RSG Consulting: Rideshare and Mobility Solutions

RSG Consulting is here to help companies large and small with their goals in mobility, ridesharing and transportation. Large corporations, startups, municipalities, researchers, and not-for-profits have all retained the help of the RSG team to gain insight into the lives of workers in the gig economy, de-risk new products or business units, and validate hypotheses.

RSG Consulting: Rideshare and Mobility Solutions

RSG Consulting is designed to help people with their goals in mobility, ridesharing and transportation.

We have access to tens of thousands of rideshare and delivery drivers, scooter chargers, and other workers in the contractor economy. With knowledge gained from 15+ years of combined experience, our team will coach you through your business ideas and help you get answers to your questions quickly and at lower cost than through MVP testing. We’ve been a part of successful companies and seen why others have failed. We’ll help keep you in the first group. We’ve been through both successful and failed companies–let us keep you in the first group.

Clients come from a variety of backgrounds and organizations including:

  • F500 companies in transportation, energy, and consumer goods
  • Management consultancies
  • Early and late-stage startups
  • VC / market research firms
  • Higher education institutions
  • State and local governments
  • Not-for-profits
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RSG Policy for Consulting Calls:

We require a 48 hr. cancellation notice. Any calls cancelled within 48 hrs. of the appointment time, will be charged 50% of the agreed upon amount.

Our calls are not pro-rated. So if you book a 1 hour slot, you will be charged for the full 1 hour regardless of the length of the call.


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Custom survey of gig workers

if you need insights from real drivers, we are the best destination, with a loyal readership of 75k to sample from. And we’ve run dozens of private and public surveys of ridehail drivers that have been cited by the media hundreds of times, Uber’s CEO and more. We’ll provide insights into the findings for you and present you with clear action items and risk areas to avoid.

Call with Harry or Tom

if you have general questions about the industry, where it’s going, and how your organization fits, we can talk. Harry is the Rideshare Guy, and has been the main thought-leader in the space since its inception. Tom was on the Lyft launch team in LA, and now consults full-time.

New product testing and validation

don’t risk your new product, or your budget, before having us kick the proverbial tires. We’ll do a deep-dive into your product/service and deliver suggestions, changes, and comments.

Investor client calls

For folks in both institutional investments and private wealth management, we offer conference calls on ridesharing and mobility. Please click here for more info.

Public Policy and Transportation Consulting Work

Our team is currently working on a couple different public policy projects as a sub-consultant studying topics like congestion pricing, ride-hail regulation and more. If you’re interested in hiring us directly or including us on your team as a sub-consultant, please let me know. We are unique in that we can bring the perspective of actual ride-hail drivers through quantitative and qualitative analysis and make sure that their voice is included in the policy decisions that directly affect their livelihood.

Here’s a list of reports that we’ve published:

Media Mentions for our work:

Consulting Clients testimonials

I worked with Harry while I was the Maven Gig Marketing Manager at General Motors. Harry helped us design and execute a survey to help us better understand the needs and wants of rideshare drivers. The results from the survey helped us shape our product offerings. Harry was always professional and easy to work with. He’s very knowledge about ride sharing and a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about this ever-evolving space.

Karen ToorDirector of Global Brand Management, Gates Corporation

Last week, in our SharesPost Expert Series webinar, renowned ride-sharing expert Harry Campbell, founder of the popular blog, The Rideshare Guy (RSG), did a deep dive into the ongoing tug of war between drivers and ride-sharing companies. Affable and irreverent, Harry has a unique perspective on the ride-sharing industry, particularly from a driver’s point of view. He has personally interviewed and conducted surveys of thousands of drivers over the past several years.

Rohit KulkarniManaging Director at Sharespost