Earn cash back on (almost) everything.

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    Rakuten Promo Code

    As of January 2020, you can use Rakuten Promo Code 28187 to get $10 (after making a qualifying purchase through Rakuten). However, the best part of Rakuten is your ability to refer people and receive $25 for every sign up!

    Simply hand out your Rakuten cards or talk about Rakuten to your passengers, and when they sign up + shop through Rakuten, you’ll get $25! With Rakuten, you can save money and get cash back on almost every purchase, from gifts to games to automotive parts and phone deals.

    On the Rakuten website, you can get cash back at stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kohls and more. You can also save money in store with your Rakuten app – making the Rakuten app even more unique and valuable than other cash back apps!

    rakuten promo code

    Rakuten Promo Code

    How to enter promo code on Rakuten

    1. When visit the site for the first time, you’ll create a Rakuten account with your email and password
    2. You can also join Rakuten using your Google or Facebook account
    3. Provide a way for you to cash out with Rakuten – you can get paid via PayPal, a Big Fat Check, or membership rewards points with American Express
    4. You’ll get a $10 Welcome Bonus as long as you place a qualifying order with a minimum $25 spend within 90 days of joining – so make sure you’re planning on making a purchase within 90 days to get that $10!

    Two things you should definitely do to earn more: one, install the Rakuten extension on your browser, which will alert you when there are cash back savings for shopping you were already going to do.

    Two, download the Rakuten app! You can take this app with you to show your passengers how it works (give them your code so you make $25!) and you can get cash back offers in store through your phone.

    What is Rakuten?

    Rakuten is basically a free reward program that gives customers cash back, coupons and other deals on online and in-store purchases. It’s that easy!

    The Rakuten site, browser extension and app all show you great deals. The businesses you shop through get more customers or sales, and Rakuten passes on that savings to you in the form of cash back. It’s a win win!

    If you want to save even more, you can pair Rakuten coupons and deals with Swagbucks, where you earn gift cards and cash for making purchases online.

    Rakuten offers:

    • Double Cash back from select businesses
    • Hot Deals like free shipping, BOGO, coupons, and featured daily deals
    • In-store cash back

    The number of stores on Rakuten is a huge reason why Rakuten is one of the top cash back programs out there. When you can get cash back from almost every single store your family uses, it’s a no brainer to sign up for Rakuten, install the browser extension to take advantage of cash back, and download the app to use in-store coupons and get cash back deals.

    Signing up is quick, and the app is easy to use.

    Download Rakuten

    $10 Welcome sign up bonus included.

    how to best use rakuten

    How much does the Rakuten promo code pay?

    You’ll earn a $10 Welcome Bonus as long as you place a qualifying order with a minimum $25 spend within 90 days of joining – so make sure you’re planning on making a purchase within 90 days to get that $10!

    Make sure to use our Rakuten promo code here to get your bonus!

    How does the Rakuten app work?

    To use Rakuten on your phone, you’ll simply download Rakuten for iOS or Android, enter your promo code (28187) and start using it right away. As we discussed over at our Rakuten review, you’ll get app-only deals and get notified when cash back deals are nearby.

    Here are the steps for activating your Rakuten app:

    1. Download the app
    2. Enter your Rakuten promo code
    3. Take advantage of in-store and local cash back deals
    4. Link those offers in your Rakuten app and show your app at checkout
    5. Done!

    Best of all, you can recommend Rakuten to your passengers and get $25 for every qualifying sign up. It’s really that simple!

    Download Rakuten

    $10 Welcome sign up bonus included.

    How much can you earn with Rakuten?

    If you clean your own car or supply your vehicle with bottled water and candy, etc., you can shop for those supplies through Rakuten and earn cash back. You earn points with every purchase through Rakuten.

    For every 100 points you earn, you’ve got $1 of cash back and you earn one point for every dollar you spend. For instance, if you spend $345.35, you earn 345 points which equates to $3.45 in cash back.

    You can even go all out and buy your tires, wiper blades, oil and more for your vehicle. If the deal doesn’t suit you, then continue with whatever you normally do, but it’s always worthwhile, especially if you’re able to get cash back from these necessary purchases.

    Then, of course, there’s always that possibility of earning money from referrals.

    You’re paid at four times a year with Rakuten, but you can rack up as many referrals as you want. In addition to saving money and getting cash back for things you already buy, you’ll also earn $25 for every qualifying person you refer. All they have to do is spend $25 using Rakuten within 90 days, and you get $25!

    Rakuten App Testimonials

    Rakuten is one of the best cash back apps available. Rakuten has more than 70,000 ratings and an average of 4.3 stars, meaning people really find value with this app.

    Just like using Swagbucks, you can get paid for doing things you already were doing, like shopping or suggesting ways for your passengers to earn money.

    You’re basically getting money for doing nothing! Use the Rakuten app to get rewarded for purchases you already were going to make on automotive products, Target purchases and more.

    Rakuten has partnered with hundreds of businesses, has done Super Bowl ads, and is THE most popular cash back apps out there. It’s a win-win for both users and businesses. Businesses get more customers and the customers get cash back on essential purchases.

    Check out these reviews from Rakuten app users:

    I don’t know what the catch is. But I’m just mad I didn’t know sooner. I cannot even imagine the amount of money I left on the table!!! All I can think about is where I shopped in the last year and free money was just wasted!!! So much!!!

    I too was skeptical when my friend shared this app with me. But in just over a year, I’ve earned $150+ just by shopping normally my favorite stores. It couldn’t be easier – open the app, select your favorite store and shop as normal. As long as you use the app to get to your store, the rebates are automatic. Plus, you can still use any coupon codes you may have so you are not leaving anything on the table.

    I LOVE this app. It sounded too good to be true, but when my sister tried it a couple years ago, and actually got a check, I decided to give it a shot as well! I simply open the app every time I want to buy something online and search for the store. I enter the stores website through this app, and that is all I have to do! I shop as normal and within a day or two, I get an email telling me how much I earned back on that purchase. I’ve also gotten bonuses from referring my friends to shop through this app! Last Xmas I got a couple hundred bucks back- just from referring my friends, and doing most of my shopping online. It’s 100% free (you don’t need to enter your bank or cc info), doesn’t send me a million junk mail messages, and takes less than a minute of my time to access my stores through this app instead of directly through the internet- then they send me a check every 3 months? YES, THANK YOU!! WIN-WIN-WIN!!!

    How to get started using Rakuten

    The sign up process is easy! To get started, head over to Rakuten using our promo code and sign up.

    After you’re signed up, you can get started shopping! Also make sure to make a note of your personal promo code so you can download and use our Rakuten referral codes while you’re driving.

    Cash-back at hundreds of stores, online and in-store.

    Download Rakuten

    $10 Welcome sign up bonus included.

    Cashing out Rakuten earnings

    Rakuten pays out four times a year as long as you earn more than $5 per quarter. You can get paid via Big Fat Check or PayPal, if you have a PayPal account. If you want to get paid quickly, we recommend PayPal, otherwise you can wait for your check.

    How Rakuten referral program works

    Once you’re all settled in and using the app, the next step is to refer your friends, family and passengers. If you enjoy using the app, get rewarded for telling other people about it.

    Just tell them to visit Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) using your Rakuten promo code, shop like they normally they do and get cash back for shopping, and get a $10 Welcome bonus!

    Is Rakuten a legit app?

    Yes, we did a deep dive of the app in our Rakuten review article and found everything to be legit. We got deals on signing up for Disney+ and for shopping through Amazon.

    Rakuten is just a modern twist on an old tactic that businesses have always been using: rewards, points, cash back, you name it, businesses have used it to get more customers. The difference is that Rakuten offers the most cash back options in various formats: online, via their app, and by their browser extension. It’s the most convenient way to get cash back at a lot of places.

    Plus with the Rakuten referral program, you can earn even more money by referring friends using your Rakuten referral code.

    Is Rakuten free to use?

    Yes, Rakuten is free to use. There’s no additional charges for using a Rakuten promo code. In fact, by signing up with a Rakuten promo code and making a qualifying purchase, you’ll actually get money ($10 Welcome bonus!).

    Get cash back for shopping and earn $25 for every passenger you refer.

    Download Rakuten

    $10 Welcome sign up bonus included.

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