This is Scott and I help Harry and the writers, usually behind the scenes. Today I want to share a little story about how I was able to upgrade a gift for my mom.

    It’s been tough not getting to visit my family. I’m not yet ready to hop on a plane with all this Corona-craziness still going on. I still talk to Mom on the phone but I can tell she’s feeling down not being able to be around her grandkids and family as much as before.

    So I wanted to surprise her with a gift — no reason, just something to make her smile and her eyes light up.

    She loves Macy’s. That’s her jam haha. As a kid I HATED being dragged into department stores. I’m sure I pouted and stomped around the store until being bribed with the promise of Burger King afterwards!

    Guess what, I still hate shopping in stores, so I hit up Macy’s online. I had an idea of how much I could spend but, if you know anything about Macy’s, there’s ALWAYS a sale of some kind. But that’s not how I upgraded the gift. I waited. Strategically.

    For any online purchase, I automatically first go to my Rakuten account. Because Rakuten pays you money to click through them first. They must get a cut of the sale. Anyhow, being a bit savvy I know Rakuten will sometimes throw you 12% or even 15% off at Macy’s.

    Not points. CASH.

    So when combining the 15% off through Rakuten  with the Macy’s promo code that was flashing on, I brought the price of the earrings down a ton. Instead of pocketing that money, I decided to upgrade Mom’s gift. I stayed within my budget and Mom got a nicer present.

    I’m not a super emotional guy, but when she got the delivery — hearing her reaction on the phone — it was worth it.

    I’m also not a guy who likes to do physics calculations and cut coupons just to save a few bucks. I like no-brainer systems I can “just do.”

    My system is dead simple: go to or the app. Click on the store I want. The end.

    I’m bringing this up today because usually Rakuten gives out $10 to new users. But for now it’s $30 when you spend at least $30. I mean, that’s a pretty great deal.

    I don’t know how long this elevated $30 offer will last though. My suggestion is to download the app right now — like, before you forget, then figure it out later. (Though there isn’t much to figure out — it really is stupid-simple.)

    There will be enticing Labor Day sales coming up as retailers compete for our dollars. Add to your savings by using the Rakuten app.

    Rakuten is the 2nd-most downloaded cash-back app by The RideShare Guy readers like you. (Number one is GetUpside, which is AWESOME for gasoline savings.)

    What I also like about the Rakuten app is that it works for in-store stuff too, including restaurants.

    I just entered my main payment cards into the app and whenever I use those cards, I get 5% back. No one knows I’m earning a discount at these places except for me and my bank account. 🙂

    Life is easier when you use smart and simple systems. In fact, that’s how I’ve lost 15 pounds since March, but that’s another story! My savings systems are no-brainer tricks that I use over and over.

    I no longer have to think about it, I just do it. Shopping? I go to Rakuten. Fueling up the car? Go to GetUpside. Simple. Done.

    If you look at the graphic below, you’ll see I’ve saved $440. You can too!

    Not only that, if you feel like hustling, you’ll get a friend referral code. Post it on your social media and help your friends save money too. Rakuten will pay you $30 for each friend or follower:

    I think just about all of us on the team use Rakuten and GetUpside to save money, including our Managing Editor Melissa, Paula, and of course Harry.

    Get that easy money while you can!

    • Rakuten – download with $30 bonus (download before bonus goes back down to $10)
    • GetUpside – download (15 cents off per gallon with code ‘WQ8JR‘)

    Thanks for reading, and share your comments below to let us know if you’ve already saved a good amount of money with Rakuten, GetUpside, or other cash back apps!

    -Scott @ RSG

    Scott Lieberman

    Scott Lieberman

    Scott Lieberman has over a decade of successful editing and writing experience, specializing in personal finance, working remotely, credit cards, and travel.