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The Rideshare Guy has been covering Uber and Lyft, and delivery companies like DoorDash, UberEats and Instacart since 2014.

There aren’t many folks who have driven for Uber, interviewed Uber’s CEO, talked to tens of thousands of drivers, and wrote the book on rideshare, so if you want insights into what drivers are thinking, reaction to trending stories or the latest news, we’re happy to help.

For driver-related stories, we’d love to connect you with our top contributor, Sergio Avedian. Sergio is an experienced rideshare and delivery driver (still active doing at least 10 hrs+ every week), runs our popular weekly live show ‘Show me the Money Club’, has been quoted in hundreds of media stories and on camera, interviewed top executives like Lyft CEO David Risher and more. He can be reached via e-mail at sergio [at] therideshareguy.com. All we ask is that you mention and link to him in the story as ‘Sergio Avedian, Senior Contributor at The Rideshare Guy.’

For all other inquiries, please e-mail harry [at] therideshareguy.com.

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