Curbivore 2023 Wrap Up: Innovative Transportation Companies

Recently, senior RSG contributor Sergio Avedian attended Curbivore 2023, the preeminent conference for discussing commerce at the curb, micromobility, and more. In the following recap, Sergio shares what he learned about commerce and transportation, including how cities are re-imagining streets, plus innovative companies seeking to make things easier, faster and safer for all. Stay tuned for Sergio’s second installment of the Curbivore 2023 later this week!

curbivore 2023 stage

I attended Curbivore in downtown Los Angeles in 2022 and was fascinated by all the technological innovations to make our streets and curbs safer, and more commerce friendly.  In 2023, Curbivore moved to a bigger venue and focused more on Business To Consumer (B2C) topics. 

As I talked with entrepreneurs and CEOs at Curbivore, I realized I was experiencing amazing new technologies that are shaping the future of our cities. By coming together, we can ensure everyone is included in reshaping our neighborhoods and businesses. Curbivore celebrates organizations that are making this transition possible and offers a chance to sample some of the best cuisine and street food in the country.

According to the organizers of Curbivore 2023 Harry Campbell (The Rideshare Guy) and Jonah Bliss, Curbivore is a call to rethink retailing, last-mile delivery hardware and software, TNCs, micro-mobility, civic tech, road safety, and data collection.

curbivore 2023 attendees

There were clearly two themes that emerged from this year’s event (750+ attendees), Transportation (Hardware and Software) and Gig Economy Workforce.

Gatherings like these take a long time to set up and pull off without a hitch, but the most important aspect for the success of events such as Curbivore are the partners who sponsor and attend the event. You will find a list of all of them here

curbivore 2023 event in action

Transportation Companies at Curbivore 2023


Automotus has built first-of-its-kind automated curb management solutions to help reduce emissions, congestion, and safety hazards in our communities. Dedicated groups of individuals at Automotus work with cities, airports, and fleets to make our communities better places to live. 

automotus attendees at curbivore

Their curb management solutions help cities, airports, fleets, and businesses increase revenue while creating more sustainable, equitable streets.


WAEV  Inc. is an electric vehicle pioneer founded in 2021 to manufacture, distribute, market, and support the GEM, Taylor-Dunn, and Tiger brands. GEM is an established leader in the EV LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) space and has been for more than 20 years.  

waev vehicle at curbivore

Located in Anaheim, California, WAEV is an electric mobility provider dedicated to solving the urban mobility market’s challenges with nimble innovation and comprehensive solutions. During my conversation with Paul Vitrano, I discovered endless possibilities for their vehicles. One that attracted me the most was the model Gem E2 (below left) for food deliveries. I think this would fit my style of low-mile, high-profit food delivery shifts.

Pico Delivers

Pico Delivers is a cost-effective & commitment-free last-mile delivery solutions provider. Their vehicles are perfect for navigating traffic and eliminating parking challenges in densely populated urban quarters, and they combine speed with efficiency while reducing costs as well as carbon emissions.

pico delivers scooters

After my conversation with CEO Emre Ucer, I came away with the impression that they are not only solving the last-mile delivery problem, but also helping restaurants of all shapes and sizes to cut steep commission costs by signing them up for their Merchant programs. 

HUB International

Hub International is a global insurance broker, and its professionals advise businesses and individuals on how to reach their goals by lowering risk with specific insurance policies tailored to their needs. When you partner with HUB, you’re at the center of a vast network of risk, insurance, employee benefits, retirement, and wealth management specialists that bring clarity to a changing world with tailored solutions and unrelenting advocacy.

Hub International’s mission is to protect and support the aspirations of individuals, families and businesses to empower gig workers to learn, grow and make a difference in their communities.


Alto, according to LA General Manager Sevag Konialian is a destination for innovative, intellectually curious, and forward-thinking people on a mission to disrupt the rideshare industry with a revolutionary, elevated experience and sustainable business model. At Alto, they hire W-2 employee drivers and maintain a branded fleet of vehicles.

As the first vertically-integrated fleet manager and ridesharing service, Alto is also committed to leading the industry by transitioning their entire fleet to electric vehicles. They are rapidly growing and accelerating toward a nationwide expansion. Today, Alto operates in Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington D.C., Miami, San Francisco, and Houston.

alto rideshare at curbivore

it’s electric

It’s electric facilitates curbside EV charging specifically built for cities. They partner with property owners in cities across the U.S. who want to install a public charger on their property’s curb. They analyze each property’s curb and electrical panel. If eligible, they secure relevant permits. 

At no cost to the property owner, they install and maintain a low-profile, Level 2* EV charger powered by their partner property’s spare electrical supply. EV drivers who become members can charge their vehicles day or night at all chargers in cities within it’s electric’s network. Property owners who partner with it’s electric to host chargers earn a passive income starting at $1,000 per charger/year.

Takeaways for Drivers

There were so many more amazing supporters of Cubivore that deserve mention, and the long list can be found here. Please, take a moment to visit their websites!

Did you get to attend Curbivore this year? If not, let me know what questions you have for me about the event.

-Sergio @ RSG