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Who’s The Rideshare Chick?

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    RSG: We don’t normally post on Tuesdays, but today is a special day!  I’d like to introduce a brand new member of the team, The Rideshare Chick.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking for a strong, sassy and fun female voice to bring on to the site to give a little bit of a different perspective on what it’s like to be a rideshare driver.  The Rideshare Chick is an experienced LA driver who’s seen and heard it all.  She’s also a great resource for female drivers everywhere and I can’t wait for her to share some of her rideshare stories, she’s got some good ones!  So without further ado, I present you The Rideshare Chick.

    Hi Guys! I’m The Rideshare Chick! My side gig and experimentation with ridesharing has blossomed into a wondrous full-time “love to hate” and “hate to love” year-plus-long relationship with the three “you know who’s” . . . Sidecar, Lyft, and of course my favorite archenemy, the infamous Uber. I am technically a driver with all three platforms and signed up to drive in that particular order.


    I am happy to help any of you, if something strange happens and you have questions, I’ve probably experienced the same stuff. Please reach out to me, I am here for you if you need me.

    About The Chick

    So here’s a bit about me. I am a genuinely true Los Angeles Chick, but sooooo not “LA” . . . and I certainly do not speak with that strange “LA Accent” that girls acquire when they move here. You know the one where the sounds of words sort of linger in the back of their throats? I guess they are trying to fit in? Not too sure about that one. Lol! Well, yeah, that’s NOT me.

    I am the rare breed of third generation Los Angeles born and raised in Venice as a hippy/surfer/skater chick. I have lived and worked all over my lovely cray-cray city, and now I live in the beautiful Hollywood madness! Believe it or not, the majority of LA native homies are truly down to earth, unaffected and chill, just like my bro Harry Campbell, owner and founder of “The Rideshare Guy”. I am thrilled he invited me to share The Rideshare Chick’s perspective here with you. Exciting! 😉

    For my first article, I wanted to give my own take on Scott’s List so you guys can get to know me a little better.  If you haven’t read that one yet, take a peek: Top Ten Questions Passengers Like To Ask Their Rideshare Drivers

    “The Chick’s” Update to Scott’s List 🙂

    10. How long have you been driving for (name your favorite ride sharing company)?

    I started driving Sidecar over a year ago but only because Lyft wouldn’t initially accept my car because of a small key scratch. After meeting with Lyft during an in-person group interview and my car getting “rejected”, I photo shopped the scratch, sent them a photo of the “repair” and was accepted to drive Lyft.

    That was back in their Beta stage days last summer 2013, I was earning a guarantee of $15 or $25 p/hr so I kinda stopped driving Sidecar because I was doing okay with Lyft. A few months later, an Uber recruiter jumped in my car the 1st week of December 2013 and told me I could earn $500.00 if I signed up with her in my car. She was drunk and a hawt mess so I didn’t believe her. I told her that I would only go for it if I could verify everything in writing with the Uber corporate people. Alas, that was the beginning of my relationship with my arch nemesis, Uber (more future funny tales of the enemy to come).

    9. How did you become a driver?

    When I was laid off from my job last year, I asked one of my besties if he could help me find a car to rent to drive Uber Black. He has been driving Uber Black since it first came to LA in 2012 so I knew he had the hook-ups. He said, “Nawww girl, just drive your own car, start with Lyft!” I asked, “Really, is it safe for girls and what about that weird pink furry mustache thing? Do you think I would be required to attach that to my car? The whole mustachio thing is so 2010! And why does it have to be pink fur? I hate pink furry things!” Lol! The rest is history in the making!

    8. Do you do this full time? What is your full time job?

    I am doing this full-time, but my background is in product design/development/production/manufacturing/logistics. I am the “Get-er-Done Girl”! I’m currently doing freelance work and job hunting in addition to rideshare driving. Lucky me, I currently have three jobs that hardly get me by! Woo-woo!

    7. I was thinking about becoming a driver. What does it take to be a driver?

    I lovingly hustled and referred over 50 new drivers last spring and early summer, but now I tell people who want to drive the reality of the price and commission gouges but that I can help to set them up if they really want to try it! I usually hand out my referral cards, but the easier technique to ensure you will be accurately paid your referral bonus is to actually help them fill out the initial application linked to your referral code.

    6. Have you ever been propositioned by a passenger? (this is the PG version of the question)

    Ugh, unfortunately yes, this happens often because I’m a girl! I’m a cute blonde, but I always dress down, wear baggy clothes, and never show any skin, boobs, or legs. I never wear makeup and usually keep my hair in a granny bun and always wear my nerdy seeing eye glasses, but I have lost count to how many times I have had to say, “Look buddy, just cuz you didn’t get lucky in the bar, doesn’t mean you’re going to get lucky in my car!”

    I also had two different dudes in different rides insinuate that I was a prostitute because I was driving late at night; and both times the dudes were with chicks in the car . . . one was even on a date on Valentine’s Day!! What the feck?! Both times, I kicked the people out and stopped the trip. I don’t have time to be disrespected! So annoying and rude! One trip was Lyft, the other was Uber. Only Lyft removed the rider from the platform. Surprise, surprise . . . Uber didn’t care and gave me their lame standardized response, thanking me for my professionalism.

    5. Has anyone ever thrown up in your car?

    No, thank goodness this hasn’t happened although I’ve had several close calls (which is also why I no longer drive completely wasted people who can’t walk or sit in the car without assistance, it’s not worth the risk!). When I’m asked this, I always “knock wood” on my head (am doing it as I write this too)!

    However, one night I spent 15 minutes trying to find three drunk dudes in Echo Park at 3.5x surge pricing. I started the trip after the guy begged me to come find him. They insisted on getting some carne asada burritos from Burrito King and that they were going to get me one too – but I said no eating in my car and they genuinely said “Oh Rideshare Chick, we love you so much, you’re so rad, we would never eat in your car! How can we request you for every trip? We only want you to drive us!! You’re the best Uber driver ever! Blah blah blah…”

    So first stop, Burrito King, waited, they got their 4 burritos. Second stop, we were off to Silver Lake to drop off the account holder sitting up front with me. He told the dudes in the back to give him his burrito, and asked them to give me mine too. So I placed my wrapped burrito lovingly on the front seat floor. I thanked him for the burrito, we hugged and said bye as he told me to take his buddies wherever they wanted to go. Third stop, VEGAS! Just kidding, it was Downtown LA. Phew we had made it!

    As they were getting out of the backseat, I noticed something on the butt of the dude who was sitting behind me. It looked like orange strings between his legs on his jeans or something, and I was trying not to stare but it looked really weird. I pulled out of the parking lot and over to the curb remembering to check the back seat to make sure their drunk asses didn’t leave anything behind (no pun intended). That’s when I saw it!!!

    Somehow, the drunken dude behind me managed to sit on the paper bag of the burritos and it squished greasy Carne Asada burrito all over my back seat! That’s what was hanging from that dudes butt!! It was cheese!! Hahahaha!!! LMAO!!!

    The trip was about $60, took the car for cleaning the next morning, ate my delicious burrito for breakfast and went back to sleep. I was reimbursed for the cleaning fee in the next pay period. I loved those guys, greasy burrito butt mess and all! It’s still a good laugh! 😉

    4. Why can’t you take more passengers than there are seat belts?

    Oh sheesh, I am so sick and tired of this. Now I tell people in a very stern voice, “Listen, I don’t want to be the one to face your grieving parents in court because I let you ‘squeeze’ in and we were hit by a drunk driver and you died because you’re too cheap to take two cars or request a bigger vehicle!” After which, I’m usually called stupid whore, and the other common foul names that angry douche bags use to refer degradingly to women. One dude told me that I was a “loser” and to “get with the program because everyone else does it”. Another guy offered to pay me $1000.00 if I let him ride in the trunk. Yeah right! I may be blonde, but I’m not dumb!! Duh.

    3. Can I drink alcohol or smoke in your car?

    I always start this one with a joke when they show up with their red Solo cups on the street and I respond, “No sorry, you can’t bring your drinks in my car because you didn’t bring a drink for me too!” They usually laugh, and then offer me some of theirs, but then I always need to explain that I was only joking . . . like I’d really have a cocktail and drive them somewhere?? Seriously? These people are so ridiculous!!! I always tell them that I will wait for them to finish their drinks, but I always start the trip as they finish (their ciggys too).

    Oh and I’ve been offered cocaine and weed several times, and surprisingly everyone politely asks if they can do their drugs in my car. “Since your windows are tinted, do you mind if I snort my cocaine in your back seat once we get on the freeway? No one will see me.” Hello people, “Uh, yeah, I DO MIND! Please do not do your drugs in my car and if you do it, I will call 911, stop the car, and throw you out!!!” Seriously, who would say yes to these people? Really?! Don’t fall prey to these types of requests. If something happens, it will ALWAYS be YOUR responsibility!

    PS: I never let anyone eat in my car either! I can’t tell you how many times people want to bring their late night, street-bacon-wrapped-slimy-hot-dogs in my car! Eeeew, the smell would never go away! So gross.

    2. Can I get you as a driver later on tonight?

    I always get the, “We love having a cool chick driver, you’re the best, we want you every time!” Usually I give my business card to the cool people I make a connection with, but I tell everyone that I would never drive anyone off the platform for cash, it’s just not worth the risk as a TNC driver. Surprisingly, due to the cool laws of the universe, many of the people who I’ve bonded with usually randomly end up with me again. I like that.

    1. Where are you?

    This has become my BIGGEST PEEVES and it really pushes my BB “Bitch Button”!! Ugh! I am so annoyed with this one that unless it’s a huge surge price, or if the people on the phone are nice but merely confused, I usually do this:

    -“Where are you?” I respond, “I’m in my car.” If they laugh, I go find them. If they ask me again or get snarky, I cancel, moving on.
    -Often times the address is not exact, it’s a range or I know there will be 200+ people on the street waiting for pick up. I call the passenger within one minute. I always say with a smile, “Hi Name, this is Chick, your Uberx driver.” If the immediate response is, “Where are you?” instead of “Hi” or “How’s it going” or “Yay”, etc, they have immediately pushed the BB so this is what I do. (I know it’s kinda mean, but honestly I don’t care!):

    1. “Where are you?” I pull over if I can or I start driving really slowly.

    2. I sarcastically reply to them, “Do you want to walk around to try to find me or do you think it would be easier if you tell me where you are since I’m the one with the car?”

    3. If they laugh and realize their question was stupid and explain to me where they are, I mission to find them.

    4. If they continue to speak rudely to me, I tell them, “Oh I’m right here, in front, can’t you see me? I see you, I’m waving at you.” Then because they’re so rude, they usually say “Oh, ok yeah” and then just hang up on me. That’s when I cancel the trip and turn off the app and drive in the opposite direction.

    5. Whoopsie! Hahaha!!

    6. When they call me back because they can’t find me, I politely tell them that I canceled because they were rude and advise that it is very simple to be more courteous to their drivers. Usually they will hang up on me again, or start shouting obscenities, but I don’t care. I’m always so grateful that I chose not to pick up those jerks and I believe that is why my star rating is still 4.9 after a year of this crazy work mastering over 2000 trips . . . I refuse to take the rude ones, they don’t deserve to be in my car with me!

    Bonus: Here’s Some Other Cool Stuff For Y’all To Check Out



    So what do you guys and more importantly girls think of my list?  What’s your favorite experience been like so far and what do you love/hate about rideshare driving?

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    The Rideshare Chick

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