Rapidus Review: Affordable Courier Delivery for Businesses

With delivery and curbside pickups, the new age has seen businesses making swift deliveries for consumers. However, not every business has the means to offer same-day or next-hour delivery.

That is where Rapidus comes in. The company offers a virtual, unlimited network of drivers who are in your neighborhood and can deliver items to your customers.

In this Rapidus review, we discuss the benefits of the service and whether it is ideal for businesses in today’s fast-paced world.

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We refer to Lean as a ‘digital wallet’ for gig workers, and with Lean’s partnership with Rapidus, gig workers will now be able to access instant payouts with no fees. Keep reading to learn more about how Rapidus works for gig workers, and take a look at our video on Lean below: Lean: A New Way To Avoid Instant Pay Fees For Gig Workers

What is Rapidus?

Rapidus is a delivery service for businesses that was founded in 2014 by engineers and serial entrepreneurs who wanted to bring innovation into the business sector through technology and value proposition.

The company has a network of drivers that deliver products from businesses to the customers in just a matter of hours.

Currently, Rapidus is available in Seattle, Dallas, Colorado, and California, though the company’s mission is to expand to other regions and offer quicker delivery solutions.

In October 2021, Rapidus announced it launched a partnership with Lean, a platform partnering with companies to offer gig workers access to financial products, to offer instantaneous payouts and “financial products across their partner base.”

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How Does Rapidus Work?

Rapidus has a mobile app available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Users simply have to download the app and use it, quite similarly to Uber or Lyft. Here is how Rapidus works:

Step 1: Pick the Locations 

After downloading the app and creating your account, you have to select the pickup and drop-off locations on the map. Depending on your needs, you can also put multiple stops in the delivery request.

For example, you can have a driver pick up a package at Point A and drop it off at Point B while picking up another package – possibly a returned item – and bring it back to your location all within the Rapidus app.

Step 2: Driver Instructions 

No matter how many stops you put in your request, you need to give information to the driver for each stop. For instance, you have to enter the email, phone, and name of the contact at each stop, so that the driver knows who they will be looking for once they reach the location.

Similarly, if you have added a location where both pickup and drop-off are required, you can enter this information for your driver too. You do not necessarily have to choose a pickup time for right now. You can also select a time in the future or another date or later in the day.

Step 3: Weight and Size

The drivers on Rapidus use a wide range of vehicles, so you can deliver pretty much any item, no matter its size.

So, when you place a delivery request, you have to enter the dimensions and the weight of the package so that the app can connect you with a driver using the appropriately sized vehicle.

Step 4: Price Quote 

Once you enter the weight and size of the package, the app will show you a price quote. You can then select the payment method in this step. The prices are fully transparent before you have placed your request, so you will not have any unpleasant surprises later.

Rapidus accepts all major credit cards along with direct billing.

Step 5: Real-Time Tracking 

After you have chosen your payment method, you can place your delivery request. The app lets you see the status of your delivery in real-time. It is accurate up to the minute of the estimated time of arrival, so you will know where the driver is at the moment and alert the receiver to be prepared for their order.

Step 6: Contact the Driver 

Once your delivery request is placed, you can see the phone number, vehicle description, and the name of your driver. Thus, you can call or text them whenever you want.

Step 7: Delivery 

Finally, the driver delivers your order to the drop-off location. Once they have completed the delivery, a photo is taken. Plus, Rapidus collects a geo-stamp and a signature. Finally, they charge your credit card.

If you want to see the history of your deliveries, you can check it in your account.

Rapidus Fees

Rapidus charges you a fee based on the default base rate, per mile, and per minute spent on the road, plus any additional services you require. According to the company, you will pay up to 30% less than what you pay for traditional couriers.

They also offer to match or beat the prices of any competitor you want. Here is how the company calculates the fee for your delivery:

  • Default Base Rate: The default base rate is $29.95. It can be up to $50, depending on certain factors.
  • Per Mile: The price per mile is $1.80 but can be up to $3, based on several factors.
  • Per Minute: The company charges you $0.85 per minute the driver has to spend on each stop. If a stop is shorter than 15 minutes, this fee is waived.

On average, the default delivery time is four to six hours from the time of pickup.

Along with these basic fees, Rapidus also charges extra for additional options such as those mentioned below:

  • Direct and Rush: If you want to deliver an item urgently from pickup to drop-off, you will be charged 1.2x rate.
  • Special Care: If you are sending a fragile item that requires extra care, make sure you mention it to the driver. It will cost you 1.35x extra.
  • Service Fee and Tips: If you choose to pay service charges, including tips, you will be charged 1.41x.

Rapidus Weight Provisions 

Rapidus allows the delivery of heavier items too, but there are some guidelines regarding this.

For instance, if the package is over 150 lbs, the company will accept it after a specification review. Also, the driver will not help you with the unloading or loading of heavy items, so you will need to arrange for taking care of that on your end.

Rapidus Cancellation Fees 

If you cancel the delivery request in less than five minutes after placing a request, you will not have to pay a cancellation fee. Meanwhile, if you cancel the request within 15 minutes of placing it, you will have to pay a $15 cancellation fee.

Any request cancelled longer than 15 minutes after placing it will be charged at a rate of 50% of the delivery fee, with $15 being the minimum charge.

Rapidus vs Traditional Companies

Rapidus aims to beat conventional courier companies by offering the following features:

  • Drivers are available 24/7 in the covered areas—within a minute ETA for quick pickups and deliveries.
  • The drivers are dispatched in minutes. So, you can offer swift deliveries to your customers through professional drivers.
  • The app offers notifications and real-time tracking, both of which are critical for your business. With the full chain of custody, such as geo-stamping and signatures, you have ultimate peace of mind, knowing that your package reached its destination safely.
  • You can enjoy on-the-go business operations while integrating the app with your billing and accounting software.
  • The price you pay with Rapidus is up to 30% lower than what you would have to pay if using a traditional courier service. At this price, you get HIPAA-compliant drivers who are fully aware of the importance of information safety, especially for deliveries from pharmacies and medical companies.

Rapidus Features 

Rapidus works with a number of companies, including biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations. Therefore, the delivery service has specialized features in place to ensure safety.

HIPAA-Trained Driver Partners 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is aimed at reducing abuse and fraud in the healthcare industry. It also requires the confidential handling and protection of health information.

Rapidus claims that privacy is a top priority for them, and that is how they have designed the approval process for their drivers. The driver partners undergo a background check and are required to take HIPAA training.

Plus, the company uses password-protected applications that are regularly tested and audited to prevent data leaks and ensure security.

Platform Features 

The Rapidus platform also has a full chain of custody measure in place, utilizing enterprise-grade security features and secure tracking. You can track your delivery in real-time to know exactly where it is at any moment.

After delivery, the app conducts signatures, name verification, photo confirmations, geo-stamping, and more to make sure you do not have to deal with any missing payments or delivery problems.

On-the-Go Operations 

As a business owner, you no longer have to stay stuck at your desk to schedule deliveries. Rapidus makes it easy for you to be on the go while conducting your business seamlessly.

Rapidus for Drivers 

You can either be a regular Rapidus driver or simply deliver orders for the company when you are not doing anything else. For both, you have to apply on the company’s website.

You will need to upload your photo and sign a driver’s agreement. Along with your personal details, the company also asks for your driving experience and the details of your vehicle, since they need this information to connect you to the appropriate delivery request.

Here are the documents you need to sign up as a driver or driver-partner on Rapidus:

  • One photo of your vehicle
  • One photocopy of the license plates
  • One photo copy of your driver’s license
  • A photocopy of your primary vehicle insurance card

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Here are the benefits of using Rapidus:

  • Faster Pickups: When you enter a pickup location on the Rapidus app, the algorithm looks for the driver closest to you. If no one is available in your vicinity, the app will find someone who can reach you the soonest. In any case, the company makes sure that your orders are picked up quickly.
  • Full Chain of Custody: Rapidus only partners with professional delivery partners. Regardless of the number of stops you have added, you can check the status of your delivery in real-time. Plus, the app collects the signatures, names, and photos of people who touch the package. Therefore, there is no question of transparency and security.
  • Economical: The company’s pricing is optimized for being budget-friendly, dynamic, and transparent. Since there are no hidden charges, you are not met with any surprises later. Additionally, you can cut down your business operational costs.
  • Technological: When using their service, you can be on the go. You do not have to be tied to your desk, allowing you to spend less time on management processes and more on other business-related tasks.


Although Rapidus has positive feedback from users on most third-party sites, here are a few shortcomings of the courier service:

  • No Assistance for Heavier Objects: If you deliver heavier objects, the drivers are not required to help you load or unload them from the car.
  • Could Get Expensive: Although the company offers to match or beat the price of any of its competitors, you can expect to pay a higher fee if you are using additional services and options.
  • Not Available Across the Country: Although the company plans to expand its coverage, its services are currently only available in four regions.

Who is Rapidus For?

Rapidus is ideal for companies that want to speed up their delivery process and ensure the ultimate safety of their products being delivered and value a seamless process to do so.

Moreover, if you want a budget-friendly option for package delivery, Rapidus is a suitable alternative to traditional courier services with matching or beating the price of competitors.

However, Rapidus is not available everywhere yet, so businesses operating outside the coverage areas will have to look for other options.

Final Verdict 

Considering Rapidus’s commitment towards customer satisfaction and safety, it can be said comfortably that the company’s services will make deliveries a breeze for businesses.

On top of that, Rapidus also offers additional services, such as label making and real-time tracking to make sure you are certain that the order was delivered to the right person in time.

All in all, Rapidus is a reliable courier service for small and large-scale businesses alike. It is already being used by some well-known businesses, such as Microsoft, The RealReal, Lyft, Mobile Kangaroo, Lucid, and Illumina.