all of you if it’s worth your time to go see it.

    The premiere was at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles and it was also my first time on the red carpet, so that was a cool experience.

    On the red carpet at the Stuber premiere

    Stuber is a movie about an Uber driver named Stu who is trying to hold on to his five-star driver rating. He picks up a detective who recruits him to chase a brutal killer.

    The movie was actually pretty funny and, to my surprise, the action scenes weren’t bad. Stuber is rated R, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to take your little ones. The movie opens up with a really cool action scene, and there are a few shooting scenes with blood throughout the movie.

    Rideshare drivers may have a love-hate relationship with Stuber. The inside jokes will keep you laughing, but certain parts will make you shake your head. The way the movie portrayed driving and the Uber app was pretty inaccurate at times so it’s clear they should have hired a rideshare consultant, aka, me! Maybe next time for Stuber 2 😉

    My Review of Stuber

    Stuber is about an hour and a half long and I found myself laughing a lot! It was billed as action-comedy, but I think the comedy is what you should see this movie for. Kumail Nanjiani (Stu) is a great actor, and his delivery and demeanor made the movie enjoyable. If you know his work from the HBO hit show Silicon Valley, the movie had a similar feel and a lot of his lines were funny just because of his delivery. He was the perfect actor for this role. I found a few scenes towards the end to be a bit cheesy, but overall the movie held my attention and it was the perfect length.

    One of my favorite scenes happened at the beginning of the movie when the camera did a quick cycle through the different types of passengers that Uber drivers encounter on a daily basis. I could totally relate. In another scene, Stu picked up a couple of USC sorority girls in an Uber Pool. Anyone that has ever driven in LA can empathize during this scene.

    I actually found the passenger representation to be spot on throughout the movie, specifically in the Uber Pool scenes. And my favorite line in the movie was when David Bautista (Vic) gets into the front seat and Kumail Nanjiani (Stu) makes a joke about passengers being obligated to talk to the driver if they choose to sit up front.

    Overall, I’d recommend drivers go see this movie if they’re looking for a fun comedy with some good Uber inside jokes. Otherwise, it’s definitely something you should watch when it comes to streaming services.

    How Accurate is Stuber?

    As far as accuracy goes, this movie misses the mark. I counted 3 inaccuracies in the first scene alone.

    1. The Uber cancellation policy is misstated. Check out the real Uber cancellation policy here.
    2. Stu stated that drivers are deactivated when they are rated below 4. But as we all know, drivers are actually deactivated when their rating falls below 4.6.
    3. The rider gives Stu the destination after entering the vehicle. What is this nonsense, 2015?! Riders have to enter a destination before they even request the ride.

    For drivers, these inaccuracies may make you cringe, but with item 2 for example, this could have been a great opportunity to educate the public! Most people (non-drivers) probably think that a 4 star rating is the cut-off when in reality, it’s 4.6 so this leads to a lot of 4 star ratings where passengers may not realize that’s actually a failing grade for a driver.

    If I was writing the script, I would have said something like: “Dude, a 4 star rating?! Drivers actually get deactivated at 4.6, so even though a 4 star rating is great on Yelp or Trip Advisor, that’s actually a failing grade on Uber!”

    Pretty funny line? Ok not really, I guess I’ll stick to blogging 🙂

    I also found it strange that the movie showed the real Uber app for the passengers, but the app shown for drivers was a terrible mockup. The driver app looked more like something Tryp would launch than a modern day app, much less the Uber driver app.

    Another inaccuracy was the way Stu’s phone would go off every time he received a 1-star rating. It would be great if this was how Uber actually works, but it is not. Drivers do not see negative feedback or ratings of less than 5 stars. This is totally something that Uber should look into as it would help drivers improve on the things riders mention.

    The biggest issue with Stuber to me was Stu’s car. Stu drove a Nissan Leaf, which may be the worst car ever for rideshare drivers. This is an electric car that gets 125-226 miles per charge depending on the model. A newer model of this car starts at around $32,000. Find more information about driving an electric car as a rideshare driver here.

    Stu also mentions that he leases this car. If he drives this car on a regular basis as a rideshare driver, he will be over his lease mileage in no time. A better option would be to rent a car using an app like Fair. Check out our vehicle marketplace for additional options as well.

    I’m sure the reason for these inaccuracies was to enhance the movie. I just feel that they should have been a little more accurate. Who knows, maybe this is the reason that they are directors making millions and I’m just an Uber driver?

    Stuber Marketing – Missed Opportunity!

    I’m not sure how well they’re marketing this film across the rest of the country, but in LA, I have been seeing STUBER signs everywhere! On the back of buses, billboards, bus stops, etc. But it would have been great if they had advertised on actual Uber cars.

    There are a ton of Uber advertising companies, and I would have loved to see Firefly ads around the city, Vugo tablets playing the film’s trailer + interactive movie trivia, cars wrapped in Stuber posters, etc!

    My Experience at the Premiere

    The premiere was held at L.A. LIVE on the same night as the ESPYS. As I mentioned earlier, this was my first time walking the Red Carpet, and it was a cool experience to see everyone so excited.

    The other side of the red carpet at the Stuber premiere

    On the red carpet at the Stuber premiere

    Free buffet at the Stuber premiere

    There was a free buffet, so this gave them an automatic 3-star rating in my book. The movie bumped it up to 4. The theater was Premiere Cinema at Regal L.A. LIVE and it was huge. I took a “selfie” with Kumail and that made my night. He didn’t seem too into it though for some reason…

    ‘Selfie’ with Stuber star Kumail Nanjiani

    Overall, I had a great experience, but maybe next time the directors will call me for a consultation for updated rideshare information. Then they’ll be able to earn that 5 stars!

    Readers, do you think you’ll go see Stuber in theaters? If you see it, let me know what you think of it!

    -Harry @ RSG

    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

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