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Better By Thought

The “Answering the Tough Questions” section was worth the price of the course. Alone.

I’ve heard these questions answered before… and normally the person asked skirts around the question and ends up giving a very indecisive answer. Not this time. This time, the answers are definitive and backed up by some really solid logic.

Tyler Poole

RideSharing Driver

Review: Two Online Courses By the Rideshare Guy

There is unique content in here that you won't see on Youtube/TikTok/Reddit!
Doug Herrera


These courses are packed with value, and a good option if you want to quickly learn how the top drivers achieve the highest earnings.

The Rideshare Owl

We suggest any new or even potential rideshare driver invest in the Maximum Ridesharing Profits course. At only $97, it is the single most valuable weapon you can have in your war chest as a new driver and some of the info presented will help you make decisions that can either make or break your driving career.

Anthony D (Youtuber)

Maximum Rideshare Profits (A Course Created by The Rideshare Guy)

I watched a whole bunch of his videos and they were very helpful. Similar to me, what he started doing was started putting videos together to answer some of the questions that you guys were having trouble finding. All the stuff you are probably looking up right now!

RideShare UK

Go get it.

It’s that simple. Whether you are an experienced Uber driver or you are considering becoming one this is an investment you simply can’t afford to miss-out on.

Brian G

Money Under 30

Is This The Secret To Earning More As A Rideshare Driver?

An insider look at rideshare driving, the course is set up as a series of modules that teach rideshare drivers (or aspiring drivers) how and when they can make the most money, no matter where they’re driving.

Casual Capitalist

It can seem that driving for Uber is a simple concept, and it is. That’s why we love it! But, becoming a seasoned ridesharing driver takes a lot of practice and hours on the road.

With Maximum Ridesharing Profits, Harry helps you get from zero to sixty in a matter of days. This Uber course will save you from costly mistakes and help you earn more income quicker.

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