Friday Roundup: Is Lyft A Real Threat To Dethrone Uber?

I wrote an article in Forbes this week about how Lyft has actually over-achieved in its battle with Uber.  That article seemed to come at a perfect time too since most of the big stories this week centered around what Lyft is doing well but also what they’re doing not so well.  For as small as Lyft is compared to Uber, they sure do get a lot of press which will undoubtedly help them going forward.

Uber is clearly king right now and although Lyft dominated the headlines this week, it’s not even a real competition outside of major cities like SF/LA/Boston.  Uber is ubiquitous and their name is synonymous with pretty much everything these days as you’ll see below (Uber for kids!).

But that doesn’t mean I’m not rooting for Lyft.  Competition is a good thing for drivers and passengers and while Lyft isn’t even in the same stratosphere as Uber right now, they are technically still in second place.

Lyft Dominates This Week’s Headlines

Leaked Lyft document confirms: competing with Uber is hell

“Uber have crossed a handful of lines” – Lyft CEO, Logan Green

While Uber may have crossed a handful of lines, it seems like Lyft’s attitude and company values have been, well more Uber-like than ever over the past few months.

Lyft takes over SXSW to prove it’s nothing like Uber

Uber may have started as a black car service but UberX is clearly their focus now and even more so going forward (think UberPool).  I think the two companies are way more similar than Green puts on though.  But I guess he kind of has to put a PR spin on reality.

Has Lyft Actually Overachieved In The War Against Uber?

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Taxis Probably Don’t Like Uber Too Much Either Right Now

‘Taxi Kingpin’ in massive debt thanks to Uber

I probably could have told you it was a bad idea to loan this guy money just by looking at this guy’s picture.

More Uber cars than yellow taxis on the road in NYC

NYC is a taxi market so this is good news for Uber and bad news for taxi companies.

Some Bad News For Uber

Uber CFO steps down after two years of surging growth

I’m not sure what to make of this story as his reasons for leaving seem like something a PR type person crafted up for him.  Wonder what really happened..

Uber offices in Paris raided by armed police and team under custody for entire day

This does not sound like a fun day at work and reminds me a little bit about what went down in Las Vegas a few months back.

Money Comes Easy In The Collaborative Economy

Uber For Kids: Shuddle Raises $10 Million To Replace Mom’s Minivan

Technically, you’re not allowed to transport minors as an Uber/Lyft driver but lots of drivers still do it anyways.  This company found a niche and is looking to capitalize on it, good for them.

On another note, if you’re an LA area driver, a similar service called HopSkipDrive is offering $100 signing bonuses after 5 rides when you mention ‘TheRideshareGuy’.

How Investors are Sharing their Money into the Collaborative Economy

Seems like a bubble is brewing.  This is just way too much money to be putting into one industry.

Drivers, what do you think about all of Lyft’s recent good and bad press attention?  Do you see them as a real competitor to Uber or will they remain a very distant second place for years to come?

-Harry @ RSG