Can Dashcams Prevent Bad Passenger Behavior? (And A Big Giveaway!)

Whether they try to bring open containers into your car, or empty your glovebox onto the sidewalk, there’s no telling how your passengers will behave themselves before, during, or after their ride.

The single best way to protect yourself and your property is by using a dashcam. Don’t have one yet? You might be in luck – enter our giveaway and you could win one of FOUR (4) brand new Falcon F360 dashcams!

Falcon F360 dashcam
Falcon F360 Dual Lens Dashcam – $149.95,

How does a dashcam help me?

Just having a dashcam visible in your car can be a big help for keeping your passengers in line. If you’re involved in an accident, a dashcam can prove that you were not at fault, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on repairs, fines, or injury claims – whether you’re doing a trip or not. If you’re attacked while driving, dashcam evidence could provide the basis for a lawsuit. If you’re falsely accused of harassment or some other crime, a dashcam can also vouch for your innocence.

Are dashcams allowed?

Many people wonder if dashcams are allowed by Uber, by Lyft, and by law. I’m no lawyer, but I can tell you that neither Uber nor Lyft have policies forbidding the use of a dashcam. As for the passengers, 99% of mine appreciate that I’m taking their safety seriously by using a camera; that is, if they even notice it’s there!

Can’t buy a dash cam right now but still want to protect yourself with audio and image recording? Check out Seam, an app for your phone that can record audio and images, plus keep you safe by connecting you to your emergency contacts. Read more about Seam here.

Are dashcams legal?

Laws vary by location; keep in mind that I’m not allowed to give legal advice. However, I can share the results of my research. The following 11 US states have what’s known as a “two-party recording law:”

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington

The two-party recording law was implemented to prevent wiretapping. Specifically, it requires that all persons consent when someone is recording audio. If you live in one of these states, it’s easy to comply with these laws: all you need to do is place a warning sticker on your windows (you can find a wide variety on Amazon) or turn off the microphone on your dashcam so that no conversation is recorded. Even if you don’t live in a two-party state, warning stickers might not be a bad idea anyway. Better to invest in a few $5 stickers than to have your evidence thrown out of court, should you need to take it there.

Which dashcam should I get?

Whether you work 5 hours a week or 50, a dashcam is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make as a driver. It’s clear the dashcams prevent bad passenger behavior, or at least deter it. We tested three dashcams to find the best one for rideshare drivers. Here are our top picks:

Best overall: Falcon Zero F360 Dashcam – $149.95,

Best value: Zero Edge Dual Lens HD Mirror Camera  – $85.99,

Best single-lens unit: iTrue X3 dashcam – $109.95,

Want a free dashcam?

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Readers, what do you think about dashcams and which one would you pick? Do you think dashcams prevent bad passenger behavior?

-Jon @ RSG