How To Keep Driving When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

When I first started rideshare driving, I could easily drive 6 to 8 hours after working 8 to 10 hours at my regular job.

It wasn’t even just that I needed the money. It was that making money, running my own business, and feeling like I was moving forward with plans motivated me so much that it hardly felt like work to me.

As the years went on, hitting the road has felt more and more like work, so much so that there have been whole years where I didn’t drive even once.

Whether it’s your day job, side hustle, or the gig you’re working, you can sometimes feel unmotivated, like you can’t do anymore.

When that happens, what can you do to get that spark or at least be able to push through the lack of motivation?

What Can Cause You To Lose Motivation?

Many things can cause you to lose motivation while driving.

First, you could be doing too much and are approaching burnout. Constantly working, with no relaxation or time off, can lead to feeling unmotivated and even hospitalization if you push yourself too much.

Not making enough money can also cause you to lose motivation.

Maybe you started rideshare or delivery driving years ago and made a lot of money with it. Now though, you struggle to make even part of what you made before.

This is especially true when you need the money, have no other income, and drive longer hours to make the same amount of money.

Finally, too many bad experiences can push you to turn off, sometimes for good.

I’ve had a few passengers that I stopped driving for the entire day because that was enough for me. Delivery isn’t always better, with people getting really angry and taking it out on you when their food is running late.

Dealing with people can de-motivate you and make you want to turn the app off and never turn it back on.

How Do You Get Your Motivation Back?

The first thing is to make sure that your health is good.

If you aren’t eating right, exercising regularly, sleeping enough, and generally living a healthy lifestyle, it will catch up to you and make you less motivated to drive.

Bad health can feel like a lack of motivation. In reality, you need to drink more water, eat a salad or two, and walk.

So the first thing is to ensure your health is under control.

Next is to evaluate if your original reason for signing up for rideshare driving still applies.

Did you sign up to get out of debt? Maybe it was for that once-in-a-lifetime vacation or to get into your first home.

Whatever the reason originally was, does it still apply?

If the answer is yes, then refocus on that. Focus on how what you’re doing, the sacrifices, and the long days, weeks, and months are helping you reach those goals.

If not, can you set another goal? If you paid off debt, can you now start investing in your retirement?

That once-in-a-lifetime vacation was amazing. Can you try to plan a twice-in-a-lifetime vacation?

You finally got into your first home. Are there any remodels you’d like to do?

Finding new motivation can help you get back on the road.

Finally, take a break.

I took an entire year off of rideshare driving. Part of it was because I was busy with other things, but part of it was that I had just kind of had it with it.

You don’t have to take a whole year off, but maybe a day, week, or even month. You could even drive one less day a week than you normally do. Whatever you decide, taking time off can help you on the days you work.

How To Never Lose Motivation

The best way to get your motivation back is never to lose it in the first place.

To do this, you have a plan. Plan for the time you won’t be motivated. The best time to do this is when you are motivated. Put things in place that will help you stay motivated.

Take care of your health, plan to eat right, and exercise when you’re motivated. Set up dates and times to meet with friends, work out, play sports, or do anything to keep your body moving.

Always have a trip planned, even if that trip is months or a year away. Even if it’s just a day, a weekend away, or a day to sleep in, have something planned that you can look forward to in the future, that you can say, just 11 more days and I’ll be on a beach, sleeping in, or reading a book. Whatever you look forward to.

And if you can and need to eliminate something out of your life to have motivation in what matters, then do it. If that means no rideshare or delivery driving for months or years to give yourself the time and motivation in other avenues of your life, always prioritize yourself.