Even though we’re known for covering Uber and Lyft here at The Rideshare Guy, there’s no doubt that we’ve seen an explosion of interest and demand in the last mile delivery space. 

    Last year, we put on a virtual conference called Curbivore that touched on topics concerning the curb and the community, more specifically how commerce is moving to the curb and what businesses can do to get in front of the changes. 


    And this year, we’re back with an in person event in downtown Los Angeles on January 28, 2022. Curbivore will be hosting panels, speeches and exhibits to bring together the world of restaurants and retail, civic tech, and mobility.

    Quick summary:

    • Curbivore is an industry conference all about the curb and the community, specifically how commerce is moving to the curb and how businesses and government can embrace changing perceptions of the curb
    • Curbivore will be held live, in person this year in downtown Los Angeles on 1/28/22
    • You should sign up – Curbivore is for anyone interested in the intersection of food/delivery technology, restaurants and retailers and public policy.

    What to Expect at Curbivore

    At the Curbivore conference, you’ll be able to see, touch and feel the technology that’s reshaping the future, as well as meet with civic leaders and forward-thinking entrepreneurs as they band together to reshape our businesses and cities for the better. 

    We’re partnering with marquee companies, like the ones listed below,  to showcase the latest and greatest companies in this space.

    And to keep things fun, we’ll have lots of cool technology on display – from mobile kitchens to sidewalk delivery robots.

    Curbivore is a great opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs in the fields of technology, government and more to gather and learn how to reshape the streets as well as celebrate organizations that are making this possible. Plus, there will be amazing cuisine and street food available throughout the conference! Ziki will be on site serving up Mexican Greek fusion to all conference attendees.

    Speakers include but are not limited to:

    Among dozens of other professionals that will bring unique perspectives to the conference in their fields of expertise. 

    Get Your Tickets to Curbivore Today

    If you purchase your tickets today, you can get the early bird special that includes all-day access to the best of Curbivore: ground-breaking speeches, in-depth panels, eye-opening exhibits, plus the best street food the country has to offer. 

    You can order your early bird or VIP tickets here and use code ‘friendofharry’ to save $100 on your ticket!

    If you’d rather sponsor (as a business) or be a speaker, send a message here

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    -Harry @ RSG

    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

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