5 Reasons Why We Miss Driving for Uber and Lyft (and 1 Reason We Don’t!)

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended almost everything about our daily lives, including rideshare driving. While it may have been nice for senior RSG contributor Jay Cradeur to have a brief reprieve from driving, he (and many other drivers) are now beginning to miss their ‘rideshare routine.’ Here, we share why drivers miss driving for Uber and Lyft.

On a recent RSG YouTube Live, several rideshare drivers (myself included) broke out and shared what we miss about driving for Uber and Lyft.

Let’s face it.  Even though Uber and Lyft treat us with disdain and disrespect and keep slashing our pay, there is still something special about picking up our passengers and dropping them off that feels good.  What is it exactly?

This article will explore some of the responses we saw during our YouTube live.  Later on in the article, I will also share two very specific things I really miss about driving.

Can you guess what they are?  What do you miss?

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Why Uber and Lyft Drivers Miss Rideshare Driving


1. We Miss Meeting Our Passengers

This was the most common reason our viewers said they miss driving.  We enjoy those passengers who want to talk with us.  Many of us are conversation junkies.  It feels good to connect and share ideas.

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I still remember several conversations I have had with passengers that took place over four years ago.

The first one, I had a 30-minute conversation with Jimmy Chin who directed the documentary “Free Solo.”  I recognized him and it was an airport run and he wanted to talk.  He had just finished up with the brilliant movie “Meru” and was just starting with “Free Solo.”  We talked about the struggle to balance work with a personal life, and he riffed on how challenging it was to get a movie nominated for an Academy Award.

The second one I remember, I was driving a young woman, mid-thirties, and talked to her about her father who was going to chemotherapy.  It was only a 15-minute chat, but it was a deep one and by the end, as I dropped them off at the clinic, I felt such love for this woman and her commitment to her dad.

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2. We Miss Seeing Natural Beauty Such As The Sunrise

One great thing about driving early mornings in San Francisco is you often get an airport run, which takes you along the bay while the sun is rising.

Sometimes the passengers don’t even notice.  I point it out and they look, say “hmmm” and then go back to pecking away at a laptop.

Not me.  I savored it and loved it every time I saw it.

I felt the same way about unique cloud formations and the Golden Gate Bridge.  There is so much beauty to behold when we aren’t moving too fast to see it.

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3. We Miss The Money

Of course, we miss the daily infusion of cash into our bank accounts.  Of all the different parts of my rideshare driving days, cashing out at the end of the day, a long and profitable day, was one of the highlights.  Cha-Ching.

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If you don’t want to drive people around due to Covid19, you might consider food delivery.  It is safe and earnings are very strong now because demand is extremely high.

While lockdowns are not good for most businesses, food delivery services thrive during a good lockdown.

Food delivery services we recommend include:

4. We Don’t Miss The Traffic!

There was agreement that we don’t miss the traffic.

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I can remember feeling so frustrated being in my car, a car in front of me and behind me, cars on both sides, and no one is moving.

In that situation, there is nothing you can do.  Sometimes the passengers would get impatient and start to complain (as if it is your fault!) and you have to calm them down.

Those many experiences taught me the value of patience, deep breaths, and the resolute knowledge that “this too shall pass.”

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5. I Miss The Morning Routine

I loved the routine of getting up at the same time each day, showering, cleaning up, filling my car up with gas, getting to my Starbucks, smelling the coffee in the air, turning on my Lyft app, and hearing that first ping.

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6. I Miss Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin and Joe Rogan

When you spend 10 hours in your car, you get to listen to a tremendous amount of music and podcasts.  What a gift!  I do miss the indulgence of a day full of music and stimulating conversation.

Now, today, I am working all day on articles, videos, coaching calls and my Plan B.  My only podcast time comes is the 5-minute drive I take each morning to the local California Family Fitness.

Fortunately, I listen to nothing but Led Zeppelin during my one hour work out.  Miles Davis feels like a long lost friend.

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Key Takeaways

No!  Now I want to go out and drive on a long Saturday in San Francisco.

This is why we drive.  It is a great gig.  We meet some cool people, we see some amazing sights, we make money, and if you are like me, you like the daily routine infused with world-class music and podcasts.

This is exactly why the Covid19 pandemic really sucks.  It has taken away something we love.

Sure, you can still drive. But it won’t be nearly as much fun when you are worried about getting sick, you are wearing a mask, as is your passenger who is holed up in the back seat, while demand is low because the United States can’t seem to get a handle on the situation.  It is frustrating.

I don’t know when we will get back to normal, or if we even ever will.  It has been a joy to remember all that we love about rideshare driving.  Thank you for all the comments we received during the YouTube live.  Be safe out there.

Drivers, if you’re not driving right now, do you miss it? What do you miss the most about driving?

-Jay @ RSG

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