Amazon Flex Waiting List: Drivers Guide

As the name suggests, Amazon Flex is a flexible side hustle for gig workers. Drivers set their own schedule, signing up for shifts called Amazon flex blocks.

With each block, you know how much it’s worth. Drivers know how many miles they’ll have to drive, how many drop-offs they’ll have to make, and exactly how much they’ll get paid.

This makes Amazon Flex an extremely popular delivery gig, both for dedicated side hustlers and for casual workers wanting to earn some extra cash for the holidays.

And with this delivery job’s popularity comes the Amazon Flex waiting list.

With some gig economy jobs, you just have to sign up and pass the background check and you’re in. With Amazon Flex, you may have to spend some time on their driver waitlist before you can start working.

This review article will cover what you need to know about the Amazon waiting list. We’ll explain what is, why Amazon has it, and how the list works, including how much time new drivers may have to spend on the list before they can start picking up shifts.

What Is the Amazon Flex Waiting List?

The Amazon Flex waiting list is a waitlist the e-commerce retailer uses when more contractors are signing up to be drivers than positions available.

The driver needs and wait lists are tied to specific markets. Some areas may have more drivers than needed, while others may have major shortages.

If you sign up to become a Flex driver and there is no spot available, you can go on the waiting list. You can check on your application status, and receive notification when there is an opening.

You need to complete the Amazon application in full, including a background check, in order to get on the waitlist. However, this does mean that when your number is up, you know you are pre-approved. With some gig apps, you may wait several months on a waitlist only to then find you are not eligible.

While you are on the waitlist, make sure to log in frequently for updates and also check your email, spam folder included.

Why Does Amazon Flex Have a Waiting List?

Amazon Flex has a waitlist to manage demand. A new driver will get waitlisted if there are too many Flex drivers in their area, or if there’s not enough market demand for the current Amazon drivers.

It comes down to supply and demand, and some markets can get oversaturated.

On the plus side, the retailer wants to make sure that its existing drivers have enough work instead of having too many drivers duke it out for too few shifts. When you do get in, you know that Amazon will want to make sure you can pick up as many hours as you’d like.

How Long is the Amazon Flex Waiting List?

There is not a specific length of time you’ll have to wait; it can take three weeks to several months. It all depends on the city you’re in.

And it comes down to existing driver interest. For a position to open up, an existing driver will need to quit or get fired.

Luckily for new waitlisted drivers, there is a lot of turnover for Amazon Flex drivers. And if you sign up during the holiday period, it may be easier for you to get in.

Seasonality can also play a factor — and not just holiday-related. For example, in Minnesota, many gig workers do not want to drive for Amazon Flex during the winter months when the roads are icy and driving conditions are generally hazardous.

Can You Check Your Place on the Amazon Flex Waiting List?

Yes and no. You can log into the app and check your email daily to see what your status is, but there isn’t a specific waitlist number that you are given.

If you see inconsistent information in the app versus the email, you may need to contact Amazon support.

Flex driver openings are all filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Drivers who sign up after you will not get approved before you. However, you do want to respond quickly when you are notified that a position has become available.

How to Get Off the Amazon Flex Waiting List

Either wait for an opening in your city or tell Amazon support that you want off the waitlist. The latter, however, isn’t really necessary. If you are notified of an opening and don’t respond to claim it, Amazon will just move on to the next delivery driver in line.

What Drivers Are Saying About the Amazon Flex Waiting List

Drivers throughout different U.S. markets have had a range of experiences with the Amazon waitlist. Here’s some driver feedback on the Amazon waitlist process.

Here are some recent threads on Reddit about the Amazon Flex Waiting List:

  • MasonAS23 spent two years and eight months on the waitlist and advises other waitlisted drivers to pick up another gig in the meantime.
  • Far_Hunt_774 says they started gigging for other delivery companies and rideshare services while on the waitlist, including DoorDash, Uber, and Lyft. They advise drivers to forget Amazon
  • Electronic_Ice_16 said it took two months to get in and now drives in Staten Island but they are waiting for the Brooklyn, NYC region to open up.

Some drivers state that updating their application details can help them move through the waitlist more quickly. For example, letting Amazon know that you have a pickup truck to make deliveries or that you want to drive for the San Diego market instead of Chula Vista.

Amazon Flex is available in roughly 100 cities. If it’s not available in your exact city, it may be available in a neighboring metro area. The retailer does try to keep a list of recruiting cities where it is actively hiring Flex drivers, but when we last checked the list in late October the page was empty and it advised site visitors to check back later

In the meantime, you could consider working as an Instacart shopper or driving for a food delivery service. Demand for these gig apps is a bit higher. Not everyone orders from Amazon all that often, but people have to eat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common FAQs that readers have about the Amazon Flex waiting list.

What is the interest list on Amazon Flex?

The interest list for Amazon Flex is the Amazon waiting list. New drivers can get on the interest list by signing up to drive, getting approved, and then waiting for Amazon to notify them of an available opening.

When you’re advised of an available position, claim it immediately and complete the onboarding process as soon as possible.

What times of year are busy for Amazon Flex?

As with other retailers, Amazon has its highest demand during the holiday season. The surge in demand begins to rise in October and continues swelling throughout November and December up until Christmas.

There are also major spikes in demand for Amazon’s Prime Day sales events.

Amazon does provide its drivers with a guide of tips and hacks to make the most out of peak delivery season, including tips to set goals, optimize scheduling, and learn about different ways (types of deliveries) to earn.

What is the onboarding process for Amazon Flex?

The onboarding process takes place within the Amazon Flex app. Applicants must provide basic information, like name, Social Security number (SSN), driver’s license number, and consent to a background check.

How long is Amazon Flex training?

The training process takes about four (4) hours to complete in full. Amazon Flex delivery partners complete what is called Academy Green training. Drivers are compensated $136, or more, for their time.

Can you be rejected by Amazon Flex?

Yes, applicants can be rejected by Amazon Flex. Current drivers too, for that matter. The most common reason is for failing a background check or for new violations that show up on a driver’s record.

Drivers can dispute the results of a background check. Errors can happen. For example, it may say there’s a felony on the record for someone with your same name who lives in Colorado Springs but you have lived your whole life in Detroit.

Let Amazon Support know if there’s an error like this. In some instances, law firms can help you appeal an Amazon Flex rejection.

Driver’s Take

It can be a bummer to find yourself on the waitlist for a gig you want to do, especially a solid one like Amazon Flex, but the process is fair and even. It ensures jobs are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, and that there is enough work for drivers.

In busier cities, like Seattle or Chicago, there’s often a driver shortage and not a long waiting list. And if you’re in a city with less demand for Flex delivery drivers, there are plenty of other gigs you can pick up in the meantime like Roadie, GoShare, or Walmart Spark.