Friday Rideshare Roundup: Should Drivers Support Unethical Companies Like Uber?

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    I’ve only been driving for 6 months but one thing that I learned quickly is that Uber and Lyft don’t care much about their drivers.  Of course they are going to promote community and make it seem like we’re partners, but at the end of the day they aren’t any different than any other big corporation.  They are all about their bottom line and it’s clear that right now both companies are looking out for themselves.

    I think there’s still plenty of opportunity as a rideshare driver but Lyft and Uber’s ongoing price war is hurting drivers more than anyone else.  I’m lucky to drive as a part-time gig so if prices go down, I just drive less.  When prices come back up, I’ll start driving more.  Not everyone has that luxury though and I think those are the people who have been the most outspoken lately.

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    In the past, it was easy to overlook slow response times and the occasional mishaps but when you start messing with people’s livelihoods you are going to elicit some strong reactions.  During the past week, we’ve seen drivers unions forming, strikes against Uber and the big news of the week: Uber’s diabolical plan to sabotage Lyft and steal its drivers.

    When I first read this story, I thought it was something out of a spy novel but some of the stuff Uber has been doing over the past few months it is pretty crazy.  Read the article for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.

    Top News Stories

    This is Uber’s playbook for sabotaging Lyft – Is this story for real?  Yes it is!  Uber even confirmed that ‘SLOG’ is a real initiative but of course they denied all of the malicious intent.  I’ve heard from several drivers this week that they will never drive or take an Uber again so I’m curious to hear what you guys think about the situation.

    Uber’s Secret Agents: When Poaching Becomes Unethical – Here’s another good piece on Uber’s questionable ethics.  It seems like most of these stories are always about Uber screwing over Lyft.  I wish that Lyft would be the bigger person and stop trying to duke it out with Uber, they’re not going to win.

    UberX drivers turn in company phones, effectively going on strike – If you’re going to go on strike, you really need more than 100 people.  The fare cuts really hurt full time drivers the most so it’s going to be hard to motivate all of the part time drivers to strike.

    The Yahoo Tech Guide to Ride-Sharing Etiquette – A funny and cute etiquette guide for rideshare passengers, drivers and everyone in-between.

    Kalanick Uber-wise to bring in Plouffe – Most people haven’t heard of David Plouffe but he actually ran Obama’s 2008 campaign and did some amazing things.  It will be interesting to see how he fits in with Uber.

    Introducing Uber Integration and new feature: SmartRides! – This article is an awesome example of how companies can partner up with rideshare companies like Uber.  I wish there were more of these stories and less about low pay and pissed off drivers.

    Will the Hybrid Version of a Car Actually Save You Money? – I always though hybrids saved you more money.  This graph doesn’t make them look like a very good investment though.

    FedEx Misclassified Drivers As Independent Contractors, Rules Ninth Circuit – At least there’s a debate with rideshare drivers but how could FedEx drivers possibly be independent contractors?  I do think this paves the way though for some possible lawsuits in the future by Uber and Lyft drivers.  Maybe they should think about that.

    Awkward True Stories From Uber and Lyft Riders Just Like You – These stories are pretty funny.  I think my favorite one is about the woman who got hit on by her ‘creepy Sidecar driver’ and when she reported it, Sidecar gave her $5 in ride credit.  Good ol’ Sidecar!

    Here are the rest of the rideshare articles I read during the week.

    Obama Lyft Petition.

    So readers what do you think about all of the latest rideshare news of the past week?  What was your favorite story and was there anything I missed?

    -The Rideshare Guy

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