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    2 min read

    As a WIRED reader, I’d like to welcome you to my site.  As you may have read in Jessi Hempel’s article, I started this blog almost 9 months ago as a way to help my fellow drivers figure out the best ways to maximize their rideshare income.

    I’d like to use this opportunity to introduce you to The Rideshare Guy Blog & Podcast and talk about some of the most popular portions of the site:

    What’s It Like To Be A Driver?

    You might think that being a rideshare driver is pretty easy but there are actually a lot of nuances that go into it.  Since I drive for both Uber and Lyft, I’ve written extensively about the two and I love to compare them:

    If you’re thinking about driving, Uber is currently offering a $100 bonus after you complete 20 rides and Lyft is offering a $50 bonus after you do 20 rides too.  And, if you’re a current rideshare driver that hasn’t signed up for Uber yet you could get up to $1,000 after just one ride by signing up with Uber.  The only requirement is that you’ve given at least one ride with another rideshare company (other than Uber) prior to 1/8/2015.

    The Rideshare Guy Podcast

    If you’re interested in audio content, then be sure to check out our podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.  We are the first and only 5 star rated rideshare podcast on iTunes and you’ll find everything from tax and insurance information to in-depth interviews with some of the industry’s top experts.

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    Btw, we also have a YouTube channel now that is being filled with content by the day.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

    If you have any questions about the site or rideshare in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

    -The Rideshare Guy

    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

    I'm Harry, the owner and founder of The Rideshare Guy Blog and Podcast. I used to be a full-time engineer but now I'm a rideshare blogger! I write about my experience driving for Uber, Lyft, and other services and my goal is to help drivers earn more money by working smarter, not harder.