Best E-Bike Rental Companies For Couriers

Delivery workers need an efficient transportation mode for quick and hassle-free deliveries. Given that, e-bikes are an option to consider. However, a high quality e-bike can run into thousands of dollars, well out of reach of couriers.

Fortunately, e-bike rental companies are a ray of hope for couriers seeking to spend less on gas, deliver more, and make extra money instead of getting stuck in a car.

Best e-bike rentals for couriers

If you’re facing a budget squeeze, buying an electric bike would be the last thing on your list. But that shouldn’t stop you from dreaming about boosting your work efficiency.

E-bike rental companies provide a viable solution by allowing you to rent e-bikes and enjoy flexible plans. Here are the best e-bike rentals to help you save costs and add to your income.

1) Zoomo

Zoomo, the world’s leader in light e-vehicles, operates worldwide and offers flexible payment plans for delivery riders. The company has $100+ million in funding and aims to transition every urban mile to light e-bikes.

The rental company partners with companies like Uber Eats, Doordash, and Deliveroo and offers you peace of mind by taking care of everything as you ride on the road. For instance, it features IoT to provide safety and better manage your riding experience. The company also equips its e-bikes with GPS tracking features for a hassle-free fleet.

Whether you’re a regular or an occasional courier, the company has a plan for you.

You can pick from Flex, Boost, and Ride-to-own plans for $49, $199, and $279, respectively. The three plans are billed weekly or monthly. So, you can pick an option that suits your preferences.

2) Rybit

Delivery Rybit offers durable rental e-bikes to make your job less stressful and more profitable.

The 1000W robust batteries allow you to travel long hours without worrying about charging the bike. Besides, the company also offers an extra, swappable battery, saving your precious delivery times.

Delivery Rybit offers Starter, Premium, and Elite rental plans for $14, $80, and $240. All you need to do is visit the site, and request a bike. The company will check the availability before getting back to you.

Later, you’ll be asked to submit your ID documents, and you can pay the rent to collect the bike.

And if you’re in San Francisco, check out Rybit’s storefront where you can talk to someone in person and get help with your bike if you need to.

3) Sunryde

Sunryde Electric Bikes is helping couriers replace expensive car rides with affordable e-bikes. The company’s bikes feature a powerful 750W motor and offer a speed of 28 miles per hour.

It also offers free maintenance and a bike helmet and allows you to ride unlimited miles. Currently, the company provides two rental plans: Weekly and Monthly. Both offer unlimited miles, but the weekly plan costs $50, and the monthly plan requires you to pay $185.

Further, Sunryde bikes are equipped with a large delivery box, which is a plus. It eliminates the trouble of carrying the delivery box on your shoulders and makes up for a safe ride.

The company also gives a bike lock for added safety.

4) Zygg

Zygg E-bikes takes the riding experience to the next level by handpicking e-bike models for each city. You need to select the city and choose from some incredible e-bike models.

The company also offers excellent customer support to address your queries. Besides, ZyggCare takes care of e-bike maintenance and repairs.

You have the option to pick from Model Qx, Q2, and R for $54, $59, and $59 weekly. You can also rent the bike on a monthly basis for $129 and $159 (Q2 and R models have similar pricing).


JOCO’s high-end electric bikes are built to last and eliminate the trouble of owning, keeping, and maintaining the bike.

The company empowers delivery riders by letting them focus on deliveries and managing the day-to-day hassles of storing, locking, and cleaning the bike.

The brand aims to reduce carbon emissions and make the air fresher and cleaner. You can choose from several pricing plan options, from 6-hour Power Pass to 24 Hour Day Pass and 7 Day Weekly Pass. The 6-hour pass costs $12, while the 24-hour pass costs around $24.

Lastly, the weekly delivery pass requires you to pay $65.

However, make sure you read the description thoroughly to avoid penalties.

6) Honorable Mention: Pico

Pico doesn’t offer ebikes, but rather scooters and mopeds. Their plans start at $25 weekly with several perks, from routine maintenance to phone app and liability insurance. You can extend the membership and explore several model options.

Regardless of the moped you pick, the company guarantees quality. Its electric motor offers a quiet operation and lets you outsmart traffic through limited space.

The bike also has room for placing the delivery bag, helmet, or any personal belongings. Finally, the Pico app takes functionality to another level by letting you manage subscriptions from the comfort of your phone.

Why use an e-bike for delivery?


Completing daily orders on a regular bike can get incredibly daunting – even for strong cyclists. Therefore, a regular bike puts a cap on your work by exhausting you sooner. An e-bike, on the other hand, allows you to pick extra shifts and work for long hours. Not only does it add to your income, but it also makes your work less tiring.


The cost of keeping an e-bike’s battery charged is far less than filling a car’s tank with gas. So, instead of spending half of your income on gas, consider a cost-effective option: electric bikes.


E-bike users significantly reduce their carbon footprint using an environmentally friendly transportation mode. Plus, you also reduce noise pollution because most models are almost noiseless. You can ride through quiet streets without disturbing others.

More orders in less time 

Time is money for couriers. The quicker you complete your orders, the faster you can drop them off from the to-do list and generate a higher income. But how quickly you deliver the orders significantly depends on the efficiency of the transportation mode.

An e-bike offers a fantastic way to get around the city, bypassing traffic jams and making more deliveries.

Because you’re on a bike, you can glide through the side streets to reach your location quicker. What’s more, you do not need to park it far from the delivery location; instead, go right up to the door.

Besides, standard e-bikes cruise at 22 mph, which is relatively faster than a regular bike.

Put them all together, and you’ll cut the delivery time down, finishing more orders in less time.


Why rent an e-bike? 

If you work as a courier only occasionally or it’s your side job, there’s no point in purchasing an e-bike with high upfront costs. Besides, those who plan to switch the courier job soon shouldn’t invest in buying one.

Further, anyone on a tight budget would naturally hesitate to purchase a thousand-dollar e-bike. Therefore, renting an option can be your best bet.

Are electric bikes good for delivery? 

Electric bikes are perfect for couriers and delivery workers as they allow a hassle-free way to get around tight city streets without compromising speed. This lets delivery workers complete more orders and generate a higher income.

Should I buy or rent an e-bike for deliveries? 

Buying an e-bike doesn’t hurt if you have enough money and are a regular delivery worker. However, renting an e-bike is ideal for those facing a budget squeeze. It will save you from paying high costs upfront and give you an efficient transportation mode that fits your budget.

Final words 

Pulling up to a restaurant on a sidewalk is more convenient than battling for parking. Likewise, gliding through narrow city streets saves more time than waiting in heavy traffic for long hours.

If you don’t have the budget to purchase an e-bike, you still have the option to rent it. Choose one of the e-bike rentals mentioned above and make your daily work more fun and fruitful.