Boston Driver Still Going Strong After 72,000 Trips

I have been a Rideshare driver since 2015, with over 12K trips and deliveries under my belt.

I am always looking for veteran drivers and am intensely interested in their stories. When I learned about Bob (Name changed for privacy reasons), I decided to share his story with you.

He has been an Uber & Lyft driver for close to 9 years. How many trips he has under his belt on both platforms blew my mind.

Looking at the screenshot below, he favors Uber but cherry-picks his way to success while multi-apping. He must be a SMTMC (Show Me The Money Club) viewer.

Screenshot of the number of trips he has done. He is over 72K trips.
Screenshot of the number of trips he has done. He is over 72K trips.

As I write this, he is over 72K trips and going strong. Amazing, for all I know, he may be holding the record for the most trips in the US.

As you can all see, within a month since I received the screenshot on the left, he has tacked on another 1,000 trips to his total.

How Does Bob’s Earnings Look These Days

This is where my respect for Bob goes ballistic.

One would think after almost nine years, he would burn out; it is a challenging task to drive thousands of miles year after year. Rideshare is not a healthy gig for our bodies and minds, but he has somehow persevered and survived.

He definitely has figured out that there is a method to this madness.

Ultimately, he is a Warrior; he has conquered this gig and makes a great living at it.

I certainly realize there will be haters coming out of the woodwork, and they will call him and ANT; they will blame him for Uber/Lyft treating drivers badly. I bet they will even emphasize that he does not have a life.

Last time I checked, no one was putting a gun to anyone’s head to turn the apps on and drive. We all make and sleep in our beds; he loves this work!

For many Rideshare Drivers, summer of 2023 has been awful but not for Bob as he earns over $3,000 a week.
For many Rideshare Drivers, summer of 2023 has been awful but not for Bob as he earns over $3,000 a week.

Over $ 3,000 a week is definitely something to be applauded and celebrated. As far as I am concerned, the summer of 2023 has been awful for many Rideshare Drivers, but not for Bob!

Keep reading. This is not just one and done for him; I have posted more screenshots of his Earnings below. We have nothing to hide.

His average of $41 per Online hour combined is nothing short of amazing since Uber/Lyft have severely reduced Incentives and Promotions this year.

So Bob just grinds and excels. Bravo! Like anything else in life, what you put into your work is what you will get out of it. Bob hustles day after day, week after week, year after year!

My Questions to Bob and his honest answers

He sent this screenshot showing the acceptance rate and cancellation rate.
He sent this screenshot showing the acceptance rate and cancellation rate.

After Bob sent me these screenshots, I had questions for him, and he was kind enough to answer them in his own words. He also assured me that he does not have Auto Accept turned on. Do you believe him?


  • P1 starts by going online and waiting for trip requests
  • P2 starts when a driver accepts a request, and he/she is on their way to the Pick-up
  • P3 starts when a passenger gets in the car and ends at the destination
  • UR is Utilization Rate
  • AR is Acceptance Rate
  • CR is Cancellation Rate


Q: These are great numbers, Bob. P2/P3 was less than 73 hours on Uber, it was probably 10% less, factoring in a UR of 90% unless you are on Auto Accept and take everything.

A: You are 100% right, but it is simpler for me doing it in this way, just reading my odometer. I am not on Auto Accept, however I receive and accept the rides while blind and let the algorithm decide.

Q: So this proves that there is a method to this madness by just trusting the algorithm.

A: As you may wonder, I’ve tried almost every way to deal with the algorithms. At the end of the day, you make more money letting them assign you the next trip before you finish, trusting them and receiving it blind. Sometimes you don’t receive the best Surge, however you have no gaps, and your P2 is shorter. As long as you give them the time to figure it out. When I know I am at the best place at the best time, and they assign me a trip that I know 100% is coming with a bad Surge, I turn on last ride and cancel the trip. Then, when I go back online, they assign me a good one with the correct Surge!

Q: Are you just on UberX and Lyft Standard? I am assuming so.

A: Yes, standard in both now. Much better for my car, I was on the Comfort platform with my RAV4 but it was not worth it for me as it was for Uber. P2 times were way longer because of less Comfort cars on the road.

Q: Are the miles driven total for both TNCs and door-to-door miles or just for P2/P3?

A: That’s my total odometer reading from Sunday to Sunday. I am a full timer, and I don’t use my car for anything other than TNC rides, Uber and Lyft. It may not be 100% accurate, but it is much simpler for my own statistics and control.

Bob's weekly miles driven
Bob's weekly miles driven.

Bob’s July Earnings

This is Bob's July Earnings, he could reach $2500 a week.
This is Bob's July Earnings, he could reach $2500 a week.

I have not included his Lyft Earnings for the same periods, but I can assure everyone that each week in July, Bob could Gross at least $2500 a week.

I have his verified earnings statements, which I may use for another article.

My Take

Uber and Lyft should be thankful for veteran drivers like Bob and his outstanding service to passengers.

Is all good in the Rideshare world? Absolutely Not!

Is everything bad in this space? Absolutely Not!

Here is the perfect example of a driver who grinds day in and day out and provides for his family.

I am thrilled to have found him and had a chance to write about him for our audience.

SMTMC is a strong, growing community; one could be an ANT or a Super Cherry Picker.

In closing I will use Bob’s quote:

“Considering all expenses and taxes, I keep around 65% of what I bill them, that means my estimated net income could go around $2,000+/week or $100,000+/yr.

For sure, this is an ideal situation for me, however, I will be very close to reaching six figures for 2023 and that’s my goal!

After complaining about all the BS these companies do and the ugly way they sometimes treat us, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work my ass off like I do and be able to make this money.

God bless you guys, and keep it up!”